GREATEST LOVE OF ALL

                             THE LIFE & TRIUMPHS OF WHITNEY “NIPPY”  HOUSTON


On Saturday February 18th 2012 there was a memorial service at the tiny New Hope Baptist Church in Newark N.J.  It was by no means an end but a new beginning for millions of little girls who dare to dream.  It was in these New Hope pews that a young Whitney Elizabeth Houston first showed the vocal range and star quality that would soon make her a legend in the music world.

In this film we pay tribute to one of the most gripping rags to riches stories ever told. We talk to those who knew her as “Nippy”, retrace her steps to stardom and revisit some of her most stunning performances. Whitney Houston was so much more than a performer she was blessing for all who were touched by her gentle soul and kind spirit she was truly the Greatest Love of All.


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Real Brother here. Play Resumes.  In this one I have to rebut Glenn Greenwald’s resent Salon article entitled; “Repulsive Progressive Hypocrisy”  you can view the entire article here;  http://www.salon.com/2012/02/08/repulsive_progressive_hypocrisy/singleton/  

The premise of Greenwald’s article is simple; Progressives blasted George Bush when he lied and deceived and let black people drown during Hurricane Katrina and stole millions of people’s equity and homes and spent twelve point three trillion dollars and didn’t put it on the books and ruined our educational system and made us hated the world over, but when President Obama has done nothing but tell the truth and been honest and grown the economy twenty five percent and ended the Iraq War and inspired the world and restored our faith in the office of the President and hasn’t given us any reason to doubt or be suspicious of him we aren’t attacking him like we did Bush and that’s repulsive because after all Bush was white and Obama is black.

Yes its an extremely dumb premise, but that said let’s look at it and accept it for what it is. The first example Greenwald offers is that Progressives strongly criticized Bush for having a prison where enemy combatants and captured terrorists were being held. Gitmo was criticized as proof that the Bush foreign policy was for lack of a better word un-American.

This claim is false as nobody really tripped on Gitmo as a concept and holding prison for terrorists captured in the heat of battle. The problem Progressives had with Gitmo was the torture and inhumane and yes un-American treatment and indefinite detention of uncharged and oftentimes pre-adult children.  In short we couldn’t trust Bush nor his actions or intentions with Gitmo and President Obama was well aware of that when he signed an Executive Order on Janurary 22, 2008– just two days after being sworn in as the Nations 44th President to close Gitmo. That racists and White Supremacists refused to fund an alternative prision in Obama’s home State of Illinois is by no means his fault.

Next Greenwald cites Progressive criticism of Bush for his unmanned drone program which was allegedly being used to assassinate innocent civilians and in some cases journalists who were offering an unflattering portrayal of the wars. Again the actions of President George Bush  had given Progressives more then enough reason to doubt any program he would implement including his use of the Navy Seals. To call it hypocrisy when President Obama uses the same drones and Navy Seals is dishonest if for no other reason then the current President has been far more transparent about his intentions and objectives when Bush was nothing of the sort. 

Next Greenwald cites how Progressives attacked President Bush for the Patriot Act and how it allowed him to spy on and tap into the communications of suspected Terrorists without due process. Greenwald  argues that President Obama has gone even further than the Patriot Act by assassinating  Awlaki again without a trial and or any due process of law. This argument again is bogus if for no other reason then the President exercised the strictest  guidelines  on who’s communications were monitored and in Awlaki’s case not taking any action against him up until the time that he was actually in Yemen planning an actual attack against the United States.

For Greenwald to argue that thwarting an actual attack before it happens after the assailant has been proven to have committed prior acts violates any assumption of Terrorist Rights or as such is an assassination is absurd. If the President of the United States doesn’t have the authority to order the killing of Aliwaki or Osama Bin Lauden or any other confirmed terrorist then his critics are simply racists who don’t like the President because he’s black.

