Why Hillary Clinton Deserves The Black Vote

She humbled herself, giving up White Privilege-to not only win-but succeed once in office by continuing Obama’s policies.

by Theron K. Cal aka The Real Brother

Clinton & Obama


“Fifty percent of Whites will vote for the Republican and fifty percent for the Democrat… while Blacks decide who wins” ~Malcolm X

While the above quote is a paraphrase of the iconic Black activists plea to get Blacks to take our vote more seriously-its a refrain that can be echoed today as we seek to determine the course of a Nation dumbfounded by the success of its first African-American(yes he’s Black, sorry there’s no such thing as biracial), President.

Author Michelle Alexander published a piece in the Nation Magazine detailing why she feels Hillary Clinton should not get the Black vote. I beg to differ and write this article to address the points Alexander raised-in making my argument that Hillary has earned our vote and will be the 45th President of the United States baring an unspeakable tragedy.

Democratic politicians making black people feel liked and taken seriously. Doing something concrete to improve the conditions under which most black people live is generally not required. ” ~Michelle Alexander

While I can’t argue-prior to Obama’s election-the above was not true, I will argue that it worked because for as lame as Democratic outreach to Black voters was, it was ten times better than Republican outreach-which was a [big fat]middle finger. As Blacks we don’t want any group to take our votes for granted, but giving our vote to Republicans as reward for hating our guts is much worse.

“…Bill Clinton seemed to get us. When Toni Morrison dubbed him our first black president, we nodded our heads. We had our boy in the White House. Or at least we thought we did.” ~Michelle Alexander

I disagree both with Mrs Alexander & Morrison. The idea that Blacks can only accept Bill Clinton if we think he’s Black is insulting if not asinine. For as much as Black women would want and expect Black men to hate White people for four-hundred and fifty years of Slavery, Racism, Discrimination & Oppression based on our race, we don’t.

If we want to accept and embrace Whites who show a sincere interest in our race and culture it doesn’t mean we think Eminem is Black. Clinton acknowledged aspects of our Culture-including some that would lead to his impeachment-that the brothers admired and we need not apologize or be insulted for that.

Would now be a good time to bring up the fact that what Bill Clinton did had nothing to do with Hillary? Sure she was his wife and yes she was White and I’ll even grant she thinks-as all Whites do-that Blacks are degenerate, inferior and nobody Black will ever be President-if they do somehow luck up and get elected they won’t succeed.

Should Hillary lie to Blacks to get our vote?

Alexander goes on to mention Bill Clinton’s Three Strikes legislation and disproportionate sentencing for Black offenders as opposed to Whites committing the same offense. I concede that these policies were supported in speeches by Hillary, who I truly believe supported them wholeheartedly.

That said, Hillary would pay for her beliefs in 2008 when she put them to the test in her battle with then Senator Barack Obama. To argue that she’s the same person who thinks Whites superior and Black men “Super Predators” after being soundly defeated by Obama is to be dishonest.

Hillary was asked by Chris Hayes of MSNBC why she didn’t handle the email server thing better-she knew she was running for President? When she answered, “No, I hadn’t decided whether or not I was running for President”  You could see the smirk on Hayes’ face.

Hayes assumes Hillary knew she was running and is once again being less than honest. A charge, which is at the heart of the fake scandals the White-98% Conservative owned media-is saying is her number one flaw.

I look at it another way. If in fact Hillary believed in the myth of White supremacy and that nobody Black could beat her and become President.  Would she be able to maintain that belief if she wanted to run again-after the Black President who beat her, becomes the most successful in U.S. History?

So yes no question, Hillary contemplated running for President but she’d have to abandon the White supremacist beliefs that cost her in 08′, beliefs that her entire life to this point had been based on.  Giving up White Privilege is not a decision anyone White- especially democratic royalty gives up lightly.

“This time she’s facing a democratic socialist who promises a political revolution that will bring universal healthcare, a living wage, an end to rampant Wall Street greed, and the dismantling of the vast prison state—many of the same goals that Martin Luther King Jr. championed at the end of his life. Even so, black folks are sticking with the Clinton brand.”

This is a meme being played out in our media and it speaks to how insulting White people can be. Just as our embrace of Bill Clinton wasn’t because we thought he was Black, its because he reached out to Blacks when very few Whites and no White Republicans have or do.

That Bernie Sanders is playing on the same myth of White Supremacy that Hillary had to abandon to gain the support of President Obama, is not the same thing as President Obama beating Hillary because she thought she could win simply by being White.

“Yes, but James Earl Ray marched with Dr. King too it doesn’t mean you get to trick Blacks into making you President” ~RB

Just as Black voters found in 2008 that Hillary was lying so too will Black voters find out about Bernie. In his victory speech after his win in New Hampshire he said some amazing things like;

“We have to get big money out of elections…now if you’ll excuse me-I have to raise another $100 million dollars.” ~Bernie Sanders

Or this one: “I’m going to Tax the top 1%, but yes your taxes will go up too” ~Bernie Sanders

The CBO scored Single Payer health care when they scored the Affordable Care Act. Obama submitted Hillary’s, Hillarycare proposal for comparison. The plan-which is being championed by Sanders-has been scored to cost $2 Trillion Dollars in Tax Payer funds(CBO) Bernie’s response? “You’ll save thousands...”

You heard that right, you pay; TWO TRILLION but you save “thousands” sounds like a great plan(not really).

