Black Relationship Politics: “Do You Believe Beyonce?”

As a Real  Brother and one who considers myself a real journalist, I can honestly say that I have never written one  word about Beyonce’ beyond straight news about her awards, achievements, her pregnancy  and the like. To be honest, while I did read a blog post where another Brother questioned Beyonce’s pregnancy and still another questioned whether or not the baby was Jay-Z’s, I had no idea that there was a movement afoot as to whether or not anyone believed in the sincerity of her marriage.

So when I stumbled across Renina [sorry, can’t find her last name] who wrote the blog entitled “Do You Believe Beyonce‘?” I was admittedly curiousAfter reading it I was moved to respond. You can read the entire blog post here:

The premise of the Sista’s piece is that for a black woman to be happy she has to be free and independent of black men only using a black man for his money and for the necessary sperm cells so that she can have a baby. Renina concludes that Beyonce’ isn’t really in love with Jay-Z nor is he in love with her and offers his lack of public affection as proof of this.

I’ve often commented on the ninety percent of black women who seem to  hate black men and the seventy percent of black women who I suspect as lesbian.  I would offer that Renina’s doubt and suspicion in regards to Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s relationship  is consistent with and a manifestation of this ingrained belief by most black  women that the black man and indeed the black race and culture is inferior and therefore incapable and unworthy of successful and fulfilling relationships.

Perhaps it is because I finally listened to Watch the Throne. Or perhaps it is because I have been writing about Beyonce on this blog for what, three years now. Perhaps it is because I am smack dab in the middle of researching Black women’s sexuality. Perhaps it is because I hear Janelle Harris in the back of my head saying that being married with a baby is the way to go because doing it alone alone is too much work.

In the above Renina offers four reasons why she doesn’t believe Beyonce’ and I’d like to address the plausibility of each of them. 1) She listened to Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne” song. My golf buddy for the last five years quipped that there are two people that make life for him worth living; Tiger Woods and Jay-Z. So while I have to accept Renina’s claim that there were lyrics in ONE Jay-Z song that convinced her of his intentions in regards to Beyonce’, I’ve listened to each and every song Jay-Z has ever put out–fifty times– and I can tell you first hand; I draw no such conclusion.

If there’s a running theme throughout Jay Z’s music–and I question whether or not there is– its that women didn’t give him the time of day when he was broke and can’t get enough of him now that he’s rich. That Jay-Z would end up married to Beyonce’ who’s as rich as he is would support my assessment of any theme found in his music more so then a bitter resentful Sista’ convinced that black men are cold, heartless, misogynist animals incapable of compassion. Being a black man myself I can attest to the absurdity of the charge that black men are incapable of loving black women.

2)Writing about Beyonce’ for three years wouldn’t be proof that Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s marriage is a scam like Kim Kadashian and Kris Humphries’ was. I could write about someone for three years too doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t believe their marriage when all I have to go on is the fact that racist and white supremacist reporters hate black men as much as Renina does and as such refuse to print any pictures of tender moments between the two on purpose. I do remember commenting last week on an AP photo were you see only the arm of an unnamed man walking holding hands with a pregnant Beyonce’.

3)Likewise researching black women’s sexuality wouldn’t give anyone special insight into the authenticity of Beyonce’s marriage and assumes that a black woman would marry only for sex or in spite of it which is silly. Forget about Beyonce’ marrying for sex do you really think Jay-Z would have to marry a woman to get sex? Come the hell on? I don’t think there’s anyone alive that would believe that Jay-Z had to marry Beyonce’ to have sex with her.

4)The fourth reason Renina gives for why she’s certain Beyonce’s marriage is a sham is the most illogical. That Janell Harris[I know I’m like you; who the hell is Janell Harris?] had an out of wedlock child and it was difficult to go it alone assumes that Janell Harris and Beyonce’ had the same bank account and support system. The fact that nobody knows who the hell Janell Harris is and Beyonce’ is the biggest star of our generation says otherwise.

