RB vs. The Right Sphere’s LIES On Obama

RB vs. The Right Sphere’s LIES On Obama

Real Brother here. Play resumes. I wanted to debunk the lies of the Right Sphere Racists in regards to promises they claim President Obama made and later broke. If you are inclined to see the lies for yourself you can view them here: http://www.therightsphere.com/2012/04/president-flip-flop-barack-obamas-broken-promises-policy-reversals-and-continuous-flip-flops
President Obama’s Flip Flops, Broken Promises

There were sixty-four items listed by the article that were billed as “flip flops” and or “failed promises” that Candidate or President Obama has made and each and every one of them are false. I will address each in the order the Sphere presents them; 1) Obama said, he “Wasn’t ready to run for President”  but six years later ran for President. This one is easy and silly as yes in 2002 Senate Candidate Obama did offer that he was not qualified to run for President but six years later why not?  Saying he wasn’t ready six years before being ready is hardly a flip flop or broken promise.

2) Obama Voted Not To raise Debt Ceiling as Senator but lamented Racists trying to default on America’s obligations in order to shame and embarrass him because he’s Black.  Sen. Obama first counted votes to make sure there were enough yes votes before making his symbolic no vote. Also, Bush eventually spent twelve point three TRILLION DOLLARS in borrowed money which remains as the highest deficit spending in the history of the Nation. Protesting this reckless spending was the right thing for Senator Obama to do. That President Obama would cut Bush’s Deficit in half is hardly a flip flop or a broken promise.

3) Obama Promised to End Bush Tax Cuts and then extended them for two years after Racists balked at offering more Stimulus because of the success the first Stimulus had in growing the GDP twenty-five percent and creating eight million jobs. Using the Bush Tax Cuts in order to get an additional eight hundred billion for the middle class was prudent and the Bush Tax Cuts will expire in 2013.  

4) Obama Promised to Not Raise Taxes on Poor or Middle Class and then raised taxes on Millionaires and Billionaires. No Obama promised not to raise “Payroll Taxes” and he didn’t.

5) Obama Promised to Raise Taxes on Millionaires & Billionaires but didn’t offer the “Buffet Rule.”  He did, he did offer the Buffet Rule and its being voted on this week by the Racists.

6) Obama Promised to Eliminate All Taxes for Seniors. That’s a damn lie; a President can’t eliminate State & Local Taxes for Seniors and only Congress can end the minimum seven percent tax rate. 

7) Obama Promised Paygo and Then Offered to Extend the Bush Tax Cuts without paying for them. First of all Obama NEVER promised Paygo it was a demand that Racists made of him that he was willing to adhere to to please them. The fact that Racists never demanded the Bush Tax Cuts be payed for proves they’re full of crap. 

8) Obama Blasts Racists For Talking About Spending Freezes While Spending Twelve Point Three Trillion Dollars and then proposed a spending freeze of his own in 2013 after reducing spending by Seventy Five Percent. Silly.  Since when have Racists been for more Government 

9) Obama Promised to Reduce Earmarks and then Reduced Earmarks. How is that a promise broken or a flip flop? Reducing Earmarks is not the same as NO EARMARKS ever.

10) Obama Promised All Contracts over Twenty Five Thousand Dollars Would Be Competitively Bid and then found out that some of those contracts were competitively bid on. What’s the problem? Please define what a Racist thinks a competitive bid is?

11) Obama Promised to Give Working Families a Child Care Tax Break and then gave ALL working class families a Tax Break regardless of whether or not they had children of child care age. How is that a broken promise or flip flop?

12) Obama Promised Two Billion in Additional Funding for NASA and then added Ten Billion Dollars of PRIVATE funding for NASA while cutting Government funding for the agency. Racists against the private sector? Since when? Promise kept.

13) Obama Was Against the Iraq War and then ended the Iraq War thirty days earlier than promised. How the hell is that a flip flop or broken promise? 

