Real Brother here. Play Resumes.  In this one I have to rebut Glenn Greenwald’s resent Salon article entitled; “Repulsive Progressive Hypocrisy”  you can view the entire article here;  

The premise of Greenwald’s article is simple; Progressives blasted George Bush when he lied and deceived and let black people drown during Hurricane Katrina and stole millions of people’s equity and homes and spent twelve point three trillion dollars and didn’t put it on the books and ruined our educational system and made us hated the world over, but when President Obama has done nothing but tell the truth and been honest and grown the economy twenty five percent and ended the Iraq War and inspired the world and restored our faith in the office of the President and hasn’t given us any reason to doubt or be suspicious of him we aren’t attacking him like we did Bush and that’s repulsive because after all Bush was white and Obama is black.

Yes its an extremely dumb premise, but that said let’s look at it and accept it for what it is. The first example Greenwald offers is that Progressives strongly criticized Bush for having a prison where enemy combatants and captured terrorists were being held. Gitmo was criticized as proof that the Bush foreign policy was for lack of a better word un-American.

This claim is false as nobody really tripped on Gitmo as a concept and holding prison for terrorists captured in the heat of battle. The problem Progressives had with Gitmo was the torture and inhumane and yes un-American treatment and indefinite detention of uncharged and oftentimes pre-adult children.  In short we couldn’t trust Bush nor his actions or intentions with Gitmo and President Obama was well aware of that when he signed an Executive Order on Janurary 22, 2008– just two days after being sworn in as the Nations 44th President to close Gitmo. That racists and White Supremacists refused to fund an alternative prision in Obama’s home State of Illinois is by no means his fault.

Next Greenwald cites Progressive criticism of Bush for his unmanned drone program which was allegedly being used to assassinate innocent civilians and in some cases journalists who were offering an unflattering portrayal of the wars. Again the actions of President George Bush  had given Progressives more then enough reason to doubt any program he would implement including his use of the Navy Seals. To call it hypocrisy when President Obama uses the same drones and Navy Seals is dishonest if for no other reason then the current President has been far more transparent about his intentions and objectives when Bush was nothing of the sort. 

Next Greenwald cites how Progressives attacked President Bush for the Patriot Act and how it allowed him to spy on and tap into the communications of suspected Terrorists without due process. Greenwald  argues that President Obama has gone even further than the Patriot Act by assassinating  Awlaki again without a trial and or any due process of law. This argument again is bogus if for no other reason then the President exercised the strictest  guidelines  on who’s communications were monitored and in Awlaki’s case not taking any action against him up until the time that he was actually in Yemen planning an actual attack against the United States.

For Greenwald to argue that thwarting an actual attack before it happens after the assailant has been proven to have committed prior acts violates any assumption of Terrorist Rights or as such is an assassination is absurd. If the President of the United States doesn’t have the authority to order the killing of Aliwaki or Osama Bin Lauden or any other confirmed terrorist then his critics are simply racists who don’t like the President because he’s black.

The rest of Greenwald’s piece is to argue that in addition to known Terrorists the black President is using drone strikes to “target” innocent women and children and in some cases rescuers and mourners at funerals. Is there any evidence of this? No but again the President is black so Greenwald argues it must be true.

Certainly terrorists will have families and so called “innocents” who will act as cover for their nefarious acts and while this is so unfortunate that those innocents would be hurt because of these associations with terrorists but come on now what are we supposed to do give them a pass? The lie that the President is targeting innocents because he’s black and evil is silly and those who are doing that need to stop.

In conclusion, while racists and white supremacists like Glenn Greenwald have every right to oppose President Obama because he’s black what they don’t have a right to do is lie on him. They also have no right to call those of us who don’t hate and or doubt him because he’s black hypocrites for not attacking this President like we did the last one. In deed had Bush not been so racist and deceitful Barack Obama would have never become President. 

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