The rest of Greenwald’s piece is to argue that in addition to known Terrorists the black President is using drone strikes to “target” innocent women and children and in some cases rescuers and mourners at funerals. Is there any evidence of this? No but again the President is black so Greenwald argues it must be true.

Certainly terrorists will have families and so called “innocents” who will act as cover for their nefarious acts and while this is so unfortunate that those innocents would be hurt because of these associations with terrorists but come on now what are we supposed to do give them a pass? The lie that the President is targeting innocents because he’s black and evil is silly and those who are doing that need to stop.

In conclusion, while racists and white supremacists like Glenn Greenwald have every right to oppose President Obama because he’s black what they don’t have a right to do is lie on him. They also have no right to call those of us who don’t hate and or doubt him because he’s black hypocrites for not attacking this President like we did the last one. In deed had Bush not been so racist and deceitful Barack Obama would have never become President. 

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Real Brother here.  Play resumes. What follows is my video blog on the Roland Martin flap. I also want to comment on Charles M. Blow’s blog on the incident where he argues on the expansion of the definition of masculinity to include gay male femininity and that’s utterly ridiculous. This notion by Black man hating Black lesbians and many gay men that while they claim to be BORN gay they and we can simply CHOOSE to be masculine or feminine and that’s the height of hypocrisy.  The gender roles of men and women are rooted in biology. That said, the biological gender roles are nothing to be made fun of or mocked.

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KRAUTHAMMER: GOP bungles payroll tax

House Republicans walked into trap set by Democrats

Real Brother here. 

I’m compelled to answer the editorial from columnist Charles Krauthammer in regards to the recent Payroll Tax Deduction Bill signed on Friday by President Obama.  Its sickening that Republicans are using his editorial as their talking point in order to spin and deflect the damage done to the Party who as of today exists only to destroy America’s Democracy to punish it for electing a black President who doesn’t adhere to their stated policy of racism, white supremacy and black self-hatred.

Krauthammer sets the tone for his editorial which you can read in its entirety here;  http://on.app.com/t8OFU1 by characterizing the two month extension as “…one of the worst pieces of  legislation in years” and then goes on to attempt to make his case suggesting that the two month extension “makes no sense“.  My first thought was if the legislation was that terrible and would have no effect other then to prove how dumb and incompetent a black President is then would the GOP really be trying that hard to prevent it from going foreword?

Next he argues; The National Payroll Reporting Consortium, representing those who process paychecks, said of the two-month extension passed by the Senate just days before the new year: “There is insufficient lead time to accommodate the proposal,”

The above is silly because the tax cut is a continuation of the current tax law so there is no “lead time” needed to do what payroll companies have been doing for three years. Since when do payroll companies make provisions to change tax procedures in anticipation of a law changing? No had the payroll tax expired would have taken more “provisions” then if the payroll tax is merely the same as its been for the last three years.

Krauthammer than goes on to suggest that payroll companies won’t be able to make the adjustment that they wouldn’t have to make for two months but would better be able to do it if they had three months to not make the changes that they wouldn’t have to make because these tax cuts have been in place for the past THREE YEARS!!! He than goes on to suggest by not having to make these changes will cause; “…substantial problems, confusion and costs” Let me repeat that, but not having to change a thing will cause substantial problems, confusion and costs. OK.

What business operates two months at a time? The minimal time horizon for business is the quarter — three months. What genius came up with two? U.S. businesses would have to budget for two-thirds of a one-quarter tax-holiday extension. As if this government has not already heaped enough regulatory impediments and mindless uncertainties upon business.”

The above is silly[borderline stupid] because it assumes that businesses would be budgeting and planning based on and around the expiration of a two-percent payroll tax cut and if that’s not stupid its just plain dumb. No, if the black President pumps 12o Billion into the economy you welcome the deed but no, you don’t base your business on it. No company budgets based on payroll taxes and the suggestion is in a word lame.

As if this government has not already heaped enough regulatory impediments and mindless uncertainties upon business.”

