Why Hillary Clinton Deserves The Black Vote

She humbled herself, giving up White Privilege-to not only win-but succeed once in office by continuing Obama’s policies.

by Theron K. Cal aka The Real Brother

Clinton & Obama


“Fifty percent of Whites will vote for the Republican and fifty percent for the Democrat… while Blacks decide who wins” ~Malcolm X

While the above quote is a paraphrase of the iconic Black activists plea to get Blacks to take our vote more seriously-its a refrain that can be echoed today as we seek to determine the course of a Nation dumbfounded by the success of its first African-American(yes he’s Black, sorry there’s no such thing as biracial), President.

Author Michelle Alexander published a piece in the Nation Magazine detailing why she feels Hillary Clinton should not get the Black vote. I beg to differ and write this article to address the points Alexander raised-in making my argument that Hillary has earned our vote and will be the 45th President of the United States baring an unspeakable tragedy.

Democratic politicians making black people feel liked and taken seriously. Doing something concrete to improve the conditions under which most black people live is generally not required. ” ~Michelle Alexander

While I can’t argue-prior to Obama’s election-the above was not true, I will argue that it worked because for as lame as Democratic outreach to Black voters was, it was ten times better than Republican outreach-which was a [big fat]middle finger. As Blacks we don’t want any group to take our votes for granted, but giving our vote to Republicans as reward for hating our guts is much worse.

“…Bill Clinton seemed to get us. When Toni Morrison dubbed him our first black president, we nodded our heads. We had our boy in the White House. Or at least we thought we did.” ~Michelle Alexander

I disagree both with Mrs Alexander & Morrison. The idea that Blacks can only accept Bill Clinton if we think he’s Black is insulting if not asinine. For as much as Black women would want and expect Black men to hate White people for four-hundred and fifty years of Slavery, Racism, Discrimination & Oppression based on our race, we don’t.

If we want to accept and embrace Whites who show a sincere interest in our race and culture it doesn’t mean we think Eminem is Black. Clinton acknowledged aspects of our Culture-including some that would lead to his impeachment-that the brothers admired and we need not apologize or be insulted for that.

Would now be a good time to bring up the fact that what Bill Clinton did had nothing to do with Hillary? Sure she was his wife and yes she was White and I’ll even grant she thinks-as all Whites do-that Blacks are degenerate, inferior and nobody Black will ever be President-if they do somehow luck up and get elected they won’t succeed.

Should Hillary lie to Blacks to get our vote?

Alexander goes on to mention Bill Clinton’s Three Strikes legislation and disproportionate sentencing for Black offenders as opposed to Whites committing the same offense. I concede that these policies were supported in speeches by Hillary, who I truly believe supported them wholeheartedly.

That said, Hillary would pay for her beliefs in 2008 when she put them to the test in her battle with then Senator Barack Obama. To argue that she’s the same person who thinks Whites superior and Black men “Super Predators” after being soundly defeated by Obama is to be dishonest.

Hillary was asked by Chris Hayes of MSNBC why she didn’t handle the email server thing better-she knew she was running for President? When she answered, “No, I hadn’t decided whether or not I was running for President”  You could see the smirk on Hayes’ face.

Hayes assumes Hillary knew she was running and is once again being less than honest. A charge, which is at the heart of the fake scandals the White-98% Conservative owned media-is saying is her number one flaw.

I look at it another way. If in fact Hillary believed in the myth of White supremacy and that nobody Black could beat her and become President.  Would she be able to maintain that belief if she wanted to run again-after the Black President who beat her, becomes the most successful in U.S. History?

So yes no question, Hillary contemplated running for President but she’d have to abandon the White supremacist beliefs that cost her in 08′, beliefs that her entire life to this point had been based on.  Giving up White Privilege is not a decision anyone White- especially democratic royalty gives up lightly.

