KRAUTHAMMER: GOP bungles payroll tax

House Republicans walked into trap set by Democrats

Real Brother here. 

I’m compelled to answer the editorial from columnist Charles Krauthammer in regards to the recent Payroll Tax Deduction Bill signed on Friday by President Obama.  Its sickening that Republicans are using his editorial as their talking point in order to spin and deflect the damage done to the Party who as of today exists only to destroy America’s Democracy to punish it for electing a black President who doesn’t adhere to their stated policy of racism, white supremacy and black self-hatred.

Krauthammer sets the tone for his editorial which you can read in its entirety here; by characterizing the two month extension as “…one of the worst pieces of  legislation in years” and then goes on to attempt to make his case suggesting that the two month extension “makes no sense“.  My first thought was if the legislation was that terrible and would have no effect other then to prove how dumb and incompetent a black President is then would the GOP really be trying that hard to prevent it from going foreword?

Next he argues; The National Payroll Reporting Consortium, representing those who process paychecks, said of the two-month extension passed by the Senate just days before the new year: “There is insufficient lead time to accommodate the proposal,”

The above is silly because the tax cut is a continuation of the current tax law so there is no “lead time” needed to do what payroll companies have been doing for three years. Since when do payroll companies make provisions to change tax procedures in anticipation of a law changing? No had the payroll tax expired would have taken more “provisions” then if the payroll tax is merely the same as its been for the last three years.

Krauthammer than goes on to suggest that payroll companies won’t be able to make the adjustment that they wouldn’t have to make for two months but would better be able to do it if they had three months to not make the changes that they wouldn’t have to make because these tax cuts have been in place for the past THREE YEARS!!! He than goes on to suggest by not having to make these changes will cause; “…substantial problems, confusion and costs” Let me repeat that, but not having to change a thing will cause substantial problems, confusion and costs. OK.

What business operates two months at a time? The minimal time horizon for business is the quarter — three months. What genius came up with two? U.S. businesses would have to budget for two-thirds of a one-quarter tax-holiday extension. As if this government has not already heaped enough regulatory impediments and mindless uncertainties upon business.”

The above is silly[borderline stupid] because it assumes that businesses would be budgeting and planning based on and around the expiration of a two-percent payroll tax cut and if that’s not stupid its just plain dumb. No, if the black President pumps 12o Billion into the economy you welcome the deed but no, you don’t base your business on it. No company budgets based on payroll taxes and the suggestion is in a word lame.

As if this government has not already heaped enough regulatory impediments and mindless uncertainties upon business.”

They keep saying that even when it makes no sense. The payroll tax cut doesn’t offer any “regulatory impediments” or give racists mindless uncertainties, what happened to the free market? Krauthammer is suggesting that the  Federal Government give private business an assurance that their potential customers will be a thousand dollars shorter then they’ve been for the last three years so they can plan accordingly. Its stupid. 

He than goes on to suggest that the 0ne-hundred and twenty billion dollar injection into the economy is a campaign “ploy”. I’m reminded of the young racist who wrote in a letter to the LA Times, “Obama just wants to improve the economy so that he can get more votes“.  The notion that doing right by the middle class is something President Obama would only do as a campaign ploy is ludicrous, but it speaks to the pessimism and suspicion that comes with racism. 

When George McGovern campaigned on giving every household $1,000, he was laughed out of town as a shameless panderer. President Barack Obama is doing exactly the same — a one-year tax holiday that hands back about $1,000 per middle-class family — but with a little more subtlety.”

Can you believe that? In the above Krauthammer argues that a thousand dollars to a middle class or working poor family isn’t nothing but “pandering”? It was noted racist and loyal Conservative Donald J. Trump who in his book “Art of the Deal” said; ‘No matter how rich the recipient or how small the check, they always cash it.’ Trump was explaining how just to test it out he’d sometimes include a small check with a proposal or request using the cancelled check as proof that the fat cat got the material. The point being if millionaire and billionaires will cash a twenty dollar check then you damn right a struggling family would cash a thousand dollar one.

Kruthammer tries to make the argument that nobody would hire somebody to accommodate a hundred and twenty billion dollars for two months and he has to be kidding. The Better Business Bureau reports that major retailers plan their entire year around the two months between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes there are plenty of businesses that will hire people for two months. And who is he to talk about how many jobs the payroll tax cut will create? He’s the same guy that claims the Stimulus’ created zero jobs  when the CBO says between four and eight million jobs have been created.  I’m surprised he didn’t offer that Obama was creating jobs to “pander” to the unemployed.

This is a $121 billion annual drain on the Treasury that makes a mockery of the Democrats’ reverence for the Social Security trust fund and its inviolability. Obama’s OMB director took Social Security completely off the table in debt-reduction talks under the pretense that Social Security is self-financing. “

This is another lie Conservatives like to tell.  That the Social Security fund is bankrupt and that taking money away from it will hasten its demise and or deprive seniors of benefits. First of all there is over two trillion dollars in the Social Security Fund and there is no entity in the world with more available cash. Second; by law any monies borrowed from that fund must be returned within’ the fiscal year following its removal. Similar to how the Bank Bailout and GM Bailout recoup was returned directly and automatically to the fed bank from which it came.

Finally, Krauthammer argues that stimulus spending doesn’t always result in tax revenues using the false assumption that poor and working class people if handed a thousand dollars will either save and or invest that money. President Obama has debunked that theory with two successful stimulus’ and the GM and TARP bailouts all of which created record tax revenues. The Conservative talking point that the extension of the payroll tax cut is somehow bad for America is an erroneous claim as in this instance what’s bad for racists who oppose the President because he’s black is good for America.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Blog Talk Radio and U-Stream



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