Yes again that’s Bernie’s plan but the Republicans are even worse. Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus, in his victory speech said; “Obamacare actually hurts people on the bottom[by encouraging them to get into the middle class].” ~Ted Cruz

“The issue is; should we demand Hillary lie to us to prove to us that she deserves our vote? I say no. I say if she lies she’ll lose again.” ~RB

Alexander spends the rest of her article chronicling how Bill Clinton’s, Whites are Superior Blacks are degenerate & inferior policies hurt Black people-as an argument for why we should accept Bernie lying to us-because he thinks Blacks are inferior Whites are Superior.

I reject the notion that because Hillary is convinced her policies of the past were wrong that she’s less qualified than Bernie-who doesn’t realize his policies have been tried by the first failed 43 White presidents and certainly wouldn’t work in the age of Obama.

Hillary doesn’t have to tell us she knows her husbands policies were wrong, only that she will follow Obama’s policies which corrected those-not only of her husband-but of the Republican presidents trying to take their Country back[to 1850].

Finally, I said in 2008 that Obama would make it look so easy-every White son of a Bush would think they can be President. I also said they don’t realize Obama won because he had a; 1)Better Argument. Wasn’t a, 2) racist or supremacist and he wasn’t a 3)Liar.

We can have a debate as to why someone traumatized by Obama in defeat would be more apt to follow his lead than someone who thinks he’s “corrupt” because certainly he couldn’t have won if he wasn’t.

Sanders rails on the Donor Class and how these banks and Wall Street firms control our elections implying Obama’s on the take and so is Hillary. The facts tell a different story.

In 2008 Obama got twenty percent of his campaign contributions from Banks and Wall Street firms.  As President getting 5.7 Trillion Dollars in principle, interest, fines, fees & penalties. Including but not limited to: $16.65 Billion, Bank of America(bought Country Wide) $13 Billion, J.P. Morgan, $25 Billion, Wells Fargo($300 million to Black homeowners in a settlement with the bank and Obama basher Tavis Smiley). Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, USB, HSBC all were fined(Wall Street Journal).

The argument that taking money from banks and Wall Street resulting in sweet heart deals and no jail time-especially when only $7 Billion was recovered from Bernie Maddoff is a very weak argument.

Alexander concludes her argument suggesting she knows how it all turns out, the superior Whites win and Blacks lose. That we need a revolution such like the one Bernie Sanders offers. I totally disagree.

Shame on us to cynically look at Barack Obama’s rise to power as diminished because no blood was shed to enact the change of power(though the four-thousand Blacks Bush left to drown during Hurricane Katrina played a major part). Does a revolution not count if thousands of people don’t die for the cause?

If the losers of the debate concede they aren’t superior and accept following the policies of the victor is the only path to success does that mean we’ve failed?

The winner of the 2016 election will have the same qualities as Obama with the exception of his race and gender. By understanding the only path to victory-and success once in office-Hillary has proven she not only deserves our vote-she does our vote proud.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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by Theron K. Cal

Los Angeles, CA–Roland Martin had a very interesting panel discussion regarding the Black President and the Black Idiots who work for and represent the ninety-eight percent White Conservative owned media.

The issue is why won’t President Obama let Black Journalists insult him, question his authority, leadership and legitimacy like the racist journalists get to do?

I mean certainly if the President can expose how dumb Bill O’Reilly the Hangover Dude and; Its not my job to tell the truth or know the facts, Chuck Todd are then certainly he can return the favor to the Black buffoons carrying Comcasts water?

No actually he can’t.

Exposing the stupidity and racism of the White Conservative media actually reassures the world that their choice in Obama was the right one.

But exposing the Black Idiots who will never accept his success resulting from embracing his Black Race  culture and rejecting the myth of White Supremacy will only bring calls of, See your own people think you’re wrong and hate you cause you’re Black too.

No, the President has to at least allow the air of a united front in the Black community.

96% of Blacks voted for Obama in 2008 and while 3% of those Blacks succumbed to the Fox News nonsense the need to appear as if at least Blacks are on the same page trumps any personal gain a Black Idiot would bring down America’s greatest President would receive.

So no, if you aren’t about helping this President end the MYTH of White Supremacy then he’s under no obligation to let you destroy him any more then he would be to let a racist.

If you have concerns about this President then ask me I’ll be more than happy to…what? I won’t work because I have nothing to lose so I can tell the truth? Oh, OK then stand you sorry butts down then.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. Let’s discuss it on The Real Brother Radio Show today at 6PM EST on the Real Brother Radio Network.


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BY Theron K. Cal

I write this column on the Sunday before the Tuesday when America will hopefully do the right thing and re-elect Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

All the polls show a razor close race. Networks who have accepted billions of dollars from Conservative groups and organizations as well as having been purchased and owned by those same groups buying all the advertising, implore us to tune in for the latest polls and did they mention it was close? All with the blessing of the Supreme Court courtesy of Citizens United. If you were black would you trust em’?

As a Real Brother the only Network that I can stand to watch is MSNBC which was purchased by Comcast– the deal going through in 2011 just in time to insure the election of a white Republican President–and the reason is the other two Networks Fox and CNN skew so far right I’ll break my neck tilting my head to watch.

On this Sunday MSNBC is trying something new in pre-empting their usual prison fair– black men are scary programing to earn some of that money Conservatives have paid them by helping Mitt Romney make his case that America would be better off if our President was white even if that President is an idiot and liar.