They keep saying that even when it makes no sense. The payroll tax cut doesn’t offer any “regulatory impediments” or give racists mindless uncertainties, what happened to the free market? Krauthammer is suggesting that the  Federal Government give private business an assurance that their potential customers will be a thousand dollars shorter then they’ve been for the last three years so they can plan accordingly. Its stupid. 

He than goes on to suggest that the 0ne-hundred and twenty billion dollar injection into the economy is a campaign “ploy”. I’m reminded of the young racist who wrote in a letter to the LA Times, “Obama just wants to improve the economy so that he can get more votes“.  The notion that doing right by the middle class is something President Obama would only do as a campaign ploy is ludicrous, but it speaks to the pessimism and suspicion that comes with racism. 

When George McGovern campaigned on giving every household $1,000, he was laughed out of town as a shameless panderer. President Barack Obama is doing exactly the same — a one-year tax holiday that hands back about $1,000 per middle-class family — but with a little more subtlety.”

Can you believe that? In the above Krauthammer argues that a thousand dollars to a middle class or working poor family isn’t nothing but “pandering”? It was noted racist and loyal Conservative Donald J. Trump who in his book “Art of the Deal” said; ‘No matter how rich the recipient or how small the check, they always cash it.’ Trump was explaining how just to test it out he’d sometimes include a small check with a proposal or request using the cancelled check as proof that the fat cat got the material. The point being if millionaire and billionaires will cash a twenty dollar check then you damn right a struggling family would cash a thousand dollar one.

Kruthammer tries to make the argument that nobody would hire somebody to accommodate a hundred and twenty billion dollars for two months and he has to be kidding. The Better Business Bureau reports that major retailers plan their entire year around the two months between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes there are plenty of businesses that will hire people for two months. And who is he to talk about how many jobs the payroll tax cut will create? He’s the same guy that claims the Stimulus’ created zero jobs  when the CBO says between four and eight million jobs have been created.  I’m surprised he didn’t offer that Obama was creating jobs to “pander” to the unemployed.

This is a $121 billion annual drain on the Treasury that makes a mockery of the Democrats’ reverence for the Social Security trust fund and its inviolability. Obama’s OMB director took Social Security completely off the table in debt-reduction talks under the pretense that Social Security is self-financing. “

This is another lie Conservatives like to tell.  That the Social Security fund is bankrupt and that taking money away from it will hasten its demise and or deprive seniors of benefits. First of all there is over two trillion dollars in the Social Security Fund and there is no entity in the world with more available cash. Second; by law any monies borrowed from that fund must be returned within’ the fiscal year following its removal. Similar to how the Bank Bailout and GM Bailout recoup was returned directly and automatically to the fed bank from which it came.

Finally, Krauthammer argues that stimulus spending doesn’t always result in tax revenues using the false assumption that poor and working class people if handed a thousand dollars will either save and or invest that money. President Obama has debunked that theory with two successful stimulus’ and the GM and TARP bailouts all of which created record tax revenues. The Conservative talking point that the extension of the payroll tax cut is somehow bad for America is an erroneous claim as in this instance what’s bad for racists who oppose the President because he’s black is good for America.


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Ron Paul IS A Racist

Real Brother here.

I wanted to address the Brother 85alltheway who wanted to defend the Racist Ron Paul. I let him have it pretty good and would like your thoughts.






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Obama’s America, A Place Divided?

Real Brother here.

It didn’t take much for me to respond to this article by a woman who calls herself “Just A Conservative Girl“.  The claim of the right from the moment President Obama was elected was that his success was dividing the Country between the racists who hate his guts because he’s black and everyone else who thinks the racists are childish and stupid for hating a President because he’s black.