“This time she’s facing a democratic socialist who promises a political revolution that will bring universal healthcare, a living wage, an end to rampant Wall Street greed, and the dismantling of the vast prison state—many of the same goals that Martin Luther King Jr. championed at the end of his life. Even so, black folks are sticking with the Clinton brand.”

This is a meme being played out in our media and it speaks to how insulting White people can be. Just as our embrace of Bill Clinton wasn’t because we thought he was Black, its because he reached out to Blacks when very few Whites and no White Republicans have or do.

That Bernie Sanders is playing on the same myth of White Supremacy that Hillary had to abandon to gain the support of President Obama, is not the same thing as President Obama beating Hillary because she thought she could win simply by being White.

“Yes, but James Earl Ray marched with Dr. King too it doesn’t mean you get to trick Blacks into making you President” ~RB

Just as Black voters found in 2008 that Hillary was lying so too will Black voters find out about Bernie. In his victory speech after his win in New Hampshire he said some amazing things like;

“We have to get big money out of elections…now if you’ll excuse me-I have to raise another $100 million dollars.” ~Bernie Sanders

Or this one: “I’m going to Tax the top 1%, but yes your taxes will go up too” ~Bernie Sanders

The CBO scored Single Payer health care when they scored the Affordable Care Act. Obama submitted Hillary’s, Hillarycare proposal for comparison. The plan-which is being championed by Sanders-has been scored to cost $2 Trillion Dollars in Tax Payer funds(CBO) Bernie’s response? “You’ll save thousands...”

You heard that right, you pay; TWO TRILLION but you save “thousands” sounds like a great plan(not really).

Yes again that’s Bernie’s plan but the Republicans are even worse. Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus, in his victory speech said; “Obamacare actually hurts people on the bottom[by encouraging them to get into the middle class].” ~Ted Cruz

“The issue is; should we demand Hillary lie to us to prove to us that she deserves our vote? I say no. I say if she lies she’ll lose again.” ~RB

Alexander spends the rest of her article chronicling how Bill Clinton’s, Whites are Superior Blacks are degenerate & inferior policies hurt Black people-as an argument for why we should accept Bernie lying to us-because he thinks Blacks are inferior Whites are Superior.

I reject the notion that because Hillary is convinced her policies of the past were wrong that she’s less qualified than Bernie-who doesn’t realize his policies have been tried by the first failed 43 White presidents and certainly wouldn’t work in the age of Obama.

Hillary doesn’t have to tell us she knows her husbands policies were wrong, only that she will follow Obama’s policies which corrected those-not only of her husband-but of the Republican presidents trying to take their Country back[to 1850].

Finally, I said in 2008 that Obama would make it look so easy-every White son of a Bush would think they can be President. I also said they don’t realize Obama won because he had a; 1)Better Argument. Wasn’t a, 2) racist or supremacist and he wasn’t a 3)Liar.

We can have a debate as to why someone traumatized by Obama in defeat would be more apt to follow his lead than someone who thinks he’s “corrupt” because certainly he couldn’t have won if he wasn’t.

Sanders rails on the Donor Class and how these banks and Wall Street firms control our elections implying Obama’s on the take and so is Hillary. The facts tell a different story.

In 2008 Obama got twenty percent of his campaign contributions from Banks and Wall Street firms.  As President getting 5.7 Trillion Dollars in principle, interest, fines, fees & penalties. Including but not limited to: $16.65 Billion, Bank of America(bought Country Wide) $13 Billion, J.P. Morgan, $25 Billion, Wells Fargo($300 million to Black homeowners in a settlement with the bank and Obama basher Tavis Smiley). Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, USB, HSBC all were fined(Wall Street Journal).

The argument that taking money from banks and Wall Street resulting in sweet heart deals and no jail time-especially when only $7 Billion was recovered from Bernie Maddoff is a very weak argument.

Alexander concludes her argument suggesting she knows how it all turns out, the superior Whites win and Blacks lose. That we need a revolution such like the one Bernie Sanders offers. I totally disagree.

