Obama’s America, A Place Divided?

Real Brother here.

It didn’t take much for me to respond to this article by a woman who calls herself “Just A Conservative Girl“.  The claim of the right from the moment President Obama was elected was that his success was dividing the Country between the racists who hate his guts because he’s black and everyone else who thinks the racists are childish and stupid for hating a President because he’s black.

The article is titled “Obama’s America, A Place Divided” you can read it in its entirety here. http://wp.me/pOGat-1L4

Conservative Girl’s blog begins as they all do with a bit of a disclaimer that she would never call President Obama a Communist or a Marxist or any of the other things that her fellow racists routinely call him because she’s certain he can’t be all the things they call him[she’s almost certain he’s not the Anti-Christ]. But she has to admit that she’s totally against President Obama’s “vision” for this Country. How she knows what Obama’s vision is, Conservative Girl won’t tell us but she knows its evil, she just knows it.

Nothing is dumber then how racists– who didn’t vote for President Obama because he’s Black– argue that his election is divisive right before they argue that they are certain his intent is to destroy the Country presumably to prove racists who warned against voting for a black man because he’d destroy the Country clairvoyant. President Obama is smart enough to get elected in spite of racists but he’s dumb enough to enact policies that would give them an excuse to say we told you so. 

Conservative Girl then goes on to call the President a”Socialist”.  I expected to find a logical reasoned explanation that would prove that President Obama is a Socialist but what I got was this;But I have reached a point that it can no longer be denied.  The man is a socialist.  He wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted fundamentally change America (not that I thought he was kidding, I just am surprised by the speed).  He and his minions are doing so much harm to this country, that we are truly reaching a breaking point. ”

Again, Conservative Girl tells us of President Obama’s intentions what he wants to do with no connection to what he’s done. I’ll cut to the chase; Whites who didn’t vote for the President because he was black who were confident that he’d falter realized that they were wrong so they simply made something up that has no basis in reality and attached it to a President who they simply can’t accept because of his race.

Further evidence that President Obama is a Socialist[no you missed nothing, she never offered initial evidence] is that on November 5, 2009 a Muslim man shot up Fort Hood Texas and racists wanted to blame that on President Obama and President Obama’s socialist tendencies wouldn’t allow them to[I know but its her argument not mine]. Apparently not being able to make the  Fort Hood  shooting Obama’s 911 divided the Country.

There are people in this country who feel very strongly about the threats of terrorism in this country.  Who honestly believe that Islam is a danger to our way of life and to the Western world.  By telling us that we can’t call what Hassan did an act of terrorism all they are accomplishing is further fueling that fire with more distrust.

The above quote is so stupid its dumb. Who said that you can’t call domestic terrorism an act of domestic terrorism? Answer, nobody. That President Obama hasn’t declared war on the Islamic religion is causing distrust how, and to who? These are the very white Republicans  who only two percent according to all major exit polls voted for Barack Obama. They don’t “trust” him? No, they hate him because he’s black.

Today Congresswoman Barbara Lee stood up on the floor of the House of Representatives and said that the GOP is trying to deny blacks the right to vote Why?  Because we want people to show ID when they vote...But the simple act of wanting to add voting to that list makes me a racist. Why?

After fifty years of voting rights for blacks all the sudden white racists decide that blacks need ID to vote. The reason ninety year olds don’t need ID to vote is because the people in their polling place know them. As for college students they have ID’s but racists are blocking them from voting because their ID’s reflect their school address and not their home address. In short racism is the only reason why blacks are being targeted for this new poll tax and nobody is dumb enough to buy their nonsense.

Because I want free and fair elections, I am racist.”

No because you hate the President because he’s black and you think the white race is superior, you’re a racist. And it gets dumber; “Here is Obama talking about Capitalism…”

Racists are on this kick about President Obama being against Capitalism since accusing him of being in bed with the banks, Big Pharma and part of the One Percent didn’t work. GDP up twenty-five percent, Wall Street profits up thirty-one percent, corporate profits up forty-six percent and Fed Bank deposits up twenty-eight point seven percent and oh, his re-election campaign is poised to collect a billion dollars in contributions but Obama’s a Socialist who hates capitalism.

What he doesn’t seem to understand is that when the likes of Barney Franks and Chris Dodd meddled in the way banks gave mortgages it is no longer free market or capitalism.  It isn’t capitalism that failed.  It was the government interference in said capitalism that failed. “

The above argument is dumber then her last two. Dodd Frank REGULATED the mortgage banking industry it was after the collapse, a collapse that any credible expert will tell you was the result of Bush policies and racist predatory lending. To try to blame the housing meltdown on President Obama is not only stupid its beyond dumb. And what’s this nonsense that the housing bubble proves that the President hates capitalism?

The balance of Conservative Girls blog post is just as lame. She argues that things were better before the Stimulus which is dumb because it was the Stimulus that created eight million private sector jobs and grew the GDP to its highest level ever. If anything racists are upset that the Stimulus was successful and they are trying to spin it to mean that they have a right to be upset because it didn’t fail like they hoped.

She never gets around to making the link between President Obama’s market manipulations that grew the GDP to its highest level ever and Socialism but that’s not what she was trying to do. What she wanted to do was vent and express her frustration that her racist opposition to President Obama was wrong and stupid from day one.



Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Blog Talk Radio and U-Stream http://tobtr.com/s/2625061  http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos



9 thoughts on “Obama’s America, A Place Divided?

  1. Realbrother,

    See, this is why I want to share Austrian Economics with you.