The article is titled “Obama’s America, A Place Divided” you can read it in its entirety here. http://wp.me/pOGat-1L4

Conservative Girl’s blog begins as they all do with a bit of a disclaimer that she would never call President Obama a Communist or a Marxist or any of the other things that her fellow racists routinely call him because she’s certain he can’t be all the things they call him[she’s almost certain he’s not the Anti-Christ]. But she has to admit that she’s totally against President Obama’s “vision” for this Country. How she knows what Obama’s vision is, Conservative Girl won’t tell us but she knows its evil, she just knows it.

Nothing is dumber then how racists– who didn’t vote for President Obama because he’s Black– argue that his election is divisive right before they argue that they are certain his intent is to destroy the Country presumably to prove racists who warned against voting for a black man because he’d destroy the Country clairvoyant. President Obama is smart enough to get elected in spite of racists but he’s dumb enough to enact policies that would give them an excuse to say we told you so. 

Conservative Girl then goes on to call the President a”Socialist”.  I expected to find a logical reasoned explanation that would prove that President Obama is a Socialist but what I got was this;But I have reached a point that it can no longer be denied.  The man is a socialist.  He wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted fundamentally change America (not that I thought he was kidding, I just am surprised by the speed).  He and his minions are doing so much harm to this country, that we are truly reaching a breaking point. ”

Again, Conservative Girl tells us of President Obama’s intentions what he wants to do with no connection to what he’s done. I’ll cut to the chase; Whites who didn’t vote for the President because he was black who were confident that he’d falter realized that they were wrong so they simply made something up that has no basis in reality and attached it to a President who they simply can’t accept because of his race.

Further evidence that President Obama is a Socialist[no you missed nothing, she never offered initial evidence] is that on November 5, 2009 a Muslim man shot up Fort Hood Texas and racists wanted to blame that on President Obama and President Obama’s socialist tendencies wouldn’t allow them to[I know but its her argument not mine]. Apparently not being able to make the  Fort Hood  shooting Obama’s 911 divided the Country.

There are people in this country who feel very strongly about the threats of terrorism in this country.  Who honestly believe that Islam is a danger to our way of life and to the Western world.  By telling us that we can’t call what Hassan did an act of terrorism all they are accomplishing is further fueling that fire with more distrust.

The above quote is so stupid its dumb. Who said that you can’t call domestic terrorism an act of domestic terrorism? Answer, nobody. That President Obama hasn’t declared war on the Islamic religion is causing distrust how, and to who? These are the very white Republicans  who only two percent according to all major exit polls voted for Barack Obama. They don’t “trust” him? No, they hate him because he’s black.

Today Congresswoman Barbara Lee stood up on the floor of the House of Representatives and said that the GOP is trying to deny blacks the right to vote Why?  Because we want people to show ID when they vote...But the simple act of wanting to add voting to that list makes me a racist. Why?

After fifty years of voting rights for blacks all the sudden white racists decide that blacks need ID to vote. The reason ninety year olds don’t need ID to vote is because the people in their polling place know them. As for college students they have ID’s but racists are blocking them from voting because their ID’s reflect their school address and not their home address. In short racism is the only reason why blacks are being targeted for this new poll tax and nobody is dumb enough to buy their nonsense.

Because I want free and fair elections, I am racist.”

No because you hate the President because he’s black and you think the white race is superior, you’re a racist. And it gets dumber; “Here is Obama talking about Capitalism…”

Racists are on this kick about President Obama being against Capitalism since accusing him of being in bed with the banks, Big Pharma and part of the One Percent didn’t work. GDP up twenty-five percent, Wall Street profits up thirty-one percent, corporate profits up forty-six percent and Fed Bank deposits up twenty-eight point seven percent and oh, his re-election campaign is poised to collect a billion dollars in contributions but Obama’s a Socialist who hates capitalism.

What he doesn’t seem to understand is that when the likes of Barney Franks and Chris Dodd meddled in the way banks gave mortgages it is no longer free market or capitalism.  It isn’t capitalism that failed.  It was the government interference in said capitalism that failed. “

The above argument is dumber then her last two. Dodd Frank REGULATED the mortgage banking industry it was after the collapse, a collapse that any credible expert will tell you was the result of Bush policies and racist predatory lending. To try to blame the housing meltdown on President Obama is not only stupid its beyond dumb. And what’s this nonsense that the housing bubble proves that the President hates capitalism?