Shame on us to cynically look at Barack Obama’s rise to power as diminished because no blood was shed to enact the change of power(though the four-thousand Blacks Bush left to drown during Hurricane Katrina played a major part). Does a revolution not count if thousands of people don’t die for the cause?

If the losers of the debate concede they aren’t superior and accept following the policies of the victor is the only path to success does that mean we’ve failed?

The winner of the 2016 election will have the same qualities as Obama with the exception of his race and gender. By understanding the only path to victory-and success once in office-Hillary has proven she not only deserves our vote-she does our vote proud.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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Sorry Rick Banks Bruh, You’re WRONG!!!

 Real Brother here.

Stanford Professor and author Rick Banks has been making a splash with his new book and wildly ridiculous claims that the solution to the problem of black self-hatred and blacks buying into the myth of white genetic superiority is more black self-hatred and more buying into the myth of white genetic superiority. You can find a video of Professor Banks’ argument here;  http://www.aol.com/video/youve-got-rick-banks/517193196?a_dgi=aolshare_twitter

I’d like to take Professor Banks to task for his ridiculously faulty argument as he lays it out in the video linked above. 1)Banks correctly states the problem that blacks are the least likely to marry and that seventy-eight percent of black children are born to and are living with single parents usually their single mother and or her extended family.

This is where Professor Banks’ argument begins to deteriorate into fallacy and nonsense. Banks makes the wild and ridiculous assumption that the ninety percent of black women who are not married to a black man are justified by the inherent and willing inferiority and deficiency of black men. This assumption is asinine because we need only look to the overwhelming marriages of black men to white and Asian women as evidence that dispels the lie that the deficiencies in black men are why black women are justified in not marrying them.

All available data on the two to one number of black men that date and marry outside of the black race shows that a higher level of education as well as a substantially higher income and social status is the chief factor making white and Asian women more likely to marry a black man than a black woman would. Banks’ argument while in part is correctly based on the seventy-percent of black women who reported on the 2000 and 2010 Census that they were single is faulty because he makes the silly assumption that the seventy percent of black women who are single are so because they simply refuse to date outside of the black race.

This reasoning is ridiculous because the seventy-eight percent  of children born to or living with single black women were fathered by in most cases a black man. If black men are so unsuitable for black women then why are these black women having their babies by these black men? The answer is simple and obvious; black women don’t have a problem with black men as much as they do with being married period. Again, seventy-percent of black women reported to the Census that they were single and prefer to stay that way. And let’s be honest, we must factor in the high number of black lesbian women who while still being women; want and do have children but have little more use for black or any man.

Another faulty argument Professor Banks makes is that because some or even disproportionately high numbers of black men were raised by single black man hating black women and as such are incarcerated and or under educated or otherwise deemed unmarriable by black women that this means President Obama and or Professor Banks are also unsuitable for marriage. One of the most tragic notions in the black community is that somebody over there isn’t right so that means all black men aren’t. If indeed black women are judging all black men based on these racist stereotypes advanced by black lesbians and or white racists then shame on us as a society.

Professor Banks concludes that black women can and should  blackmail black men into turning white or into women by forcing their hand by selling out with white and or Asian men. This is the most silly assumption he makes as the hatred of black men by ninety-percent of black women and this belief that whites are superior is a chief factor in why black men and women don’t marry one another. If anything a moratorium on sellout self-hating black behavior is in order as opposed to higher doses of the very hatred that is so much of the problem.

Indeed if the seventy-percent of black women who remain single and or dating or marrying lesbians wouldn’t shock black men into flocking to marry black women then why  would we assume that selling out with white or Asian men would? These games are again much more a part of the problem then they would be a solution to it. I question the very notion that men can simply hit a black woman over the head and drag her into a cave and make her be his wife. Women choose and no amount of trying to trick or force black men on black women who ninety percent of whom simply hate black men will succeed.

