Real Brother here, I caught the tail end of the debate on Twitter when it was revealed that Actress Stacey Dash a life long black man hater was supporting Mitt Romney over President Obama in next months election. Dash didn’t give any reason why, just that Romney was white and therefore superior to Obama who of course is Black.

I’ve thought long and hard about why 4% of blacks– according to the top five major Polls–would support a Republican Candidate that has made it clear that his goal is to take America “back” to a time when blacks were 2nd class citizens who were used as a cheap labor force for the pleasure and advancement of white people.

I’ve concluded that two misconceptions are at work among blacks who support the GOP; 1) Black Self-hatred/White Supremacy. Ninety percent of black Americans(99.9% in the UK, Canada and Nazi Germany) believe on some level that whites are simply superior to Blacks and that in intellectual and political contests, whites will always come out on top. 2)Over Estimation of the Number of Whites who are Racist.

Blacks who support the GOP make the wrong assumption that all whites are secretly racist and as such will never support a black man for President. These two wrong assumptions are why a small number of blacks support the GOP. That brings us back to why everybody black should vote for and support President Obama.

The notion that any group would support a candidate based on his chances of winning as opposed to an agreement with his policies is silly but when the added dimension in supporting a candidate is based on the myth of white genetic superiority and black genetic inferiority and an over estimation on how many  whites are racist then the reasoning becomes sublime.

President Obama has made a better argument, he’s proven himself over four years to be competent, capable and honest. Obama took a -15% GDP and grew it to today’s $15T GDP the highest ever representing 40% Growth  http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=d5bncppjof8f9_&met_y=ny_gdp_mktp_cd&idim=country:USA&dl=en&hl=en&q=current+gdp+us .

The President cut spending from Bush’s $12.3T to $2.5T and CBO says as of Jan 1, 2013 Obama will have cut the National Deficit in half. Exports have increased 50% in Obama’s first term due to an increase in domestic oil production and a focus on Green Energy that has pushed America to number one in Natural Gas, Solar and battery operated vehicles. 

For Stacy Dash, Nicky Manaj or any other clueless black Sellout to argue that we can’t support President Obama because ten percent of whites are racist and can’t stand him is not only stupid its dumb. Blacks have always supported the candidate that would have not just our best interests at heart but the Nations, it would be a tragedy if we abandoned Dr. King’s dream now. 

Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays 6-9pm EST on U-Stream http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos @Realbrother0003/Twitter




  1. Well Nikki Minaj rescinded her statements, saying it was a joke. Not that I cared. I think everyone, regardless of race should vote for the President because he is, quite simply, the best choice and has done a world of good in the face of great opposition. He’ll lose many white votes simply because he is black and for that reason alone, I wouldn’t mind if blacks fought fire with fire and rendered votes his way because of his nationality.

  2. This is so riveting! I’ve never seen someone be such an awesome fascist to the point where they call people racist for not agreeing with him. You ought to contact Joe Goebbels, he’s got a few job openings give him a call!

  3. Answer this for me, Theron: If a white man said “Everyone vote for *Insert white president here*, because he is white, and we are the minority” Would it be racist? If so, why is it not for you to say the same, about Obama?

    1. No why would it be Racist if the minority wants to vote for the best Candidate who happens to be Black and not for the Racist White majority to vote for a Racist Marxist Nut like Mitt Romney because he’s White?


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