I’ll never trust the MSM again and I don’t think other blacks will either.

When President Obama was elected there was really only one Network black Americans watched and that was CNN. We never saw that Network as being BET or anything but we knew they wouldn’t bend the truth to push their agenda like Fox. And to be honest most of us believed that if you had one Network that was neutral then there was nothing wrong with racists having their own Network that wasn’t.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to objective journalism; a black man won.

When I was a Journalism student at the University of Washington we used to joke that the school had a back end deal with David Halberstam because it seemed that each and every one of our text books was written by him. One of his beliefs was if you control the media then you control the electorate. Halberstam believed that the media doesn’t simply report the news it can shape the thoughts, ideas and indeed dictate the actions of viewers.

I never believed it but apparently Conservatives bought into it hook line and sinker. When Obama was elected, racists not wanting to give him credit focused on the Media as to the reason why.

Fox has consistently led in the ratings for many years and the fact that they were number one was not lost on CNN and MSNBC, so when Conservatives reached out to CNN and MSNBC with not only offers of loads of cash but with the possibility to compete with Fox in the ratings they both jumped at the chance, but there was an unforeseen problem.

While blacks tolerate and have even gotten used to an opposing viewpoint being presented alongside ours, Conservatives will have nothing of the sort. What CNN and MSNBC quickly found is as soon as a Conservative saw a Liberal on the stage with their guy or gal they immediately switched the channel back to Fox.

This phenomenon even extended to any positive story or suspected positive story about or surrounding President Obama. If Obama rocked the crying baby into serenity the racists changed the channel back to Fox.

Indeed a perusal of the ratings post the Conservative influx of Comcast cash has shown that the twenty-one percent new viewers that tuned into MSNBC came not from Fox but from CNN trying to be Fox Lite. In short MSNBC gained more viewers trying to get away from the Conservative point of view of CNN then were attracted to MSNBC skewing more Conservative.

This created a dilemma for MSNBC because remember they were owned now by a Conservative company that has faced more discrimination lawsuits then the ACLU allows.

Instead of drop the fake opposing racist point of view the Network decided that it would drop the Liberal point of view and simply bash Obama 24/7. What are blacks gonna do, change the channel to Fox or CNN?

My disgust with the MSM came to a head during the first Presidential Debate. Romney told one lie after another; Twenty-three million infants and shut ins are unemployed, the President doubled the ten trillion dollar debt by adding six million to it. Forty seven million people on food stamps in 2007 even though Obama was seated in 2009. Obama said Unemployment would be below 5.2%(only after it dipped below 8%)  and it went on and on.

Blacks including the President left that debate confident that the fact checkers would destroy Romney, but of course they offered that Romney was far more passionate telling his lies then the President was in telling the truth so they were giving the victory to Romney. It was tragic.

Now we get this silly argument made by the same MSM that Sold Out to Conservative interests that President Obama– the first African-American President hasn’t done anything or enough for blacks. They cite the fourteen percent black unemployment due to racists being mad that the Presidents black not wanting to hire blacks or the fact that Uncle Pookie remains in prison for slangin’ that crack.

The notion that a black Presidents legacy is in what he’s given to or done for us as measured by racists who are afraid his success would empower blacks is silly. Blacks blame the media for this dishonest portrayal of what Obama has done for us as his success has shaken the very foundation of racism & white genetic superiority that blacks are inferior and nobody black has or ever could become President. Its so much larger than free phones and getting Pokie a pardon on his sentence.

Finally, I’m watching Chris Matthews on his special weekend contribution to the Romney Campaign, he more than anyone else with his “thrill up my leg“, “I forgot he was black” comments are responsible for Conservatives buying up every media outlet in this Country. Matthews offers; “If President Obama is re-elected then he can thank Bill Clinton“.  Our media refuses to give President Obama credit and it turns our collective stomachs.

If Obama wins on Tuesday blacks will never forget how the MSM simply threw us and our President under the bus, if Romney wins blacks will never forget how the MSM simply threw us and our President under the bus.

Theron K. Cal is a writer and host of the Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Ustream 

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Black Relationship Politics: “Do You Believe Beyonce?”

As a Real  Brother and one who considers myself a real journalist, I can honestly say that I have never written one  word about Beyonce’ beyond straight news about her awards, achievements, her pregnancy  and the like. To be honest, while I did read a blog post where another Brother questioned Beyonce’s pregnancy and still another questioned whether or not the baby was Jay-Z’s, I had no idea that there was a movement afoot as to whether or not anyone believed in the sincerity of her marriage.

So when I stumbled across Renina [sorry, can’t find her last name] who wrote the blog entitled “Do You Believe Beyonce‘?” I was admittedly curiousAfter reading it I was moved to respond. You can read the entire blog post here: http://shar.es/bLCqV

The premise of the Sista’s piece is that for a black woman to be happy she has to be free and independent of black men only using a black man for his money and for the necessary sperm cells so that she can have a baby. Renina concludes that Beyonce’ isn’t really in love with Jay-Z nor is he in love with her and offers his lack of public affection as proof of this.

I’ve often commented on the ninety percent of black women who seem to  hate black men and the seventy percent of black women who I suspect as lesbian.  I would offer that Renina’s doubt and suspicion in regards to Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s relationship  is consistent with and a manifestation of this ingrained belief by most black  women that the black man and indeed the black race and culture is inferior and therefore incapable and unworthy of successful and fulfilling relationships.