The balance of Conservative Girls blog post is just as lame. She argues that things were better before the Stimulus which is dumb because it was the Stimulus that created eight million private sector jobs and grew the GDP to its highest level ever. If anything racists are upset that the Stimulus was successful and they are trying to spin it to mean that they have a right to be upset because it didn’t fail like they hoped.

She never gets around to making the link between President Obama’s market manipulations that grew the GDP to its highest level ever and Socialism but that’s not what she was trying to do. What she wanted to do was vent and express her frustration that her racist opposition to President Obama was wrong and stupid from day one.



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Real Brother Here.

I was moved by a number of people on Twitter who were boasting of someone named Tammy Baldwin who  had supposedly made a compelling and moving argument for Progressivism and while I admit I ignord it at first because I knew it was some Occupy Wall Street Racist or White Supremacist who hates President Obama because he’s black. 

But when the Black Self-hating Sellout married to the White girl Van Jones touted the Baldwin speech I had to click onto the link to see what really goes on. Right off the bat I saw the article was from the Huffington Post the former Progressive site that has been purchased by the racists at AOL Time Warner who have turned it into no less then a daily Newsletter for the Tea Party.

The article written by Amanda Terkel entitled; Tammy Baldwin Delivers Passionate Defense of Progressivism can be read it its entirety here; http://huff.to/tKv7Z3

My problem with the Terkel article as well as Baldwin’s speech is the same problem I have with the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street and with whites in general who seek to mask their racism and white supremacy behind their principals and ideology. The argument that racism and white supreamcy is  a matter of principal is in a word dumb.

Racists and white supremacists who argue racism as principled ideology remind me of Sandusky arguing that pedophilia is OK because he “Loves” children.

In this case Baldwin argues that its white progressives that must lead the way.  “It’s not that we’ve forgotten how to create wealth in this country. It’s that we have allowed that wealth to be concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. And as the distance between top and bottom has widened, the bonds between us have stretched — and broken,” she said according to her prepared remarks, which were provided to The Huffington Post. “[White]Progressives want to restore those bonds.”

Now people who think I’m stupid will argue that Baldwin said nothing about “White Progressives” as oppose to Progressives in general who are ALL WHITE. I would counter by saying she doesn’t have to distinguish between White Progressives and a Black President because the distinction is obvious. Indeed calling themselves the 99 percent is designed to pit White Progressives against the Black President who represents the 1 percent of Americans who would serve as President. 

Still not convinced? Allow me to continue.

Terkel next quotes Baldwin about her “proud progressive tradition“.  Now other then agitating from the outside looking in what “proud tradition” do these white supremacists have? I hope they aren’t trying to lay claim to the Civil Rights Movement? These white hypocrites were nowhere to be found. There is no “proud progressive tradition” all they’ve ever done is take successes like President Obama’s and try to make it their own while stabbing him in the back claiming he’s not progressive enough.

Proof that Baldwin and Turkel in conjunction with the Right Wing Racist Machine are in cahoots comes in a thinly veiled attempt to contrast the Conservative Racist position with that of the White Supremacist Progressives. Terkel takes a seemingly innocuous quote from Baldwin and uses it to insult President Obama. “Our vision cannot be defined on the other side’s terms or on the other side’s turf,

One can read all kinda’ stuff into the above qoute but “alluding to a frustration that has often characterized the progressive base, which gained steam in 2004 by outlining its opposition to the Iraq War and President George W. Bush’s policies.is not among them. It was a young BLACK budding  Senatorial Candidate from Illinois who so articulately expressed opposition to the Wars and Bush’s policies in 2004 and it didn’t have a damn thing to do with Progressivism.

