by Theron K. Cal

Los Angeles, CA–Roland Martin had a very interesting panel discussion regarding the Black President and the Black Idiots who work for and represent the ninety-eight percent White Conservative owned media.

The issue is why won’t President Obama let Black Journalists insult him, question his authority, leadership and legitimacy like the racist journalists get to do?

I mean certainly if the President can expose how dumb Bill O’Reilly the Hangover Dude and; Its not my job to tell the truth or know the facts, Chuck Todd are then certainly he can return the favor to the Black buffoons carrying Comcasts water?

No actually he can’t.

Exposing the stupidity and racism of the White Conservative media actually reassures the world that their choice in Obama was the right one.

But exposing the Black Idiots who will never accept his success resulting from embracing his Black Race  culture and rejecting the myth of White Supremacy will only bring calls of, See your own people think you’re wrong and hate you cause you’re Black too.

No, the President has to at least allow the air of a united front in the Black community.

96% of Blacks voted for Obama in 2008 and while 3% of those Blacks succumbed to the Fox News nonsense the need to appear as if at least Blacks are on the same page trumps any personal gain a Black Idiot would bring down America’s greatest President would receive.

So no, if you aren’t about helping this President end the MYTH of White Supremacy then he’s under no obligation to let you destroy him any more then he would be to let a racist.

If you have concerns about this President then ask me I’ll be more than happy to…what? I won’t work because I have nothing to lose so I can tell the truth? Oh, OK then stand you sorry butts down then.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. Let’s discuss it on The Real Brother Radio Show today at 6PM EST on the Real Brother Radio Network.


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