My Book

Temperature Rising – Theron K. Cal

Rookie Officer Temple Hunt’s first day on the job, LAPD Patrol. Her initial assignment is a possible murder in an alley behind 5th Street. Temple and her Training Officer JULIO FERRIS are first on the scene. A short time later Detective Calvetta Clark arrives. Temple is impressed and inspired by a female African American Detective and is eager to help in the investigation. Detective Clark cautions Officer Ferris to keep a close eye on his over zealous study. While on a lunch break Temple is introduced by her Trainer to his favorite Thai Food restaurant. To Temple’s surprise her childhood friend Amy Song is the lone waitress. Amy later is the key suspect in the murder and Temple is faced with either proving her BFF’s innocence or bringing her to justice.


 HARDBACK  VERSION $32.41|  E-BOOK VERSION only $17.99 $26.06


7 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Hey Theron,

    I just now found your blog and I sure am glad I did. I want a copy of your novel, but would really like you to sign it for me. You are the only one backing my contention that hatred of our President is racially motivated. Whether it’s racism or White Supremacy I don’t know or care. I just know President Obama is the finest President I’ve known about and I get crazy angry when anyone criticizes him for no apparent reason. I can deal with constructive criticism, but we don’t see much of that now do we? It’s late and I still have to write a 1200 word article. Thrilled to find you here. I’ll always have your back.

    1. Real Brother here.

      It remains to be seen whether or not I’d unblock a Racist. I don’t really remember why I blocked you but I’m sure I had good cause too.


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