While the prescription of more black self-hatred and more blind worship of whites as superior will sell more books and get Professor Banks multiple television appearances at a time when white racists like Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh express their fear that a black family in the White House will erode the myth of white genetic superiority its still highly irresponsible and wrong as a fix for the problems in the black community. I would hope that the publicity that Professor Banks has received can lead to some honest discussion about the riff between black men and women and if that happens then I can’t be mad at the Proffesor. 


Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on U-Stream http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos




Real Brother here.


I must respond to Joy Reid’s article in The Reid Report where she blasts racist Glenn Greenwald  Re-rise of the Naderites: Glenn Greenwald’s third party dreamin’ **UPDATE: on Libertarianism you can read the entire article here;  http://bit.ly/tivQ2m  

While I agree that Greenwald is scum and that his actions if carried to fruition would destroy President Obama and this Country I disagree with Joy Reid being the one to point this all out when her actions and that of black women who share Greenwald’s resentment and anger that the power in the office of the President resides in a black man would do no less damage to President Obama and this Country.

Take Occupy Wall Street; this is a movement of mostly white racist and supremacists like Greenwald, Micheal Moore, Dylan Ratigan and like minded whites, fifty-seven percent of whom couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a black man for President along with the balance of whites who did vote for Obama but are disappointed that he far exceeded their white supremacist belief that blacks are intellectually  inferior and as such would rely on whites to control his thought process.

Not surprisingly, the Occupy Movements most volatile demonstrations and confrontations have taken place in Atlanta, a city with a black Mayor and arguably the largest black lesbian and gay population in the Country in Kashim Reed who recently spoke out against Maxine Waters and other black females and their sissy soft male lap puppies in the Congressional Black Caucus who criticized President Obama for refusing to sabotage his Presidency by focusing on a “black” agenda.

The second most contentious city is Oakland, Californiasister city to San Francisco again a very large gay and lesbian population- the birth place of the Black Panthers and current home to many fake Black Nationalists and NEW Black Panthers who question the legitimacy of the Obama Presidency under the notion that blacks are inferior and that anyone black that would successfully defeat whites to become President must be in league with those whites. Its an insult to the entire black race.

That brings me back to black women like Joy Reid, who along with Karen Hunter, Karen Finny, Melissa Harris-Perry, Kelly Goeff, Nia Malika Henderson, Michelle Banard and many other faceless and nameless black man hating black lesbians and those sympathetic to their cause who like Harris-Perry who wrote in a recent Nation article; “Straight black men are over represented in society” , have no damn business talking about a racist like Glenn Greenwald and how his actions may undermine the re-election of President Obama. Its the most egregious case of the pot calling the kettle black that we’ve seen in years.

As a Real Brother and ardent Obama supporter I have the distinction of having the fewest black females following me on Twitter. I’ve not done a definitive count but I’d guess less then 10% of my followers are black women and the reason is clear; Ninety percent of black women hate black men. Ninety percent of black women according to the 2000-2010 Census are NOT with a black man. Seventy-eight percent of black children are being raised by single black women or their extended families. In deed in President Obama’s lowest moment in an effort to appeal to this ninety percent at a black church candidate Obama blasted young black men[a Cosby moment]  for not forcing themselves into the lives of black women who simply hate black men and want nothing to do with them.

Chris Matthews who recently remarked he wanted to see LESS INTELLIGENCE from this President and more angry black man stereotypes reported on a Poll that showed ninety-five percent of blacks still support President Obama. So what that means is black women who hate black men in general support a black male President which is a contradiction that I’m not willing to buy. Whites like Greenwald and Moore also claim to support President Obama but their actions just like those of many black women tell a different story.

Reid in her article compares the Libertarian philosophy of racists like Greenwald to what Americans want and suggests an incompatibility that is obvious but where she fails is in not acknowledging that whites who aren’t racist still are white first and American second and as such want their President to be white or if not to at least maintain white privilege and the myth of white supremacy not to dismantle it by being too competent. 

