Why Hillary Clinton Deserves The Black Vote

She humbled herself, giving up White Privilege-to not only win-but succeed once in office by continuing Obama’s policies.

by Theron K. Cal aka The Real Brother

Clinton & Obama


“Fifty percent of Whites will vote for the Republican and fifty percent for the Democrat… while Blacks decide who wins” ~Malcolm X

While the above quote is a paraphrase of the iconic Black activists plea to get Blacks to take our vote more seriously-its a refrain that can be echoed today as we seek to determine the course of a Nation dumbfounded by the success of its first African-American(yes he’s Black, sorry there’s no such thing as biracial), President.

Author Michelle Alexander published a piece in the Nation Magazine detailing why she feels Hillary Clinton should not get the Black vote. I beg to differ and write this article to address the points Alexander raised-in making my argument that Hillary has earned our vote and will be the 45th President of the United States baring an unspeakable tragedy.

Democratic politicians making black people feel liked and taken seriously. Doing something concrete to improve the conditions under which most black people live is generally not required. ” ~Michelle Alexander

While I can’t argue-prior to Obama’s election-the above was not true, I will argue that it worked because for as lame as Democratic outreach to Black voters was, it was ten times better than Republican outreach-which was a [big fat]middle finger. As Blacks we don’t want any group to take our votes for granted, but giving our vote to Republicans as reward for hating our guts is much worse.

“…Bill Clinton seemed to get us. When Toni Morrison dubbed him our first black president, we nodded our heads. We had our boy in the White House. Or at least we thought we did.” ~Michelle Alexander

I disagree both with Mrs Alexander & Morrison. The idea that Blacks can only accept Bill Clinton if we think he’s Black is insulting if not asinine. For as much as Black women would want and expect Black men to hate White people for four-hundred and fifty years of Slavery, Racism, Discrimination & Oppression based on our race, we don’t.

If we want to accept and embrace Whites who show a sincere interest in our race and culture it doesn’t mean we think Eminem is Black. Clinton acknowledged aspects of our Culture-including some that would lead to his impeachment-that the brothers admired and we need not apologize or be insulted for that.

Would now be a good time to bring up the fact that what Bill Clinton did had nothing to do with Hillary? Sure she was his wife and yes she was White and I’ll even grant she thinks-as all Whites do-that Blacks are degenerate, inferior and nobody Black will ever be President-if they do somehow luck up and get elected they won’t succeed.

Should Hillary lie to Blacks to get our vote?

Alexander goes on to mention Bill Clinton’s Three Strikes legislation and disproportionate sentencing for Black offenders as opposed to Whites committing the same offense. I concede that these policies were supported in speeches by Hillary, who I truly believe supported them wholeheartedly.

That said, Hillary would pay for her beliefs in 2008 when she put them to the test in her battle with then Senator Barack Obama. To argue that she’s the same person who thinks Whites superior and Black men “Super Predators” after being soundly defeated by Obama is to be dishonest.

Hillary was asked by Chris Hayes of MSNBC why she didn’t handle the email server thing better-she knew she was running for President? When she answered, “No, I hadn’t decided whether or not I was running for President”  You could see the smirk on Hayes’ face.

Hayes assumes Hillary knew she was running and is once again being less than honest. A charge, which is at the heart of the fake scandals the White-98% Conservative owned media-is saying is her number one flaw.

I look at it another way. If in fact Hillary believed in the myth of White supremacy and that nobody Black could beat her and become President.  Would she be able to maintain that belief if she wanted to run again-after the Black President who beat her, becomes the most successful in U.S. History?

So yes no question, Hillary contemplated running for President but she’d have to abandon the White supremacist beliefs that cost her in 08′, beliefs that her entire life to this point had been based on.  Giving up White Privilege is not a decision anyone White- especially democratic royalty gives up lightly.

“This time she’s facing a democratic socialist who promises a political revolution that will bring universal healthcare, a living wage, an end to rampant Wall Street greed, and the dismantling of the vast prison state—many of the same goals that Martin Luther King Jr. championed at the end of his life. Even so, black folks are sticking with the Clinton brand.”

This is a meme being played out in our media and it speaks to how insulting White people can be. Just as our embrace of Bill Clinton wasn’t because we thought he was Black, its because he reached out to Blacks when very few Whites and no White Republicans have or do.