The fact that a Huffington Post reporter would tell the LIE that Obama was ever a hard core Progressive is vital to their argument that he’s unfit to be President. Is Obama a Conservative? Hell no, but he’s not a Progressive in the sense of being a Socialist which is simply another way for racists and white supremacists to hide their racial bias and hatred. Again, white progressives have no record of success and can’t get elected President so they like cry babies seek to destroy President Obama who has advanced more progressive legislation then these white supremacist nuts could ever imagine.

Indeed whenever these Occupy idiots talk policy they simply put Obama’s policies on steroids and call it a day. There is no policy or ideological difference between white progressives and President Obama, there is however a racial divide and that’s why progressives are so angry. Are we really to believe that when a black man was elected President all of the sudden these white nuts noticed inequality? Could there be more of an insult to progress then the notion that a black President fostered inequality? Where have these white hypocrites been for the last 250 years?

The balance of the article is more of the same nonsense about white Progressives being the 99 percent and the black President being the 1 percent and against the 99 percent and then Terkel ended with this line; “If elected, Baldwin would become the first open lesbian in the upper chamber. There it is. The Hillary Supporting White Lesbians are in the 99 percent but the black President isn’t.

Directly below the Terkel article is a video of the Sellout Van Jones[Did I mention he’s married to a White woman?] with the caption “Van Jones says Occupy has to become like the Tea Party“. There it is again. Occupy should be like the Tea Party and hate the President because he’s Black.



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Black Relationship Politics: “Do You Believe Beyonce?”

As a Real  Brother and one who considers myself a real journalist, I can honestly say that I have never written one  word about Beyonce’ beyond straight news about her awards, achievements, her pregnancy  and the like. To be honest, while I did read a blog post where another Brother questioned Beyonce’s pregnancy and still another questioned whether or not the baby was Jay-Z’s, I had no idea that there was a movement afoot as to whether or not anyone believed in the sincerity of her marriage.

So when I stumbled across Renina [sorry, can’t find her last name] who wrote the blog entitled “Do You Believe Beyonce‘?” I was admittedly curiousAfter reading it I was moved to respond. You can read the entire blog post here: http://shar.es/bLCqV

The premise of the Sista’s piece is that for a black woman to be happy she has to be free and independent of black men only using a black man for his money and for the necessary sperm cells so that she can have a baby. Renina concludes that Beyonce’ isn’t really in love with Jay-Z nor is he in love with her and offers his lack of public affection as proof of this.

I’ve often commented on the ninety percent of black women who seem to  hate black men and the seventy percent of black women who I suspect as lesbian.  I would offer that Renina’s doubt and suspicion in regards to Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s relationship  is consistent with and a manifestation of this ingrained belief by most black  women that the black man and indeed the black race and culture is inferior and therefore incapable and unworthy of successful and fulfilling relationships.

Perhaps it is because I finally listened to Watch the Throne. Or perhaps it is because I have been writing about Beyonce on this blog for what, three years now. Perhaps it is because I am smack dab in the middle of researching Black women’s sexuality. Perhaps it is because I hear Janelle Harris in the back of my head saying that being married with a baby is the way to go because doing it alone alone is too much work.

In the above Renina offers four reasons why she doesn’t believe Beyonce’ and I’d like to address the plausibility of each of them. 1) She listened to Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne” song. My golf buddy for the last five years quipped that there are two people that make life for him worth living; Tiger Woods and Jay-Z. So while I have to accept Renina’s claim that there were lyrics in ONE Jay-Z song that convinced her of his intentions in regards to Beyonce’, I’ve listened to each and every song Jay-Z has ever put out–fifty times– and I can tell you first hand; I draw no such conclusion.

If there’s a running theme throughout Jay Z’s music–and I question whether or not there is– its that women didn’t give him the time of day when he was broke and can’t get enough of him now that he’s rich. That Jay-Z would end up married to Beyonce’ who’s as rich as he is would support my assessment of any theme found in his music more so then a bitter resentful Sista’ convinced that black men are cold, heartless, misogynist animals incapable of compassion. Being a black man myself I can attest to the absurdity of the charge that black men are incapable of loving black women.