And who are we kidding here? Renina doesn’t like black men nor does she believe that black heterosexual relationships are healthy or can make black women “happy” so she wants to caution black women from buying into Beyonce’s marriage even if she did wait until she was rich and famous before she entered into wife and motherhood. The purpose of becoming educated and successful for black women  is so you won’t need a black man and can die alone and miserable right?

In conclusion, while I initially wanted to skip over this topic because it didn’t fit my usual focus on Racism, White Supremacy and Black Self-hatred but after reading, it actually fit perfectly. The election of a positive black role model in the White House sent the enemies of black men and black relationships looking for more creative ways to destroy the black race and using Beyonce’ and Jay-Z’s marriage shows how damn desperate they are. Shame on me and everyone else who took this long to speak out against this self-hating nonsense.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on U-Stream



6 thoughts on “DO YOU BELIEVE BEYONCE?

  1. Realbrother,

    Just an observation.

    Not having read any of Renina’s other posts, and just going off the one, it appears that her issue is with “patriarchy”, per se. That is, without reference to “black” men.

    There is no doubt that she sees the color of her skin as important to her self-identity (wrongfully, I would add), but her feminist beliefs seem to transcend the issue of race.

    On this issue of feminism, she misunderstands the reason why employers would want to pay women less than men in certain positions. It’s not because they are women, per se; but, rather, because there IS in fact a reasonable expectation of a different amount of output between men and women.

    It would be fair to pay a man and woman the same amount for the same output (not that an employer is obligated to BE fair with his own property that will be used to trade for an employee’s work), but because the company can be expected to get less output from a woman than a man, the employer has to factor in this likely difference in output of his choice in a long term employee (consider that hiring someone is not a simple process for employers).

    Contrary to Regina’s beliefs, there are important differences between men and women that should be embraced by both, since these ARE meaningful factors in our sense of self-identity.

    And the only reason women can act like they are empowered is because the government is, in effect, subsidizing their lower productivity and suppressing the higher productivity of males. On a level playing field, men would naturally be picked for more jobs, generally speaking, because they are more productive for the employer.

    1. Real Brother here.

      False. Black man HATING lesbians reject traditional roles only of Black men and women not of Whites. And no Blacks don’t see their Race as a “color” only White Racists and Supremacists do. And of course Whites diminish the value of being Black because they are Racists and White Supremacists who nobody is trying to kill because they’re Black.

      False. Black man haters don’t care about sexism among White men and women only about destroying the Black man. No Black man hating Black women don’t care about unequal pay between men and women only in destroying Black men.

      False. Beyonce’ is paid far more then the average man of any Race you miss the point. Black man HATERS don’t want to see her with Black man regardless of her pay.

      False. Destroying the Government will NOT change the mind of Black women who HATE Black men and Austrian Economics has NEVER been tried because its Racist and stupid.


      1. She did not appear to only be referring to black men. Again, I haven’t read any of her other posts, but this particular one did not make that distinction – for whatever reason.

        You said something very important about the claims of the so-called “black community”, which is that you don’t believe that “blacks” see their race as a color. But this is demonstrably false.

        For example, when you see someone possessing a sufficient amount of melanin, you, as someone who considers themselves to be part of the “black community”, automatically assume that they are also part of this same group. You hold to a largely color-based cultural identity.

        Your choice in cultural identity has led you to believe that you are somehow able to assume some aspect of your ancestors’ identity, or if you weren’t directly descended from someone who suffered through racism then you can relate to them in some way because you have a similar skin color.

        And you believe the same thing about “white” people: that because some of our ancestors were racist – heck, even if ALL of our ancestors were racist, as you suppose – that means that somehow we are genetically forced into believing the same things they did.

        Both of these views – your choice to identify with “black” people of the past, as well as your belief that racism can somehow be genetic – are racist. They are both based on either skin color or ancestry.