That Bernie Sanders is playing on the same myth of White Supremacy that Hillary had to abandon to gain the support of President Obama, is not the same thing as President Obama beating Hillary because she thought she could win simply by being White.

“Yes, but James Earl Ray marched with Dr. King too it doesn’t mean you get to trick Blacks into making you President” ~RB

Just as Black voters found in 2008 that Hillary was lying so too will Black voters find out about Bernie. In his victory speech after his win in New Hampshire he said some amazing things like;

“We have to get big money out of elections…now if you’ll excuse me-I have to raise another $100 million dollars.” ~Bernie Sanders

Or this one: “I’m going to Tax the top 1%, but yes your taxes will go up too” ~Bernie Sanders

The CBO scored Single Payer health care when they scored the Affordable Care Act. Obama submitted Hillary’s, Hillarycare proposal for comparison. The plan-which is being championed by Sanders-has been scored to cost $2 Trillion Dollars in Tax Payer funds(CBO) Bernie’s response? “You’ll save thousands...”

You heard that right, you pay; TWO TRILLION but you save “thousands” sounds like a great plan(not really).

Yes again that’s Bernie’s plan but the Republicans are even worse. Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus, in his victory speech said; “Obamacare actually hurts people on the bottom[by encouraging them to get into the middle class].” ~Ted Cruz

“The issue is; should we demand Hillary lie to us to prove to us that she deserves our vote? I say no. I say if she lies she’ll lose again.” ~RB

Alexander spends the rest of her article chronicling how Bill Clinton’s, Whites are Superior Blacks are degenerate & inferior policies hurt Black people-as an argument for why we should accept Bernie lying to us-because he thinks Blacks are inferior Whites are Superior.

I reject the notion that because Hillary is convinced her policies of the past were wrong that she’s less qualified than Bernie-who doesn’t realize his policies have been tried by the first failed 43 White presidents and certainly wouldn’t work in the age of Obama.

Hillary doesn’t have to tell us she knows her husbands policies were wrong, only that she will follow Obama’s policies which corrected those-not only of her husband-but of the Republican presidents trying to take their Country back[to 1850].

Finally, I said in 2008 that Obama would make it look so easy-every White son of a Bush would think they can be President. I also said they don’t realize Obama won because he had a; 1)Better Argument. Wasn’t a, 2) racist or supremacist and he wasn’t a 3)Liar.

We can have a debate as to why someone traumatized by Obama in defeat would be more apt to follow his lead than someone who thinks he’s “corrupt” because certainly he couldn’t have won if he wasn’t.

Sanders rails on the Donor Class and how these banks and Wall Street firms control our elections implying Obama’s on the take and so is Hillary. The facts tell a different story.

In 2008 Obama got twenty percent of his campaign contributions from Banks and Wall Street firms.  As President getting 5.7 Trillion Dollars in principle, interest, fines, fees & penalties. Including but not limited to: $16.65 Billion, Bank of America(bought Country Wide) $13 Billion, J.P. Morgan, $25 Billion, Wells Fargo($300 million to Black homeowners in a settlement with the bank and Obama basher Tavis Smiley). Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, USB, HSBC all were fined(Wall Street Journal).

The argument that taking money from banks and Wall Street resulting in sweet heart deals and no jail time-especially when only $7 Billion was recovered from Bernie Maddoff is a very weak argument.

Alexander concludes her argument suggesting she knows how it all turns out, the superior Whites win and Blacks lose. That we need a revolution such like the one Bernie Sanders offers. I totally disagree.

Shame on us to cynically look at Barack Obama’s rise to power as diminished because no blood was shed to enact the change of power(though the four-thousand Blacks Bush left to drown during Hurricane Katrina played a major part). Does a revolution not count if thousands of people don’t die for the cause?

If the losers of the debate concede they aren’t superior and accept following the policies of the victor is the only path to success does that mean we’ve failed?

The winner of the 2016 election will have the same qualities as Obama with the exception of his race and gender. By understanding the only path to victory-and success once in office-Hillary has proven she not only deserves our vote-she does our vote proud.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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Obama’s African American Supporters

Real Brother here.

Kathleen Parker

Opinion Writer

Obama’s African American supporters shouldn’t play the race card

It was a no brainer that I would respond to Kathleen Parker’s Washington Post article title above.  While as insulting and offensive as it is the piece speaks to how many of the 99.9% of whites who think of blacks as inferior who resent the President of the United States for defying the same racist stereotypes that cause whites to assume that the only reason someone black would support a brilliant black genius and arguably America’s most accomplished President would be because of his race.