14) Obama Opposed the Iraq War and as Such the Surge. And? Had we never entered that War the Surge would have not been necessary.

15) Obama Got Unanimous Congressional Approval for the UN Resolution to go into  Libya as per the Constitution  but Racists in Congress simply lied about it and said he didn’t. Silly and stupid 

16) Hot Mic Moment RE: Russia; How is having more flexibility after he’s re-elected a flip flop or a broken promise? No it was the truth.

17) Obama Isn’t Willing to Protect Israel because he’s a secret Muslim. Please, that’s nonsense.

18) Obama Hates the Sudan and Egypt because they are in Africa. Please, that’s more nonsense and is not a flip flop or broken promise its just plain dumb.

19) Obama Promised to Ease the Embargo on Cuba and Obama has indeed eased the embargo in Cuba. What? Easing is easing not a total resending of all sanctions. 

20) Obama is soft on Iran, because he’s a secret Muslim. Again that’s just plain stupid.

21) Obama criticized NAFTA and as President hasn’t supported NAFTA and? 

22) Obama Said He’d Reach Out to Hugo Chavez and as far as we know hasn’t reached out to him. If true then I’m sure the President has a good reason nothing worth destroying America over.

23) Obama Promised to Give a State of the Union Address and not a State of the World Address. Where do these Racists come up with these lies? Prove to me Obama said anything about a State of the World Address?

24) Obama Has Ended America’s Image as a Racist Hypocrite of a Country by electing a Black President and this has hurt the image of America among Racist Nations. Good, America is not served by being seen by the rest of the world as Racist.

25) ENERGY POLICY;  Obama criticized Bush invading Iraq to steal their oil thus making the gas prices go up while imposing sanctions on Iran for their Nuclear program causing gas prices to go up. Can you say FALSE EQUIVALENCY?

26) CAP & TRADE; Obama promised Cap & Trade and then imposed emission standards that reduced our dependency on foreign oil by two million barrels per year by improving the fuel efficiency of American autos. Where is the broken promise or flip flop?

27) Obama Promised to Use the Strategic Oil Reserves Only in an Emergency. Who’s to say Racists destroying the Country to punish it for electing a Black President and using high gas prices as their excuse is NOT an Emergency?

28) Obama Didn’t Approve of Keystone; Obama didn’t approve of Keystone because an environmental study wasn’t done. Obama approved of the Southern portion of the Pipeline. Weak Racists weak. Keystone was a Texas Oil Refinery earmark that would have NOT increased America’s gas supply or created significant jobs.

29) Obama was Open to Nuclear Power Until the Japanese Nuclear Plant melted down during the Earthquake. Being “Open” to Nuclear Power is not a promise to advance it.

30) Obama Never Passed the Dream Act; The Dream Act came up for at least two votes but Racists voted it down. The President did sign an “Executive Order” adopting the Dream Act provisions as policy. Racists will NEVER get the Hispanic vote so please stop trying.

31) Obama was Against the Mandate in HCR until Racists offered that if he included one in his Bill they’d vote for it. Obama remains against the Mandate but not to the point to where he wants Racists to outlaw the entire Law.

32) Obama NEVER promised Single Payer, he said he was for it but NEVER promised it. Again no flip flop or broken promise.

33) Obama Promised that Racists Could Keep their High Priced Private Insurance unless it becomes more profitable for Private Ins. Companies to sign onto Obamacare but that doesn’t mean Racists can’t still find High Priced Private Insurance if they’re that stupid.

34) Obama Agreed to a Health Care Law That was Deficit Neutral and Saved 100 Billion over ten years and was paid for. The CBO says the ACA is Deficit Neutral and Saves 100 Billion over ten years but Racists LIE about it and claim their analysts say the Law violates the Law which is silly because its LAW. 