Perhaps it is because I finally listened to Watch the Throne. Or perhaps it is because I have been writing about Beyonce on this blog for what, three years now. Perhaps it is because I am smack dab in the middle of researching Black women’s sexuality. Perhaps it is because I hear Janelle Harris in the back of my head saying that being married with a baby is the way to go because doing it alone alone is too much work.

In the above Renina offers four reasons why she doesn’t believe Beyonce’ and I’d like to address the plausibility of each of them. 1) She listened to Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne” song. My golf buddy for the last five years quipped that there are two people that make life for him worth living; Tiger Woods and Jay-Z. So while I have to accept Renina’s claim that there were lyrics in ONE Jay-Z song that convinced her of his intentions in regards to Beyonce’, I’ve listened to each and every song Jay-Z has ever put out–fifty times– and I can tell you first hand; I draw no such conclusion.

If there’s a running theme throughout Jay Z’s music–and I question whether or not there is– its that women didn’t give him the time of day when he was broke and can’t get enough of him now that he’s rich. That Jay-Z would end up married to Beyonce’ who’s as rich as he is would support my assessment of any theme found in his music more so then a bitter resentful Sista’ convinced that black men are cold, heartless, misogynist animals incapable of compassion. Being a black man myself I can attest to the absurdity of the charge that black men are incapable of loving black women.

2)Writing about Beyonce’ for three years wouldn’t be proof that Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s marriage is a scam like Kim Kadashian and Kris Humphries’ was. I could write about someone for three years too doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t believe their marriage when all I have to go on is the fact that racist and white supremacist reporters hate black men as much as Renina does and as such refuse to print any pictures of tender moments between the two on purpose. I do remember commenting last week on an AP photo were you see only the arm of an unnamed man walking holding hands with a pregnant Beyonce’.

3)Likewise researching black women’s sexuality wouldn’t give anyone special insight into the authenticity of Beyonce’s marriage and assumes that a black woman would marry only for sex or in spite of it which is silly. Forget about Beyonce’ marrying for sex do you really think Jay-Z would have to marry a woman to get sex? Come the hell on? I don’t think there’s anyone alive that would believe that Jay-Z had to marry Beyonce’ to have sex with her.

4)The fourth reason Renina gives for why she’s certain Beyonce’s marriage is a sham is the most illogical. That Janell Harris[I know I’m like you; who the hell is Janell Harris?] had an out of wedlock child and it was difficult to go it alone assumes that Janell Harris and Beyonce’ had the same bank account and support system. The fact that nobody knows who the hell Janell Harris is and Beyonce’ is the biggest star of our generation says otherwise.

And who are we kidding here? Renina doesn’t like black men nor does she believe that black heterosexual relationships are healthy or can make black women “happy” so she wants to caution black women from buying into Beyonce’s marriage even if she did wait until she was rich and famous before she entered into wife and motherhood. The purpose of becoming educated and successful for black women  is so you won’t need a black man and can die alone and miserable right?

In conclusion, while I initially wanted to skip over this topic because it didn’t fit my usual focus on Racism, White Supremacy and Black Self-hatred but after reading, it actually fit perfectly. The election of a positive black role model in the White House sent the enemies of black men and black relationships looking for more creative ways to destroy the black race and using Beyonce’ and Jay-Z’s marriage shows how damn desperate they are. Shame on me and everyone else who took this long to speak out against this self-hating nonsense.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on U-Stream http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos



Real Brother here.

Many of you have asked about my first Novel “Temperature Rising” so I decided to put a little taste of it on my Blog since Word Press is tripping about links to other sites dedicated to raising revenue.  As you know from reading my Tweets or posts I tell it like it is. I assure you in my first novel I tell it like it is. I would never expect that mainstream publishers would touch a novel by a Real Brother because no doubt its content would not be politically correct and certainly wouldn’t serve to advance the notion that Whites are Superior. I really put my foot into this Novel so you have my word if you buy it and you like a good story then you will not be disappointed. Let me know what you think here or hit me off on Twitter.

Temperature Rising

Two Cultures… One Love


Temple had never so welcomed the warmth and comfort of that bed.  The first few days she would just lie there all day watching MSNBC and enjoying the black family in the White House. The department had been depositing her checks into her account.  She didn’t really understand it but while she was in that prison camp she was considered on some kinda’ administrative leave or on loan to the South Korean Government, something  or other but when she checked her bank account there was a good twenty-five thousand there. She didn’t intend to spend it all in the four weeks she’d have off until she returned to the force but she sure would kick back with a vengeance she thought.

Bobby had proposed to her before she began her North Korean adventure and the plan was to get married in the spring of next year which was just three months away. What with Bobby in law school now and the stress of her seven months absence, she wasn’t even sure there would be a wedding.  He hadn’t brought it up and she was too afraid to.  Amy was able to get her job back at the Thai Food Restaurant after Bobby used his old connections in his District to rebuild the place after her fight.   Temple still refused to believe that Amy let her arrest her. She’s got mad skills but they were both at the same martial arts school, plus she has to constantly work out as an active patrol officer working a tough beat in Los Angeles and all Amy does is serve stir fried rice all day. Temple thought to herself confident she’s made a sound argument.