Just as terrible as women supporting women only because of their sex, or any other group viewing the world solely through the narrow prism of their own experience”

The above again is not only insulting for the assumption that the only reason we would support President Obama would be his race its the notion that we wouldn’t be able to make a case for Obama’s support otherwise.  As if growing the economy more then any other U.S. President to a $14.7 trillion dollar GDP or increasing revenues into the Fed Bank 28.7% to its highest level ever to $4 trillion wouldn’t be enough. As if 4.8 million new private sector jobs[CBO est.] or cutting spending and taxes more then any other U.S. President and reducing the National Debt in half when the Trigger in the debt deal is activated next month wouldn’t be just cause for his re-election.

President Obama has been the only President in 60  years to actually succeed with universal health care for up to 50 million Americans. Do I really need to mention DADT the Lilly Leadbetter Act, the inspiration in liberating Egypt, Libya, and other Nations? Shall we talk about Somali Pirates, keeping our Country safe and capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden? And let’s be honest, for blacks President Obama’s success has ended the 450 years held myth that blacks are genetically, intellectually, culturally and politically inferior to whites. Oh, and did I mention he was black and embraces his black race, culture, community, wife and family?

If there was one thing President Obama has made sure of its that the close to 300 pieces of progressive legislation he’s signed into law would diffuse any claims that his only value to America is that he’s the first black President. From paving the way for stem cell research to his “Make It In America” Jobs Act implemented in 09′ to his South Korean, Brazilian and Mexican trade deals this President has proven himself to be above and beyond the call. Obama deserves to be re-elected and the suggestion that because he’s black he shouldn’t be is as racist as it gets.

As Obama’s approval has been slipping, some leaders in the African American media have begun calling on blacks to ignore their concerns and just vote black. Leading the pack is radio host Tom Joyner, who reaches an astonishing one in four black adults. ”

The above is curious because while Parker sites the falling poll numbers from racist and white supremacists who fear a successful black President threatens the myth of white genetic superiority, she doesn’t offer any thing other then their “concerns”  that a competent black President dispels the myth of white supremacy and while we understand their concerns that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re dumb. Is there a legitimate argument  as to why white racists and supremacists refuse to offer a reason why they oppose the most accomplished President in U.S.  history or are we supposed to guess? The notion that blacks should abandon President Obama because white racists don’t like him just doesn’t feel right to us.

Needless to say, such words from a white man would earn him only ruin. It would be considered racist and, of course, it is. It is also unhelpful to Obama, who leads a nation of many races and ethnicities.”

The above argument is silly. That a white person [Kathleen Parker] suggesting that whites should vote for a white Mitt Romney because whites must maintain their toe hold on the black race goes on all the damn time. It may not be quite so obvious but to suggest it doesn’t and isn’t happening is disingenuous. If supporting a perfectly good President because he’s black is a bad thing then what the heck is not supporting a perfectly good President because he’s black? What about supporting the candidate with the best argument the most pertinent experience who’s continued success would benefit the most diverse group of Americans is wrong for America, how does that work?

That there are still white racists who would vote against Obama because of his skin color rather than his policies is an ugly fact of life. But most people in this country are not racist. Polls showed a healthy majority of whites supporting Obama in the early months of his administration.

The above and what preceded it was so racist it was difficult to even read. Parker argues that President Obama never uses the “race card” and gave a speech in which he spoke about the diversity in his family and as a result blacks shouldn’t support him because racists and white supremacists don’t like him because he’s black. No, whites don’t get to determine whether or not we support a black President any more then we would get to determine whether or not you support a white racist one. If whites thought President Obama would be Herman Cain that’s your reason for opposing him we know the difference. Whites “supported” Obama when they thought he was Flava Flav and?

This country has transcended much that was hideous and painful in the course of our evolution. It would be a shame to turn back now.”

The above is how Parker ends her racist argument in what reads like a threat; Vote against the brilliant black genius and allow America to keep its black population as 2nd class citizens or else. I echo Tom Joyner and Reverend Al Sharpton in that blacks should vote for the candidate with the best argument the most pertinent experience the most stellar record of achievement who’s continued success will end the basis for racial inequality that has hamstrung this Nation for 250 years; that candidate would be Barack H. Obama. These white idiots have gotten so bold they don’t even need a reason any more  to oppose the black President. Come on you guys you can do better then that, you have to.