35) Obama Promised the ACA Will Cover Up to 30  Million people who are uninsured later amended to be 50 million people. Racists tell the lie that 25 million people won’t be covered and that’s just a bold faced lie unless those 25 million are illegal aliens because illegals aren’t covered.

36) ACA was Passed using Reconciliation: This LIE is dumb because the President had used Reconciliation on something else and didn’t have it available. No, Obama got a 51% majority in the House and a 60 vote majority in the Senate no Racists voted for it. 

38) Obama Promised that ALL Debates and Votes on the House & Senate floor are to be televised on C-SPAN. They were, to suggest they weren’t is a LIE. They never said they’d take the camera’s home with them.

39) Obama Promised to Punish Employers who Hire Illegals by Deporting Their Illegal Workforce. More illegals have been deported by Obama than any other President. Taking away their cheap labor force is punishment enough.

40) Obama Denounced Torture so of course Racists will lie and say its still going on. Also Obama did denounce Military Tribunals and tried to bring all the detainees to trial in the U.S. but Racists wouldn’t allow it. Some were tried here but no its not a broken promise or flip flop its a fact of Racist political reality.

41) Torture and Abuse Photos of Gitmo Detainees Were Released and then the Obama Administration stopped releasing these type of  humiliating photos; No, the photos were leaked by the Racists at Wikileaks and Freedom of Information Acts and news organizations, You Tube hacks etc. The policy of the Government is to not release these type of photos but if they are its not a broken promise or flip flop its a breach by Racists with little respect for the President because of his race.

42) Senator Obama Criticized President Bush’s Abusive Use of the Patriot Act; and then used the same Patriot Act to get Osama Bin Laden; That’s OK because abusing a Law is different than using the Law correctly. 

43) Obama supported PIPA and FISA and Restricting Internet Freedom; This is stupid because none of those Bills EVER made it out of Congress and who’s to say the President would have signed the Bills if they did? The internet is one of the few places where Real Brothers can actually support the Black President so why would he want to censor one of the few places of his support? 

44) Obama Promised he’d go into Pakistan and Capture and Kill Osama Bin Laden and then did it.  Racists have no argument of flip flop or broken promise there and need to quit.

45) Obama Said He’d Accept Public Funding for His 08′ Presidential Campaign because he was Black and felt that he’d never raise more than the Two Million Dollars that a Publicly Financed Campaign would afford him. David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Oprah said don’t do it they’ll give him three million so he decided against Public Financing. Again, since when are Racists against the free market and private sector? When it benefits someone Black. It was NOT a promise or flip flop it was a sound business decision.

46) Obama Agreed To Seven Debates With the Racist NUT John McCain. McCain not realizing who he was dealing with asked for a series of Town Halls with small Racist audiences hoping to be able to bully and intimidate Obama with Racist Tea Party Nuts in the audience with automatic assault riffles. Obama wasn’t trying to let these Racist Idiots assassinate him and sought to limit his public appearances to safe secure public places. No flip flop or broken promise just commonsense. 

47) Obama Promised to Raise the Minimum Wage To $9.75 per hour.  That’s a damn LIE. Obama promised no such thing and again Racists need to quit.

48) Obama Called for Civility after Tea Party Racist Jerrod Loughner MURDERED Six and Wounded Thirteen Presumed Obama Supporters in Tucson AZ.  Racists continued to MURDER and Terrorize the Obama Supporters in defiance of Obama’s call for Civility. That Racists refuse to be Civil is NOT a broken promise or flip flop on President Obama’s part. Its a testament to how violent and stupid Racists are.

49)  Obama has Opined that Racists who MURDER and Mame their way into power are UN-Patriotic. I agree. This is not a broken promise or flip flop its a FACT. Murder of your political opponents is extremely UN-Patriotic.

50)  Obama Formed the Simpson Bowles Commission and Then When Racists Rejected Their Proposals Blamed Obama for not accepting their proposals. Congress should have passed Simpson Bowles and then we would have found out whether or not the President supported their recommendations.