2)Writing about Beyonce’ for three years wouldn’t be proof that Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s marriage is a scam like Kim Kadashian and Kris Humphries’ was. I could write about someone for three years too doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t believe their marriage when all I have to go on is the fact that racist and white supremacist reporters hate black men as much as Renina does and as such refuse to print any pictures of tender moments between the two on purpose. I do remember commenting last week on an AP photo were you see only the arm of an unnamed man walking holding hands with a pregnant Beyonce’.

3)Likewise researching black women’s sexuality wouldn’t give anyone special insight into the authenticity of Beyonce’s marriage and assumes that a black woman would marry only for sex or in spite of it which is silly. Forget about Beyonce’ marrying for sex do you really think Jay-Z would have to marry a woman to get sex? Come the hell on? I don’t think there’s anyone alive that would believe that Jay-Z had to marry Beyonce’ to have sex with her.

4)The fourth reason Renina gives for why she’s certain Beyonce’s marriage is a sham is the most illogical. That Janell Harris[I know I’m like you; who the hell is Janell Harris?] had an out of wedlock child and it was difficult to go it alone assumes that Janell Harris and Beyonce’ had the same bank account and support system. The fact that nobody knows who the hell Janell Harris is and Beyonce’ is the biggest star of our generation says otherwise.

And who are we kidding here? Renina doesn’t like black men nor does she believe that black heterosexual relationships are healthy or can make black women “happy” so she wants to caution black women from buying into Beyonce’s marriage even if she did wait until she was rich and famous before she entered into wife and motherhood. The purpose of becoming educated and successful for black women  is so you won’t need a black man and can die alone and miserable right?

In conclusion, while I initially wanted to skip over this topic because it didn’t fit my usual focus on Racism, White Supremacy and Black Self-hatred but after reading, it actually fit perfectly. The election of a positive black role model in the White House sent the enemies of black men and black relationships looking for more creative ways to destroy the black race and using Beyonce’ and Jay-Z’s marriage shows how damn desperate they are. Shame on me and everyone else who took this long to speak out against this self-hating nonsense.


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Real Brother here.


Its really sad that for someone black to gain access to a white dominated media hell bent on destroying President Obama and restoring the four-hundred years held myth that whites are superior to blacks, is to join in on the Obama bashing parade. Marc Lamont Hill dives into this sleazy irresponsible practice with his latest Philly.Com article entitled; Marc Lamont Hill: Could Cain make black voters turn red?, which you can read in its entirety here; http://www.philly.com/philly/news/columnists/133219243.html

The insulting and absurd premise of Hill’s argument is that blacks are stupid and as such will vote for Herman Cain over President Obama in the 2012 election. A notion that while pleasing to his racist bosses at Fox and insuring him major play on Conservative Media has zero basis in reality even before the recent allegations of sexual harassment of white women is certain to derail and expose the fraud that is the Cain campaign.

“NO LONGER an afterthought or a Ron Paul-like political side show, Herman Cain, the former Godfather Pizza kingpin, has become a legitimate player in the 2012 election.”

If the Sellout Herman Cain has become a legitimate player in the 2012 election then former Los Angeles Dodger Chairman Frank McCord has become a serious owner in the Major Leagues. Cain has about as much chance to become President of the United States as the Obama family pup Bo does.

As absurd as it may seem, and even with a sexual-harassment controversy swirling around him, Herman Cain is the real deal. And the Left should be very afraid.Why? Because black people will actually vote for him. ”

Yes, I’m shaking in my big black boots, where do I “vote” for this insult to the black community,what ballot will his stupid ass be on? I understand Hill’s need to suck up to the racists who he worships as God who pay his salary and who wind him up and aim him in the direction directly towards the edge of the cliff but he’s doing his Masters a disservice if he thinks even they are dumb enough to believe that blacks in any significant numbers would vote for Flava Flav… I mean OJ…I mean Clarence Thomas…I mean Herman Cain.