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Real Brother here.


Salon’s Editor At Large Joan Walsh has been emboldened and encouraged by the Occupy Wall Street movement and what they call the 99 Percenters who are nothing more then the 99 percent of White Progressives who supported Hillary Clinton because she was white and female. In Joan’s latest of two  Salon articles she attacks President Obama and his supporters who correctly point out that the OWS movement is the white supremacist lefts answer to the racists of the Tea Party. The two movements have the same complaint and that is; someone black is in the White House and his ascension has called into question the myth that whites are superior to blacks.

In the first article titled;  “The new pluribus unum : “We are the 99 percent“–don’t fret, I don’t’ know what the hell it means either– Walsh spends the first three paragraphs attacking Eric Cantor the Republican Majority Leader in the House over his harsh comments about the OWS movement calling them a “MOB” among other things. In the third paragraph Walsh contends that Canter rolled back his comments out of respect for the OWS movement and has begun to embrace it and validate it as the anti-Obama movement that could be beneficial to the racists seeking to destroy this Country and blame it all on the black guy in the White House.

This leads Walsh into the real purpose of her article which is embodied in this sentence; “…“The Ed Show” I had the honor to follow Van Jones, founder of the Rebuild the American Dream movement, who expressed progressives’ chagrin at being ignored by the Obama team, if not dismissed as “retarded” over the last three years. This is the same Van Jones married to a white woman that Racists destroyed when he called them assholes and launched a boycott of the racist Glenn Beck’s Fox Show which lead to its cancellation. The same Van Jones forced to resign from the Obama Team when it was revealed he was being used by a Communist truther group seeking an inquiry into Bush’s role in 911.

That disgruntled Hillary supporters, white supremacists, Ralph Nader radicals and black sellouts married to white women or living with them[Dr. Cornell West] oppose this President is certainly well within their rights, but to argue that the President is “ignoring” them and or accusing them of being retarded is disingenuous. The claim that 99 percent of Americans oppose the President because he’s black is simply false and any such claims should be dismissed not just by the Obama Team but by all of America.

Salon Writer Robert Reich  in a second article– or maybe it was the first– is titled;  The progressive debate we need, The President isn’t offering strong alternatives to the GOP’s regressive ideas, OWS could fill the void.  Take my word for it the article is replete with more Obama bashing white supremacist progressive nonsense. The issue is if all OWS protests represent is anger and frustration of a black President because whites are deemed superior and this is evidenced by not allowing blacks like Rep. John Lewis to speak or President Obama to align with OWS then what’s the real purpose of the movement?

Was the Democratic process that lead to the election of a black  centrist President not Democratic enough? Are white Progressives suggesting that a black President elected because of his centrist policies with up to 85% of his white voters being registered as Independents supposed to flip the script once elected and become Michael Moore? White supremacist talk show host Thom Hartman provided more insight into the thinking of OWS in one of his promos; “Obama promised to DESTROY and DISMANTLE the banks. He promised [if elected] he’d lead a REVOLUTION [against himself and put us white progressives in power], it hasn’t happened.” You kidding me?

The bottom line is whites are largely uncomfortable with a black man in power and OWS gives them a chance to align with the whites on the right who are uncomfortable with a black man in power. Look for OWS and the Tea Party to merge and form a new political Party that will replace the GOP. They will never gain significant political power in this Country because they aren’t the 99% they are the 10% of America that’s racist.


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White Liberals Hold Obama 2 Higher Standard?




Real Brother Here.

While I applaud Mellisa Harris-Perry for finally addressing these so called “Progressives” who are angry with President Obama for not being the Slave that they thought they elected, I must take issue with her argument that White Progressives have set an arbitrarily high and therefore unachievable standard for a Black President. This is false. In fact the opposite is true.  You can read the entire article here http://bit.ly/og8C4B

My problem with getting the motivation for White Liberals abandoning President Obama wrong is it can do serious damage to his re-election if Whites are comforted by knowing that we were wrong in thinking they pulled their support from the President because of high standards when in fact he’s done too much and made White Presidents seem as mere mortals. If we get it right their shame and guilt would possibly make them think twice about destroying this Country because a Black President exceeded their low ball expectations.