Detective Clark had kept Temple’s father Travis updated as to her situation during her internment and made sure he was there for the huge re-union at the airport.  It was a media event a circus, with every National News and Cable outlet in Los Angeles tripping over one another to get the story. Temple had gone over it to herself on the flight back from Korea. She’d tell the story of how she and Amy were admiring the fashion sense of a young Korean girl one minute and the next they were saving her from being kidnapped by the North Korean military.  And how her police detective female instincts kicked in as she did what came naturally– she saved the girl–only to find out that she was being sold out by the South Korean Police who turned her over to the North Koreans who’d parade her blind folded in front of prisoners to set an example.

She’d talk up her detective skills and how she was instrumental  in solving the Tan murder and brought down  Marcus Chong and his violent Korean gang and how she foiled one of the largest heists in the history of Los Angeles and how she was on the fast track to become one of the youngest  detectives in LAPD history.  She’d wear a tan skirt and matching blazer and pull her hair back. They’d have to make her a Detective Temple concluded.

And this is Hollywood, so how long would it be before her story became a Hollywood movie? She’d be played by Kerry Washington or maybe Jada Pinkett or Amarie.  Hill Harper or Idris Elba can play Bobby. It would be an action movie but have that love story and political intrigue and all that too.  It could be like the white boy who did The Wire on HBO. A lot of times these stories are real and hers was a stone cold trip.  Certainly the public would eat it up she thought.

Fantasizing was one of the ways Temple stayed sane in that prison camp but now that she was free she still found it rather useful.  It was weird but she couldn’t help but think nothing that she would encounter back on patrol in Korea Town would ever match the adventure she had just embarked on. The fantasies would come in handy.  The plan was to turn in early because tomorrow she would have to get up at 3:30AM to make the rounds of the East Coast morning talk show circuit. And then she would end her day on Hard Ball with Chris Matthews and then Rachel Maddow in the afternoon on MSNBC two of her favorite shows.


Travis Hunt had no regrets that he had lied to his daughter about her mother being in heaven, it was for her own good, at least that’s what he had convinced himself.  Korea in the 70’s heck even today simply frown on interracial relationships and the innocent children that result.  Besides the idea of bringing up his daughter even if it was alone was something Travis looked forward too. He knew that Sara was giving Temple to him out of shame maintain his excitement at the opportunity to raise his daughter. What father didn’t imagine tossing the ball around with his kid and showing him how to throw a curve ball and hit a lob wedge? So what his only child was a girl he’d do it anyway.

There was no love lost between Travis and Sara and neither pretended there ever was.  After full custody was granted to Travis that was the end of it. He never spoke to or contacted the Song’s again that was the deal.  Temple’s reaction to the truth didn’t change her father’s mind though he never anticipated the reaction that she had to learning the truth how could he?  How could he have known what his lie would bring and the lives it would affect?


In so many ways Temple knowing the whole truth made her bond with her father better in spite of the years of deception. Travis still had a thing for Asian women but he did believe that he was looking for more meaning and depth in his relationships.  The temptation to simply pay women for their loyalty was strong but Travis had learned to resist. He hadn’t dated since Temple disappeared. Not because he blamed or wished to punish himself but more so because he couldn’t think about or focus on anything but his only daughter and her safetly. The time alone gave him a chance to focus on Temple’s advice that he leave those Asian women alone.  It was the least he could do in her honor. Travis was so proud that his daughter so admired his career as a Military Police Officer and wanted so much to follow in his footsteps. How ironic that the skills and training in law enforcement would turn out to be the very skills she would need to survive her most challenging ordeal.


                                                                                          TEMPERATURE RISING

                                                                                                    CHAPTER I

Their club was poppin’ more than usual that Friday night, Song thought. Studio 54 was way before her time but as a recent immigrant to Los Angeles’ Korea Town from Seoul she had seen old films and VH-1 documentaries of its heyday and was willing to bet good money that what she and Marcus were puttin’ down wasn’t that far off.   It was her idea of Studio 54 with its celebrities and social climbers on the fast track that first attracted her not only to this club but to its venerable and eccentric owner Marcus Chong from day one.

But for some reason tonight seemed special, it was the first time that she felt this was home that she had made it in America.  Song smiles slyly and glances at Marcus as he nods in approval– his way to acknowledge that things are going well.   As the couple peers out at the massive club which is packed with patrons mostly… heck entirely Asian, with an equal mix of men and women seemingly fighting for air to breath.  Song looks over the crowd from Marcus’ office situated in the back of the club behind a one way  glass mirror.

She likes to fantasize that she’s in Studio 54 back in the early eighties though its obviously 2011 and that’s to say nothing of the fact that Studio 54 was in the heart of Manhattan and Marcus’ club is in the heart of Korea Town in Los Angeles.

While lost in her time warp Warhol fantasy Song is fixated on the petite Asian women and their little black skirts or little black dresses which to her seemed to be getting shorter and shorter.   Most of the women  also sported the little black Ugg boots with the fur around the top and it seemed that all of them had a cell phone flipped open talking and or texting while trying to sip or stir a drink, make conversation and keep the beat all at the same time.

Though Song had been dating Marcus for three years and had grown accustomed to his attention to detail and impeccable style, every time she glanced at his office in the club she marveled at the video surveillance monitors and high tech computers and the sheer volume of gadgets and gizmos that controlled everything from the disco lights on the dance floor to the temperature in the club along with the lasers and even a fog and bubble making machine.