Greenwald in promoting his new book often argues that today’s is the first generation where the children and grand children of white racists won’t be able to enjoy the privileges of white racism that their racist ass parents and grand parents enjoyed. While I sympathize with these future white children who will have to struggle through life based on the content of their character and not based on the myth of white supremacy, I question whether or not America will be worse of as a result.

What bothers me about black man hating black women is they like the racists and white supremacists[black Self-hating wish they were white Sellouts like Poverty Pimps Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West]  resent President Obama’s ascension as if it wasn’t earned and or deserved. This notion that some other group is more deserving and therefore has a right to destroy Obama is most disturbing. If these other groups had a valid argument then their argument would have carried the day. The fact that these arguments have been rejected by society speaks to how damn dumb they really are.

In conclusion, America’s Democracy should not be based on what a majority of people want and or feel comfortable with.  A Democracy has to weigh what’s best for the majority. While ending the myth of white genetic superiority and setting the agenda of black man hating black lesbians back fifty years may not be the most popular advent of the Obama Presidency it is however without question the best course for America moving forward. And while many of these disgruntled groups who want to see their group in power may consciously or unconsciously seek to undermine this President those of us who love this Country must make our voices heard and that’s what I’m doing by publishing this article.



Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Commentator hosting a daily Podcast  The Real Brother Radio Show on U-Stream http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos







The Backwords World of Datetechguy

Real Brother here.

I was unaware of the Huffington Post piece by Cynthia Kounaris where she argues that the first Black President had to be fail proof, intelligent, well spoken etc. so that racists wouldn’t be able destroy him ending any and all hope of another African-American President. Her premise is spot on and while over 99.9% of Whites who supported Barack Obama had no idea he’d be as good as he turned out to be that basic premise that the first had to be exceptional which played a large part in the selection of Obama was accurate.

The blogger Datetechguy took exception to Kournaris’ article not only in the premise that President Obama is unshakable because he was in part chosen to be but also in the real aim of the article which is that the first female President has to be equally fortified and infallible which according to the Huff Post piece excludes Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. Datatech who’s as racist as the rest of the Tea Party and GOP Conservatives sighted the 80+ point approval rating that the racist Palin had in racist ass Alaska before McCain insulted women by tapping her unqualified behind to cost the GOP the 08′ Election.

Datetechguy then touted Bachman’s winning every unopposed election in her racist ass  District in the State of Minnesota. Where DateTech fails is in touting the popularity of racists among racists, he doesn’t address the issue of competency and in fact is implying that racism is indeed the only measure of competency that should be considered. DateTech even suggested that Bachman won the debate in a room full of idiots where the bar was so low a two year old baby midget could have skipped over it.

Datetech guy offered this bit of nonsense: “And tell me Cynthia how is it that in Wisconsin that went the route Palin fought in person, is generating surpluses while California going the Obama way is losing Amazon?” Stupid because Wisconsin was a joke and the recall elections will prove that the racist Governor lied his way into office and  his actions were an assault on the middle class. California had a Republican Governor who applied Palin’s policies and damn near bankrupted the State and Amazon is based in Seattle and that’s Washington State not California.

Datetechguy ends his blog article with the claim that Blacks don’t support President Obama because Velma Hart said she was “tired” of defending a Black President against White racists who hate him because he’s Black. Datetech even argued that when racists at Fox post pictures of Obama as a monkey and his parents as Apes and Glenn Beck or Palin encourage racists like Jerrod Loughner to “Shoot them in the forehead” that the Obama Administration calls up the racists at fox to complain. This of course proves that Obama is not worthy of being the first Black President that maybe someone who hates the Black Race and worships Whites as much as the racists in the Tea Party do say Herman Cain or OJ Simpson[Flava Flav] would be a better choice. Yea right.


Theron K. Cal is a writer and filmmaker and can be followed on Twitter @Realbrother0003

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