Joy Reid of  The Grio wrote a companion piece to Harris-Perry’s,you can read that one here http://bit.ly/q5fYtw missing the same point that Whites don’t have HIGH expectations for Black people and get quite upset when Blacks don’t adhere to their Racist stereotypes of us. I offer as proof that Whites don’t have HIGH expectations for President Obama;  Chris Matthews quote:  “I want to see LESS INTELLIGENCE from this [Black]President and more fight” As in more angry Black man stereotypes. And then we had Andrea Mitchell in her very last interview ever with Valerie Jarrett who casually remarked that the President knows he’s the smartest guy in the room to which Mitchell quipped: “That’s arrogant, he’s arrogant”.  The comments about the President being “weak” and “caving” and “giving in” etc. I’d even offer that the Public Option flap and the Bush Tax Cut silliness are like the 57 States Myth.  These comments don’t portend of a HIGHER standard but to the belief held by 99.9% of Whites that Blacks are simply INFERIOR.  Whites resent Pres. Obama not living up to that LOW standard. They resent the Presidents intellect because as they said in my favorite movie A Soldiers Story, “Black folks are only supposed to have but so much sense”.

So in conclusion if we are going to address White Supremacy and Racism let’s not get it wrong because Whites are going to simply tune us out. Its better to get it right and then there will be nothing they can say. President Obama has written these White Progressives off he had to. He knows if he makes a better argument then whichever Racist he faces he skates to re-election. The last thing the President needs to do is try to dumb himself down to fit these stupid Racist stereotypes just to make White people feel Superior. The truth of the matter is they’d respect the President more by thumbing his nose at their stupidity then if he were to play dumb just to please em’.




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Real Brother here.       

Nobody has gotten it right in regards to the Presidents Jobs Speech so let me set the record straight.  President Obama doesn’t need Congress to approve the so called 447 Billion Dollar Jobs plan and as a result has the GOP Racists right where he wants them.

Obama said during the speech, “I have a Trillion Dollars in the Debt Deal[Trigger] and I’m asking Congress to EXPAND that to cover all the costs associated with the Jobs Bill.” Now was I the only one that heard him say that? No, because MSNBC on their post speech coverage with Chris Matthews replayed that portion of the speech. But they have a graphic up that say’s the Bill was 447 Billion and NOT the over 1 TRILLION that the President was asking for in the speech.

This leads me to but one logical conclusion; if the Racists in Congress do what we all know they will do and reject the spending portion of the Jobs Bill then President Obama will move forward with the TRILLION DOLLARS that Congress has ALREADY APPROVED in the Debt Ceiling Trigger. That begs the question of why than go to Congress and ask for money that you don’t need? Answer; you want to make sure its widely known that Republicans are more concerned with reinstating the MYTH of White Supremacy then they are in saving this Country. The voters will be so disgusted that it’ll be 500 years before they vote another Republican Congress or President into office.

In conclusion the President has the Racists right where he wants them. This bogus gang of 12 will stalemate and the Racists in Congress will obstruct and the President will use the TRILLION in the Trigger and if necessary the TWO TRILLION at the FED BANK to fund the Jobs Bill and as such drive the final nail into the Republican coffin.



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The Backwords World of Datetechguy

Real Brother here.

I was unaware of the Huffington Post piece by Cynthia Kounaris where she argues that the first Black President had to be fail proof, intelligent, well spoken etc. so that racists wouldn’t be able destroy him ending any and all hope of another African-American President. Her premise is spot on and while over 99.9% of Whites who supported Barack Obama had no idea he’d be as good as he turned out to be that basic premise that the first had to be exceptional which played a large part in the selection of Obama was accurate.

The blogger Datetechguy took exception to Kournaris’ article not only in the premise that President Obama is unshakable because he was in part chosen to be but also in the real aim of the article which is that the first female President has to be equally fortified and infallible which according to the Huff Post piece excludes Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. Datatech who’s as racist as the rest of the Tea Party and GOP Conservatives sighted the 80+ point approval rating that the racist Palin had in racist ass Alaska before McCain insulted women by tapping her unqualified behind to cost the GOP the 08′ Election.