Song was suspicious and a bit jealous when Marcus asked her to fetch Betty Tan and bring her to the office.  While Tan was about five years older Song figured and a bit on the chunky side, she knew that Marcus was a dog and had probably had a sexual relationship with her which seemed to be the basis for all of his friendships and relationships with women, but then she thought that Tan is Filipino and not even Korean so what would Marcus want with her anyway?  And also look at what she has on a polyester red knee long dress with red matching pumps in a sea of little black dresses and furry black boots?

Song thought to herself, she looks like a cross between a whore and a reject from the Wal-Mart after Christmas sale.  So as Marcus requested Song gets up fights through the throng of scantily clad young hotties and their would-be male suitors and motions for Tan to follow.  As they return to the office in the back of the club Tan hands a piece of paper to Chong or maybe it was a business card Song thought.  Song then motions for Tan to leave which she does.  Marcus then flips open his cell and immediately begin to dial the number on the card.



Watching the nightly national news had become a habit for Temple that she formed at a young age or more pointedly her father formed for at a young age. For as far back as she can remember the nightly news had been a major part of the quality time her and her father Travis would spend together.  Growing up in Seoul they would watch to keep up with the events going on in America and after her father left the army and he and Temple moved to Korea Town they continued to watch the news to see what was going on back in Korea.


When Temple joined the LAPD watching the news had been so ingrained in her that it seemed as if her set was permenately locked on CNN or MSNBC or to a lesser extent on Fox when she wanted to see what the racists were doing.  But you can best believe that if all else could fail Temple’s television was locked on a news network.

Tonight on News Night we look at the Patriot Act and the rights of the US Government to listen in and track private conversations between American Citizens and foreign operatives suspected of terrorism.  Congress is currently revisiting the Constitutional Rights of Americans in regards to privacy and the extent to which the right to have a private conversation on a cell phone is weighed against the State Departments fight against terrorism. The voice coming out of the television said.

Just last week a call was placed to an international operator in Saudi Arabia the call came from an individual in Los Angeles.  Authorities have not released his name for reasons of privacy and due to an ongoing investigation. Here we use Google Satellite images to illustrate how the US Government was able to pinpoint the location of the call.  Even before the call is connected, the Pentagon is recording audio of the unidentified man who is located somewhere in Los Angeles’ Korea Town. Temple’s awareness is heightened and she is now focused intently on the television. Nothing can be more exciting than real life drama she thinks to herself.

“Please be advised that some of the language you are about to hear may be deemed offensive to some and if you are offended we at Nightly News apologize in advance.  You can clearly hear the man on the phone speaking. “Come on towel heads pick up the damn phone…” Temple smiles but only because this is so interesting.

 “Back at the Pentagon the computer is searching its vast National and International database seeking a voice match for the caller from Los Angeles.  The words spoken into the phone are mimicked by the Pentagon computer as illustrated by our graphic. It returns no match.  After the initial comments by the unidentified caller who our voice experts say is of Asian probably Korean descent, we hear silence with the exception of the ringing of the phone.  This lasts for about ten seconds until this…“Hello?”

The call has been picked up by a man on a dirt road in the Saudi desert as illustrated by our Google Satellite but as with the first caller the Pentagon has no match. The computer logs the message No Data Available.  Now something very interesting happens, listen closely and again, I caution those of you who are easily offended please be warned. The man who originally picked up the call hands the phone to another man…

Hello, who is this and how did you get this number?”

This conversation again is being recorded and the second voice is scanned against the voices of known terrorists both in the United States and abroad.  The computer recognizes the second voice as that of Abu Hoshar a suspected Jordanian terrorist who has carried out and or planned a number of attacks throughout the world. After identifying the voice of Hoshar the Pentagon computer automatically sends the confirmation of the voice and location of the suspects to a satellite orbiting the earth as shown by this graphic.“ The female reporter concludes.

 Temple watches the television report intently as a beam of light is sent from the satellite to a B-52 Bomber.  The graphic shows the plane in flight and then the on flight computer which pin points then zooms in on a Mercedes with four Arabs as they drive down a dirt road.  Next Temple sees the bomb doors on the wings of the plane open up with the launcher arm and a missile attached, we see the missile being fired. “…We’ll we are very interested in what you have to offer there in Los Angeles Mr. Chong, your offer sounds very intrig…”At this point the phone conversation abruptly ends…

Deandra Cramer  NBC Nightly News.”

            Temple has a look of amazement on her face as she pictures the Mercedes and its occupants in a million pieces strewn about the Saudi desert. Song has been listening and watching Marcus during his long distant call and is perplexed at the way  the call was abruptly ended.


That lying bitch, get her!” Marcus says, motioning to Song who is all too happy to avenge this betrayal even though she doesn’t fully understand the nature of the betrayal she quickly exits the office looking for Tan.


Amy Song is lost in thought; she’s focusing intently on a flashback of the day she was born as it was told to her by her parents.  Song imagines it as a happy time when her parents looked to her birth as the proudest moment in their lives.  She imagines the hospital room filled with joy and love as the Korean nurse brings the infant girl wrapped in her pink blanket and places her into the arms of her mother Sara for the very first time.  Amy can see her father’s proud smile as he watches from next to the hospital bed.  Amy’s birth was relatively uneventful except for the extra doctors that helped with and observed the delivery.

Amy’s flashback fast forwards to her days at Kim’s Tae Kwon Do School.  Amy was eight years old when her father insisted that she attend one of the most prestigious and famous martial arts schools in Seoul.  She recalls how she came to resent and have disdain for the school… well not so much the school as with the other Korean girls who attended.  Though it was many years ago the sounds of the grunts and swoosh of cotton robes and the pounding of bare feet on mats as students went through their drills resonate as loud in her head now as they did back when she was a preconscious and introverted child.

Amy even convinces herself that she can smell the unique scent of the class and her teacher Mr. Kim’s sweet cologne.  There was a time when Amy wondered what would have happened if her best friend in the world had not enrolled on that fateful day.  She struggled with the thought of how she would have made it through had her good friend Temple never shown up out of nowhere but she believed in fate and as such came to realize that it was meant for Temple to enroll in that class and it was also fate for them to become best friends. Amy felt that if she lived her life over again a thousand times it would happen just as it did on that cold day in Korea that their paths first crossed.


Temple remembers the first day of her enrollment at Kim’s as if it were yesterday.  Flashback:  Temple Hunt eight years old in the passenger seat and her young father Travis Hunt driving along an unpaved road through the Seoul countryside. Travis Hunt in full US Military uniform diving while listening to the radio.  The song was Earth Wind & Fire’s Reasons it was her father’s favorite jam and no matter what they were doing when it came on his world- and anyone else’s that was in earshot- stopped.

It seems so silly to her now but at the time Temple couldn’t wait for her father’s song to come on so that they could sing (if you call that singing) at the top of their lungs.

“….Oooooo the reasons…the reasons that we’re here… the reasons that we feel I fear they won’t…just won’t disappear and oh….and…after the love games have been played, all our illusions were just a parade… and all the reasons….the reasons… the reasons… start to faaaade…”

Temple and her father Travis are pulling into the parking lot of the Tae Kwon Do School as the song fades down.   Temple remembers how nervous she was at her previous school as well as everywhere she happens to go in Seoul she’s starred at, shunned and treated like she has a disease.

Temple is black but her Korean mother’s features are apparent in the shape of her eyes, her lighter than normal skin and of course in her long straight hair.  Because of her biracial lineage Temple is at best a curiosity and at worse a source of shame and scandal in a Korean community that doesn’t normally see nor tolerate interracial unions especially those the result illicit liaisons between black US servicemen and Korean women.  But in spite her apprehension Temple knew that her father wanted her to learn the Tae Kwon Do discipline just as he had and Master Kim’s school was the best, it was an honor to be accepted and Temple was looking forward to.

As they pulled into the parking lot Temple and her father Travis barely noticed the older Asian man escorting the young girl by her ear away from the entrance and really thought nothing of it as he scolds the girl approximately age ten in Korean:

You have brought shame and dishonor to this family. You are no better than your mother.  I don’t know what to do with you.”

Once inside Temple and Travis see two nurses attending to a little girl who appears to have a neck injury.  Students comfort her and she accepts their offers of sympathy yet when one particular Korean girl tries to offer comfort she’s rejected and pushed away.  The commotion dies down Travis holding hands with Temple moves to introduce her to the Headmaster he former Teacher Mr. Kim. Temple still remembers the look on Kim’s face at seeing and hearing a black man who speaks fluent Korean.  “They say you’re still the best Mr. Kim, I want nothing but the best for my little Princess”.  Mr. Kim humbly bows.

Temple’s flashback fast forwards to the students doing drills. Temple is starting to get the hang of it, her movements and kicks are in perfect sync to the other kids.   When it’s time to pair off for sparing all of the girls quickly pair up with the exception of two; Temple Hunt and a young Amy Song.  Temple felt used to this kind of treatment always feeling she was different because of her mixed heritage but she never understood why no one in the class wanted anything to do with Amy.  Both sensing the obvious, the two quickly paired up.


Temple and Travis are again driving down that dirt road on the Seoul countryside. Temple can see it as if it was yesterday.  The morning drives to her school and the impromptu private concerts that she and her father gave each other had become the highlight of her day and she suspects his as well.  Sometimes Temple would take this opportunity to quiz her father about something that was beginning to bother her, her mother.  “Dad, how come I don’t have a mommy?” Temple asked.  “You do have a mommy Princess, she watches you from heaven.” Travis says.  “Did mommy go to Tae Kwon Do School?”  Temple says.  “No, she wasn’t into martial arts”, he says. “I wish my mommy could go with us”, Temple says.  She never forgets the look on her father’s face after that conversation; it was such that Temple promised herself to never bring up her mother again.

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Its OSAMA not OBAMA[Racists]

Real Brother here.

“Well even people who support President Obama are confusing him with Osama Bin Laden so it couldn’t be Racism” , is what they say.  And while I’m the first one who will make the distinction between racism which is defined as racial “Hatred” vs. simple white supremacy– in which there’s no hatred at all only the belief held by the majority of society[90% plus] that the white race is superior to the black race– there’s something to the fact that whites who refuse to call, address or even think of Barack Obama as “The President” are confusing him with the worlds most hated and revered Terrorist since Adolf Hitler.    

This is worse then the overt racism of the Tea Party and GOP because it goes beyond how racists think of America’s  first black President it speaks to how even whites who support the President are mentally picturing Barack Obama. The subconscious of whites who are not at all racist closely associate  the President of the United States with the most revered Muslim Terrorists if only in their subconscious and its troubling.

For years I used to cringe when the music critic or resident expert would  refer  to R & B singer Johnny Gill as a “Rapper” or Biggie and Tupac as “Singers”. The point wasn’t that it was a simple mistake, the point was the mistake didn’t matter because they were talking about someone black and who gives a damn about black people who 99.9% of whites believe are inferior? If you look at the AOL medley of white anchors confusing Osama with Obama and laughing it off  you see that its a joke and funny because the mistake is not a knock on the black President its a knock on the fact that 450 years of white supremacy and racism has made this kind of racist insult acceptable.