51) Obama Promised to Post Bills Online Before They are Voted On, So when Racists Filibustered or Delayed a vote until the last minute leaving NO TIME to Post the final Bill online before the vote Racists complained that it was a broken promise. Had incomplete or inaccurate Bills been posted the same Racists would complain about that. 

52) The President Promised to Convert the 600,000 Vehicle White House Fleet to Clean Energy by the Year 2015. By April 1, 2011 50% more vehicles have been converted to clean energy. See update here:      Its not 2015 yet but the Government is well on its way to reaching its goal. The LIE that NONE of the fleet has been converted is silly.

53) Obama Accepted NO CONTRIBUTIONS from Super Packs or Corporations during the 08′ Campaign but after Citizens United relented and encouraged donors to support his Super Pack for 2012. This is NOT a broken promise or flip flop due to the Supreme Court actually Changing the Law.  Obama cannot bring a butter knife to a gun fight. Racists still have a financial advantage due to 450 years of Racist fiscal policy. 

54) Obama Supported the DC Hand Gun Ban. This is a LIE because the President was No Longer a Senator and as such didn’t have a vote in the matter as a Candidate running for President. Second the President said he Supported the Courts Decision to strike down the Ban. Third the President knows Racists would go nuts if he attempted to restrict gun laws. The President signed a Bill to allow weapons to be carried into and used in Federal Parks.

55) The President Promised to Support Public Education yet Nixed the DC Voucher Program where 20 Million Students sought Vouchers to a private school that holds 500 students. No, the answer is to simply fire the Racist, White Supremacist, Black man hating wish they were White Sellouts who refuse to teach Black & Latino children that have corrupted our Public Schools.

56) Obama in 2002 Said That We Should Discuss The Failed War on Drugs but he didn’t think legalization was the answer. Today Obama says we should Discuss the Failed War on Drugs but he doesn’t think legalization is the answer. Racists say that’s a flip flop and broken promise and that’s just silly.

57) Obama Criticized Unions That Supported Hillary & John Edwards because they were White and later accepted their support. How is that a broken promise or flip flop? What, the President is supposed to criticize the Unions for supporting him? Unions have traditionally supported Democrats just not a Black one.

58) Senator Obama Voted Twice to Uphold the Late Term Abortion Law in Illinois. Racists claim that Obama is Pro-Abortion because he supported the Illinois Law. Had Obama voted against the Law they would have said he was Pro-Abortion. 

59) Obama Said He Wouldn’t Wear The Flag Pin that Racists Who Don’t Believe in Freedom for All Americans were Wearing. Now The President wears the Flag Pin. This is NOT a flip flop as America has proven that they reject the Racist exclusion of Blacks as Americans.

60) Obama Criticized President Clinton for Breaking Up Black Families and Forcing Black Men Out of the Home with Devastating Welfare Reform. Yet Obama has used Clinton to ease the fears of Racist Democrats uncomfortable with a Black President. This is not a broken promise or flip flop as Obama continues to criticize Clinton for Welfare Reform and NAFTA. 

61) Obama Spent Twenty Years Learning & Honing His Skills Under Christian Reverend Jeremiah Wright. How this is a flip flop or broken promise is beyond me. If anything it proves that Obama’s not a Muslim.

62) Obama Promised to LIMIT the Number of Lobbyists in his Administration. He NEVER promised NOT to accept money from Lobbyists or to not want their votes. That “some” lobbyists like Joe Biden’s son were allowed into Obama’s Administration is not a broken promise to REDUCE or LIMIT the number of lobbyists. Obama NEVER said No Lobbyists At All.

63) Racists link to Politifact looking for money from Racist organizations who have made up more lies about Obama simply to fund raise. I will NOT address their nonsense because most of their lies mirror the Sphere piece. If there are specific points Racists would like for me to address I will. 

Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Blog Talk Radio and U-Stream http://tobtr.com/s/2625061  http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos



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