Given President Obama’s low approval ratings and the uncertain state of the economy, the president’s road to re-election is already going to be difficult. States like Ohio and Pennsylvania, which Obama won in 2008, are in serious peril. Also, in a reversal of 2008’s enthusiasm gap, Republican voters are energized, optimistic and ready to go to the polls, while Democrats appear perfectly willing to stay at home. This problem is only compounded if there’s another black guy on the other side of the ticket.”

The above is false. Conservatives like to float the notion that no matter what the economy is or does that its “bad” because the President is black. While those on the right continue to push the meme that Presidential elections are decided on race and on the economy the empirical data proves that notion is false.  While I don’t doubt that every election in  U.S. history had race as a factor in its outcome only in the 2008′ election were voters faced with a choice between a competent, credible black Candidate and safe white incompetent ones.

As Conservatives remind us of how bad the fifteen percent GDP growth and the five million new private sector jobs and the record Fed Bank deposits and the most robust economy in the history of this Country is. As Conservatives wail against the lowest tax rates and highest spending cuts made by any other President in U.S. history and  falsely characterize it as out of control spending and as raising taxes on the job creators. As the corporate profits rise and the stock market enjoys a thirty-one percent increase in its bottom line all while cutting the National Debt in half, Conservatives speak about the lack of confidence in this President because he’s black.

While I accept that in a failed economy and given the hatred that white racists have for blacks that a black President would have a difficult time being re-elected. What I don’t buy is that lying about the economy and putting up a black buffoon like Herman Cain out there to fool black people into confusing him with the most accomplished President in U.S. history is something that will work. One might as well take a cardboard box and put cheese on it and call it Godfathers Pizza…no wait.

If we’ve learned nothing else from the 2008 elections, the black community is perfectly willing to vote along color lines when the stakes are sufficiently high. The moment it became apparent that Obama was a viable candidate – in other words, after the Iowa Caucus proved that white people would actually vote for him – black people abandoned Team Clinton in order to fulfill their fantasy of a chocolate First Family.”

There is no better example of pandering to Hill’s racist bosses at Fox then the above passage. The notion that whites would vote for President Obama so blacks would abandon Hillary assumes that blacks couldn’t and or wouldn’t vote for President Obama if he were the incumbent President and the no less then eighty-seven percent of Hillary supporters were still unwilling to vote for a black President. Indeed while only two percent of white registered Republicans voted for President Obama, that didn’t prevent ninety-six percent of blacks including black Republicans from supporting the better candidate.

The notion that blacks will vote for Flava Flav if white people will is beyond stupid. For as dumb as we as blacks may be we aren’t that damn dumb that we can’t grasp the concept of white racists and supremacists supporting blacks who only represent their best interests, blacks like Herman Cain. 

Also, although many of us hard-core leftists find Cain’s political ideology to be repugnant, his beliefs are not as outrageous among African-Americans. In many ways, Cain believes the same stuff as most everyday, churchgoing black people. By playing to the black community’s socially conservative politics, particularly around gay marriage and abortion, Cain could easily strip away a crucial 10 percent of Obama’s black voting base.”

The above sums up the balance of Hill’s argument which is whites are superior to blacks and they don’t like Obama because he’s too smart and doesn’t worship whites as superior so blacks better vote for Herman Cain because that’s who whites do like because he’s a black buffoon who will do what the racists want him to do[help the racists destroy the black race and kick us all back into slavery]. Its a faulty and dumb argument because blacks don’t base our voting choices on what white racists want, blacks base our voting choices like everyone else and that’s for what’s in our best interests as blacks. The Sellout Black buffoon with the fetish for white women is not our choice. Sorry.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on U-Stream http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos