Real Brother’s Blog, A Journey in Genius

REAL BROTHER PICReal Brother here.

This is my Blog which I hope will blow up being that I’m the only Real Brother commenting on the issues of the day. I like to give my unique perspective on the issues of the day without the need to be politically correct or to sugarcoat nonsense. 

We as Blacks have such an up hill battle in trying to over come the stereotypes and nonsense that society has used to justify our marginalization in society. You can check out my IMDB Page and I’ve completed my first Novel: Temperature Rising which is deeper then Atlantis and my first non-fiction book “Culmination of The Dream” which is another hot one so check out the blog and let’s see if we can’t as President Obama says: Move the car forward.



30 thoughts on “Real Brother’s Blog, A Journey in Genius

  1. I find it intersting that everything on your site is about race. I guess it is impossible to have a dissenting view without being labeled a racist in your eyes?

    I don’t see color my friend. I see destructive policies. Obama could be a white southern baptist and I would disagree with his big government policies, as I disagreed with George Bush’s (He’s white, by the way, and he could move to Islamabad too.)

    You sit back and sterotype everyone as “Dumb White Racists” and that makes you feel good. It seems to me that you see color more than anyone I know.

    Granted, there are some Dumb White Racists out there. Sadly, I would agree with that, but coloring everyone with the same broad brush is destructive.

    I hope that my children see a future where race is not an issue, but people like you are going a long way to make sure that color is more important than substance.

    I am sure you will dismiss this as a rant by a racist. I can’t change that. But I will go to sleep tonight knowing that I didn’t sterotype anyone today.

    Can you?

    1. Real Brother here.

      First of all I’m Black and nothing any Dumb White Racist says is going to change that fact. The topics on this
      board tend to reflect my commitment to ending the 450 years of Racism & White Supremacy.The fact that dumb
      White Racists such as yourself are shaken up by it means I’m being effective. Racism is stupid its dumb and any
      one who partakes is stupid and dumb.And I hope my children NEVER see a time where their Race and Culture
      doesn’t exist because that means you Racists have one. Any you have lost your dumb Racist White mind if
      you don’t think you’ve stereotyped me.


    2. Excellent post McBud. I could not have said it better myself. There are racist idiots that come from every ethnic group. Luckily they make up a small % of the total population. What this guy is doing here is claiming EVERYONE white is a racist/white supremist. Doing so, he throws logic and reason out the window. It’s quite ironic that the guy supposedly “fighting racism” is the one doing all the racial stereotyping!! But what else can we expect from a silly racist?

      1. i wonder who is helping realbrother writing the blog? he sounds like a semi illiterate moron when he speaks. he has like 5 listeners for his podcast mostly white. he lives for these people & enjoys when they insult him. i dare RB to publish this.

    1. Real Brother here.

      One of the reasons the DUMB White Racists lost is they were so intent on telling the lie that President Obama
      is stupid and can’t speak without a teleprompter and thinks there are 57 States etc. The DUMB White Racists
      ended up being the only ones who bought into the lie.The Racists never considered that nobody else is willing
      to believe that a brilliant Black genius is stupid. Far more believable is that a bunch of throwbacks from the Civil
      War were that ones that were dumb.Let’s hope they stay dumb for six more years.


    1. i cant figure out exactly what RB wants. he never made it clear. once & for all RB, tell us your agenda. thankyou, LR

      1. My agenda is to tell the truth ABOUT the HATRED you Racists have for the Black Race and Culture and your intent to destroy life as we know it on this planet because you savages think you’re superior. You Racist HATE is in your DNA. You will never destroy 3/4ths of life on this planet. I seek to limit the damage you do.


      2. what do you intend to do to “limit the damage” white racists have done to 3/4ths of the world? i see the agenda, what what is your plan? you can start an extermination movement. you can start a race war. is the paln secret?

  2. Wow you must really hate anyone who is white! Even those you have never met, I feel really sorry for you that you seem totally consumed with hate that you cannot find any room in your posts for anything positive about white people. I wish I could find out who the person or persons where that have made you such a bitter person and slap them silly. Our lives are to short to be wasted on hate and bitterness and you are too valuable to the human race to waste your time hating everything white.

    Good luck with the book I love crime novels going to have to check it out.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Racists understandably will be taken aback by Blacks who oppose Racism. Racists will also accuse anyone Black who might oppose Racism of being Racist and of hating Whites.This is silly because if Blacks had the DNA necessary to oppress and enslave and hate people for their Race then Racists would not have been able to exploit us for 450 years. No I think I’ll continue to oppose Racism and you can continue being a Racist.


      1. Real Brother here.

        As a White Supremacist you would naturally agree with the Racist Kevin. You’re still wrong. Racism is wrong and for Racists or White Supremacists to attack me for opposing it is stupid. You White Idiots think you have a Right to oppress and enslave Black people and you need to stop that.


    2. Real Brother here.

      Again nothing is more dumb then Racists arguing that Blacks opposing Racism means we hate Whites.We can oppose Adolf Hitler w/o hating Whites. Come on Racist you have to have more sense then that.


    3. he does hate anyone who is white, he is upfront about that. its not illegal. it’s kind of cool to get so much attention.

  3. Patrick Brown said:

    Okay I’m a republican and while I hear of the Republican past efforts for equality. What have they done lately?

    Okay Patrick, what do you want today’s Republican Party to do? That particular question seems to have gotten in the way of progress for far too many black Americans. Do we really need government to treat black people like helpless children; like we need more than other Americans; as if we need them to do something for us as if government is our parent? Could it be that we might not have done enough for ourselves? The majority of black voters voted for Democrats. What are Democrats doing for black Americans these days? Black people have been Democrats and voting Democrat for the last 50 to 60 years. With the highest rate of unemployment; the highest rate of abortions; the highest rate of incarcerations; the highest rate of young male deaths; how is the Democratic Party working out for us?

  4. You seem very well educated, TKCAL. Thank you for your well thought-out comments and spot on historical analysis. You help end racism through your blog and Twitter account. Thank you! condescending

  5. OMG, this “Real” Brother is the biggest of all big black male hypocrites when it comes to interracial dating!
    He tries to convince his audience (and himself) that white women chase black men and black men just end up giving in, taking them out/spending money and time with them and then, in the end, buying them a ring and marrying them.
    Then, he turns around and attacks every beautiful black woman in Hollywood who accepts an invitation to a date by a white male!!!
    What a double standard!!!
    Men are the hunters, women receive the chase, “Real” Brother, and you and everyone else knows this!! Just Google the topic, “Real” brother and you will see that everyone but you has now accepted the fact that many black men go after white women instead of black women as girlfriends and wives.
    White women are not forcing you to take them out and, in the end, marry you as you somehow try to convince the world to believe!!!
    Honestly, “Real” Brother, it’s time to get real!!!

    1. Real Brother here.

      Stop it Poe. I know you Black man hating Black lesbians like to use us dating women who don’t hate us and aren’t gay as your excuse to hate us and be gay but come the hell on. Women choose and 90% of Black women AREN’T choosing Black men and Black men aren’t about to allow you to destroy our great Race. While I don’t Sellout nor do I condone it I place the blame where it belongs and that’s square on the backs of Black man HATING Black lesbians like you.


      1. Hey Fakebrother – you are a DUMB BLACK Racist. Listening to you berate the black female caller on the internet made me sick. A real man would not be so disrepectful to a nice woman. It’s cool how you stick up for black people. However, your methods and your demeanor are immature. Your emotional tirades are boorish. Keep the passion. Temper the approach. Right now you are doing your race more harm than good.

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