Theron K. Cal, is a writer living in Los Angeles
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Real Brother here.

Many of you have by now seen the MSNBC, Black Agenda special which was being billed as hosted by the former Republican Racist turned Democratic White Supremacist Ed Schultz. I can’t be sure but I suspect pressure from  myself and others caused them to add Reverend Al Sharpton to the show as Co-Host. I believe that the purpose of the show while being billed as a discussion on a Black Agenda was really a justification for continued Racism and White Supremacy and to insure that White Supremacists  get to set the Black Agenda moving foreword.



How they set up the show  is typical they portray how terrible and miserable and hopeless the Black Race is and then praise the Black idiots who ignore all that and still manage to worship White people as God. The two most glaring lies are that 50% of Blacks drop out of High School and this new lie– they just came up with this one last week– that there are more Black men in prison then were Slaves. The first lie comes from a Harvard Study where they looked at High School Freshman all across the Nation and then counted how many graduated with their Freshman class four years later.  Its the dumbest statistical model in the world. People move, people graduate early, people drop out for nine months to have a baby some have to go to Summer School to make up credits and others go directly into the NBA.

UCLA did a better study and others have as well where Blacks under the age of 72 years old were tested for literacy and for a High School Diploma or the GED equivalency.  It was found that 75% of Blacks had one or the other. The drop out rate is no where near 50% with Blacks over the age of 70 most likely to not have a High School Diploma. Yet MSNBC was happy to tell that lie that 50% of Blacks drop out.

The second lie the new one is about a thousand times dumber then the first one. Most estimates are anywhere from 200 to 600 million Black Slaves were taken to North America during the 310 years of official legalized Slavery and 50 years of unofficial Slavery. Most of the Slaves were men, Of course the sons of Slaves are Slaves too and their sons and on and on for 360 years. Let’s take half that number let’s say that 300 million Black men were Slaves. Considering that in all of America’s prisons, jails and juvenile detention centers there are all of 2 million total men and 40% of those are Black the numbers don’t match. There are barely 300 million people in America let alone 300 million Black men in a prison system that only holds 2 million.

Next,  after lying on how messed up Black people are they had the discussion panels. As could be expected they had a panel full of Black man hating Black Idiots like the Black lesbian Karen Hunter. A couple of male homosexuals a Sellout plant from Comcast which owns MSNBC and of course the ultra idiot Dr. Cornell West. Its important to note the kinda fool they put on the panel because again the point is to justify why MSNBC has no Black Talk Show Hosts with editorial control. They can’t uphold the myth of White Supremacy without making Blacks look weird, dysfunctional and stupid.

Finally, after the build up to how F’d-up the Black Race is then they had the ultimate Obama bashing hour planned. The NUT West started his bash fest but Reverend Al wasn’t havin’ it. See Black Sellouts like Dr. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley are upset with President Obama because he doesn’t buy into the myth that Whites are superior and has been rewarded with success as a result. Black Sellouts refuse to believe that a Black man can become President and not kiss any White butt so instead of sit back and watch President Obama make history they figure they’ll help the Racists destroy him rationalizing their life long belief that Blacks are inferior. Thank Al Sharpton for putting West and hopefully other Sellouts in their place this time.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer living in Los Angeles.


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Real Brother here.


Finally, I watched the ESPN Documentary Fab Five and I loved every minute of it. If there was a point intended from the doc it wasn’t that Duke is a bunch of White Racists who only recruit Black Sellouts or “Uncle Toms” the point was that many of these athletes are poor and broke as a joke and need to be paid because they are making these Universities a mint. But since everyone is talking about the Uncle Tom comment and the “Bitch” comment then I’ll address those issues here.

I’ve said before that I think Jalen Rose was correct in pointing out that Duke looks for Blacks who fit the unfair suprepacist standard of what they consider a Sellout or an Uncle Tom. I’ll reiterate what Rose said in that Blacks who get good grades or study hard or come from a two parent middle class or a successful family are not automatically Sellouts or Uncle Toms but this is an assumption many Whites like those at Duke buy into. This notion by so many that the basketball Gods at Duke can do no wrong and have no Racism or White Supremacy because they’re White is silly. As for the “bitch” charge anyone Black who knows that these stereotypes come into play in recruiting who cover for their school is guilty as charged.

The most salient point that has been made is that while White athletes are judged on their ability regardless of their family status or upbringing allowing for the best White athletes to play for Duke only certain Black athletes are even considered.This while being a testament to the  abundance of Black athletes that have the talent and ability to play for Duke is unfair because it gives Whites an unfair advantage. Do Whites really need an unfair advantage? Come on now.

Finally, nobody has brought up the fact that President Barack Obama would not have been accepted into Duke because he grew up with a single mother who at times was on Welfare.  Obama was good enough for Harvard but would not have been recruited by Duke and that right there illustrates the problem with White Supremacy as applied to athletics. A much more fair way to decide Blacks who are eligible for Duke would be to select Blacks who embrace their Black Race and Culture and reject the myth of White superiority because we have example after example of Blacks who have done just that and have come out on top.


Theron K. Cal is a writer and author who’s new novel “Temperature Rising” is available on this site.

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