Datetechguy then touted Bachman’s winning every unopposed election in her racist ass  District in the State of Minnesota. Where DateTech fails is in touting the popularity of racists among racists, he doesn’t address the issue of competency and in fact is implying that racism is indeed the only measure of competency that should be considered. DateTech even suggested that Bachman won the debate in a room full of idiots where the bar was so low a two year old baby midget could have skipped over it.

Datetech guy offered this bit of nonsense: “And tell me Cynthia how is it that in Wisconsin that went the route Palin fought in person, is generating surpluses while California going the Obama way is losing Amazon?” Stupid because Wisconsin was a joke and the recall elections will prove that the racist Governor lied his way into office and  his actions were an assault on the middle class. California had a Republican Governor who applied Palin’s policies and damn near bankrupted the State and Amazon is based in Seattle and that’s Washington State not California.

Datetechguy ends his blog article with the claim that Blacks don’t support President Obama because Velma Hart said she was “tired” of defending a Black President against White racists who hate him because he’s Black. Datetech even argued that when racists at Fox post pictures of Obama as a monkey and his parents as Apes and Glenn Beck or Palin encourage racists like Jerrod Loughner to “Shoot them in the forehead” that the Obama Administration calls up the racists at fox to complain. This of course proves that Obama is not worthy of being the first Black President that maybe someone who hates the Black Race and worships Whites as much as the racists in the Tea Party do say Herman Cain or OJ Simpson[Flava Flav] would be a better choice. Yea right.


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Cornell West, Joan Walsh etc.

Real Brother here.

I feel compelled to comment on Joan Walsh’s latest article in Solon entitled “Cornell West’s tragic meltdown”.  Its unfortunate that because Walsh is White her words carry more weight then mine or anyone else Black. On most subjects the myth of White Supremacy wouldn’t be a problem but when the discussion is about Blacks who embrace their Black Race and Culture and reject the myth of White Supremacy and Blacks like West and others who have based their entire lives on the myth then you can see how being a White Supremacist would be problematic in a discussion centered on White Supremacy and Black Self-hatred.

I’m not attacking Joan Walsh or any of the 99.9% of White people who aren’t racists who don’t hate Blacks but who simply would not be able to remain sane if they didn’t justify 450 years of Slavery, Oppression, Discrimination and Racism by believing that Blacks as a condition of our existence are simply socially, culturally, politically and intellectually and yes morally inferior. If not then why the hell else would God let Whites inflict 450 years of tyranny against us? Why would God make us Black if he didn’t’ want Whites to destroy us and be our Masters?

So with that as background what happens when someone does as Barack Obama did and declares his ode to being Black who embraces his Black name his Black wife and family his Black community his Black Pastor and rejects and defies the very myth that is keeping over 90% of America alive and that’s the myth that Whites are the superior race and that Blacks are 2nd class citizens who should be grateful that Whites allow us to serve them?

Whites like Joan Walsh, Micheal Moore, Rachel Maddow  etc. are going to feel angry, slighted, cheated and disrespected. Who is Barack Obama to question the myth that Whites are superior? How dare a Black man look someone White in the eye and have the audacity to suggest that there is any other agenda any other goal or objective that doesn’t have to do with asserting and continuing the myth that Whites are Superior, who does this uppity Negro think he is? Joan Walsh, Micheal Moore, Glen Greenwald, Rachel Maddow? Illinois State Senator, U.S. Senator, President of the Harvard Law Review? I don’t think so.  But yes being White gives you the right to second guess, criticize, bash, berate, doubt and ultimately destroy the President of the United States because he’s Black and 99.9% of all Whites believe the Black Race and Culture to be inferior to the White Race and Culture.  Don’t believe me ask Joan or any White Supremacist what makes them think they are more qualified the the Black President is not his Race? You’ll never get a decent answer, in fact they’ll say, “I have a right to criticize the President[because I’m White and he’s Black]”.

How many times have we heard Joan Walsh or any other White Supremacist argue that its OK to criticize President Obama[because he’s Black]? Who criticizes a President because he’s Black? Where is that written? Is there a Monica Lewinsky? Was there a Watergate break in? Did he lie about WMD’s? No but he’s Black and therefore he MUST be criticized because by doing so we assert the myth that Blacks are inferior and that’s the most important thing. The ability to destroy a Black President supersedes all else. Walsh in her article admits that the President has done everything he said he’d do[everything] but he didn’t go “far enough” he wasn’t “progressive enough” he simply wasn’t White enough in getting it done so they criticize him and help aide racists and threaten to destroy him because as a Negro he needs to be taught who’s really in charge[Whites].