        As for your take on Beyonce’s pay as compared to that of most men – and I want to say again that I don’t think your view is Renina’s view, since hers appears to be based on a feminism which transcends race – consider something that Obama recalled in his book “Dreams of My Father”.

        Refering to a lady named Joyce, he writes:

        “Her voice cracked, and I thought she was going to cry. “It’s not white people who are making me choose. Maybe it used to be that way, but now they’re willing to treat me like a person. No – it’s black people who always have to make everything racial. They’re the ones making me choose. They’re the ones who are telling me that I can’t be who I am …”

        Obama then somehow expects to getaway with ridiculing Joyce’s position with a dismissive “They, they, they”, as if Joyce was a hypocrite for not realizing her own supposed form of racism by avoiding “black” people; And later Obama misrepresents Joyce’s position as being that only “white” people can be non-racist.

        But Joyce and those of her persuasion weren’t avoiding black people, per se, if I understand her position. Rather, she was avoiding those “black” people whose sense of cultural identity was based on the color of their skin.

        It only SEEMS to Obama like Joyce was avoiding black people because the racist cultural identity known as the “black community” is so damned pervasive among black people, that it is statistically more probable, by a WIDE margin – and you know this – that the next black person you meet will consider themselves to be part of the “black community”.

        This prevalence has everything to do with ideology and absolutely nothing to do with skin color: those black people who hold the ideology of the “black community” have done so completely by choice. Nothing in their skin color forces them to believe in any particular way.

        And finally, Austrian Economics HAS been tried:

        Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

        And it is not racist:

        Race and Economics

      2. I accidentally skipped over the connection I was trying to make between your take on Beyonce and Obama’s reference to Joyce (“Dreams FROM My Father”, not “of” – my mistake).

        The point I was trying to make about your take on Beyonce was that Joyce is expressing a belief about “black” people, in general, what I would suggest is more typical of “black” men than “black” women – that is, “black” women don’t tend to see as many issues through the lense of the “black community” than do “black” men.

        And I would suggest that it is this more narrow focus, on the part of “black” men, which accounts for the choices of the women you believe to be “black” man haters. They don’t see that everything’s about race, and in general they believe it’s easier to get along with people who can see that.

        Also, some “black” men have told me they don’t like dating “black” women, for their attitudes. So there’s that, too. But I suspect that these are the “black” men who don’t see as many things through the lense of the “black community” as others.

  2. Entertainers are a well honed and crafted brand these days. To say that Beyonce’s & Jay-Z’s marriage is a sham because of lack of affectionate photos is a silly assumption. A good portion of their brand is sold via sex appeal, which means the ‘real’ stuff, like marriage, is down-played in the media. This is a good business move as it insights fan to believe that perhaps, in their wildest dreams, they are attainable figures.

    As for lyrics, that’s silly. It’s like saying the author of Twilight is a vampire because she wrote about them. Lyrics are poetry. Just because your married doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion about relationships beyond your marriage and feelings about the opposite sex. It doesn’t mean you can’t be an observer of the behaviors around you, relate them to your previous experiences and then comment on them.

    I also think this premise is false: “…for a black woman to be happy she has to be free and independent of black men only using a black man for his money and for the necessary sperm cells so that she can have a baby.”

    If you are truly an independent woman, black or otherwise, you don’t enter into a relationship for money or sperm. You enter in to it as an enhancement to your own life, personality and comfort. A man having his own money and ambitions is a plus, but only because life is more fun when your partner has his own goals. Entering in a relationship for any other reason than life enhancement is cheating yourself and your partner. Nothing good ever comes from using people and I’m sad whenever I hear a woman state anything of that ilk.

    The idea that black men and women can’t have a healthy, happy, sustained relationship is false. Perhaps it’s youth that rallies against the notion or having stereo-types beaten into your head, or maybe it’s eugenics? Whatever it is, it’s damn shame. The African American culture adds value to our world.

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