    Both Bush’s and Obama’s stimulus was only “successful” in the way the Roaring Twenties were successful – it keeps the bubble inflated while making the crash that is guaranteed to happen that much worse.

    Artificial expansions of credit mislead people into investing in long-term projects, but because the credit used to fund these projects was not based on actual consumer preferences for spending/saving, they will bid up the prices for the factors of production as they compete with shorter-term projects for these resources (including labor).

    So because these factors of production end up being more expensive than the artificial credit led them to believe, the investors will suffer a loss.

    Are you aware that Ron Paul was telling us in 2001 that the housing bubble was forming and that it would surely collapse? The reason he knew was because of Austrian Economics.

    Please check this out:

    Ron Paul: “This real-estate bubble will burst, as all bubbles do” (part 3)

    If you want a really good explanation of Austrian Economics, then wach this one:

    Smashing Myths and Restoring Sound Money | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

    As for the so-called “racist predatory lending”, it was actually the collectivist minded parties, such as ACORN, who used government to force Fannie and Freddie to approve risky loans:

    Recent Efforts to Overload the American System

    Like I keep trying to tell you, because the so-called “black community” holds to a collectivist economic ideology, they are poorer for it. This is the reason this group of people is economically worse off than others. And when they, as individuals, choose the free market, they will be able to become more wealthy.

    Obama’s economic philosophy was disproven a long time ago:

    Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Come on Racist you can assert that Racist claim that Whites are Superior and that the world would be a better place is we has no Government and let Racists run roughshod over Blacks, minorities and poor people but this Austrian Economic LIE has NEVER been implemented successfully anywhere in the world. Where has it worked? It hasn’t working in Austria so why in the HELL would we destroy our Country with the Racist nonsense? Racism doesn’t work it didn’t work in Nazi Germany and it won’t work today STFU with it.


      1. Realbrother,

        Two or three times now I have given you the proof that Austrian Economics has been tried and proven right. The following video explains it:

        Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

        After the crash of 1920, taxes were cut, government spending shrank, and the Fed was largely passive – and the economy recovered in 1921.

        Further, how can you look at the fact that Ron Paul saw the housing collapse coming seven years ahead of time, and not at least think that maybe he knows something I don’t?

        Austrian Economics gets its name because of those who escaped Austria with the knowledge, not because it was tried there.

        Of course, it’s worth noting that they were escaping the Nazis, who were very much against the Austrian school of thought.

        Austrian Economics is anti-Nazi.

  2. Real Brother here.

    That’s nonsense Australian Economics has NEVER been tried anywhere. Its Racism and Anarchy and its absolute nonsense. I want you to come on my radio program to discuss the issue. Please respond so that we can schedule.


    1. Realbrother,

      I saw that you have a show. Very cool. You’re part of the New Media.

      I would prefer to discuss Austrian Economics with you on your blog, if that’s ok.

      The written forum lends itself better to reflection and precision, and removes time-constraint-induced responses or interruptions.

      Thank you for the offer, though.

      And good luck with your show.

      1. TKCAL (@REALBROTHER0003),

        You have yet to respond to my arguments for Austrian Economics with anything but “it’s racist” and “it’s dumb”, but these are not rebuttals.

        So am I a coward for not talking about this on your radio show, or are you a coward for not talking about this on your blog?

        Per your request, I will stop talking about Austrian Economics on your blog; But never let it be said that a non-racist, economics-based response was never offered, and evidence never provided, for the relative wealth disparity between those who consider themselves to be part of the so-called “black community” and those who do not.

        If you change your mind, perhaps we can pick this up again later by judging the evidence I’ve provided on its own merit.

        Thank you for your time.

  3. Brother,

    You seem rather sensitive to any issue and able to twist it into a negative of racism. Racism is still strong in Amerika and many other places – but that doesn’t mean that everybody is racist. I’m taking the time to write this because I noticed how threatened and hostile you appeared to those trying to side and be respectful with you as well, callously shouting, racist! racist! Not sure if it’s because of a past element or because you’ve been on the fore-front of racism in the past. I know the latter is of truth. In the end we are all brothers and sisters. Hate will get nobody anywhere so you needn’t act the way you are to every soul wishing to discuss the topic with you.

    What a thick and muddy path we walk in these days, the real issues are corporate greed and racism needs to be something of the past. The issues will never fade overnight so long as the ignorant man slumbers to a wake of pure hostility and negative vibes.

    Even you are loved, my friend and I say even you by how much you pushed everybody away on the stream. Fuck racism. The past is the past and we cannot live there, because it’s not good for the mental or the physical body. We can never forget the past, either, but the world is how it is at present. Hopefully you can find it in your heart to see that not every other race is a racist, and not everybody hates Obama. There will always be the deranged racists and cowards but I believe that things can be better – what else must be fight for if not peace amongst our humans?

    Good night.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Please don’t patronize me I’m not stupid. If you are White and you HATE the President because he’s Black and you THINK the White Race is Superior then you’re a Racist. Your condescending attitude and your denial of Racism is enough to make me want to puke. Its an insult. You Racists and Supremacists have to come up with a reason why you hate the President don’t put it on me. In all of your long ass post you still didn’t offer one reason why you are disrespecting the President. You talk about not going back to the past but why are you Racists and Supremacists out there if not to turn back the clock to when Blacks were 2nd Class Citizens? You are Hypocrites and the fact that you can’t defend your Racism is prove that you have and won’t ever get over it.


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