Finally, we have Black idiots like Cornell West and Tavis Smiley who just like Whites but to a lessor extent have based their entire lives on the myth that Whites are superior and Blacks had better bow down to them or else. These Black Poverty Pimps object to a Black President who doesn’t believe that Blacks are poor and helpless in the face of the superior White Gods and as such would all die out without a steady diet of Government cheese because that’s all we poor helpless Black ingrates are good for.

How dare a Black President think that poor helpless inferior Black people can simply move up into the middle class by no longer hating themselves their race  and worshiping Whites as superior. Blacks who believe in the inferiority of the Black race and superiority of the White race refuse to believe it can be that easy.  And before other Blacks look at President Obama and his Black family as an EXAMPLE they must be destroyed. The last thing Black people need to do is to actually stop hating and trying to kill each other and advancing the 450 year myth of our inferiority.


Theron K. Cal is a writer and film maker living in Los Angeles.

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MSM & Fox News, Racism, Media Blackout

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Now was I all over it or what? I was a bit early but one day after I first did this blog about how MSM has an agreement with Fox News to no longer report the truth that Racist opposition to President Obama is based on his Race.  Now we have the NPR incident where someone loses their job for breaking an agreement that all these Idiots would deny exists.  I argue that Fox News being the number one cable news network  has unduly influenced CNN and MSNBC  and even NPR  to cater to Fox’s mostly Racist audience that doesn’t want to hear  anything but negatives and criticizing of arguably the most productive and accomplished President in American history. But the question is raised is there a formal agreement between the MSM and Fox News that in return for some of those Racist viewers the MSM has agreed to squash any reporting on or discussion of Racism as a reason for why so many on the right oppose President  Barack Obama?

Let’s look at the facts; There is no question that ratings drive the cable news business. The fees that advertisers and sponsors pay are based on how many people that are coveted by the advertisers are watching a network at key times during the day or night as it may be. Fox News is the undisputed champion in the ratings battle over CNN and MSNBC and its not even close.  The following snapshot of this weeks ratings can be found here: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/03/08/cable-news-ratings-for-saturday-sunday-march-5-6-2011/84943. So Fox is the ratings leader but that alone is not enough to assume that they would be willing to lend any of their Racist viewers to CNN & MSNBC but wait; What if doing so would allow for Fox to continue to bash the President because of his Race and never have to worry about the competition reporting on it? This would be ideal for Fox because while they may lose a few viewers those viewers will be assured that nobody would ever know the truth as to why Racists oppose a Black President which has far more upside then the loss of viewers. Of course the MSM gets more viewers so they’re happy and as I’ve often pointed out even non Racist Whites benefit from the myth of White superiority that Racists seek to uphold by destroying the Black President.

Further evidence of an agreement between Fox and MSM came after the tragedy in Tuscon. Days after the shooting– eight days to be exact– the President of Fox News Roger Aile’s issued a memo to his staff to “tone it down”.  Shortly after that the MSM went from correctly blaming the Racist anti-Obama rhetoric on Fox to calls for “both sides” to “tone it down”. MSM was apologizing left and right and while Fox hasn’t missed a beat with their calls to “Shoot the Obama Lovin’ Senators in the forehead” the MSM won’t say one word about or against it.

Finally, a causal search of CNN and MSNBC from the start of  2008 through 2010 to March of 2011 will reveal the number of stories about the Racist opposition to the Black President by MSM have gone down  from about 2 stories–and I’m not exaggerating CNN had ONE story with Rick Sanchez since fired from CNN in 09′ during the Health Care debate and a CNN interview with Real Times Bill Maher– to ZERO  with both Networks Blacking out all stories centering on Racism as opposition to the Black President. There is no other way to explain the MSM’s  Blackout of the sole reason why White Racists oppose a Black President and that’s because there is a standing agreement with the most blatantly Racist News Network in U.S. history and the two wannabe Networks that would KILL ” Obama Lovin Senators ” to have FOX’s Racist viewship. I invite your comments and criticisms and I dare you dispute one word of what I’ve said above. Racist opposition to the Black President is based on his Race and shame on our MSM for refusing to report on it.

Theron K. Cal is a Writer, Author and Political Commentator who’s recently released  novel “Temperature Rising” is currently available.

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