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Its really sad that for someone black to gain access to a white dominated media hell bent on destroying President Obama and restoring the four-hundred years held myth that whites are superior to blacks, is to join in on the Obama bashing parade. Marc Lamont Hill dives into this sleazy irresponsible practice with his latest Philly.Com article entitled; Marc Lamont Hill: Could Cain make black voters turn red?, which you can read in its entirety here;

The insulting and absurd premise of Hill’s argument is that blacks are stupid and as such will vote for Herman Cain over President Obama in the 2012 election. A notion that while pleasing to his racist bosses at Fox and insuring him major play on Conservative Media has zero basis in reality even before the recent allegations of sexual harassment of white women is certain to derail and expose the fraud that is the Cain campaign.

“NO LONGER an afterthought or a Ron Paul-like political side show, Herman Cain, the former Godfather Pizza kingpin, has become a legitimate player in the 2012 election.”

If the Sellout Herman Cain has become a legitimate player in the 2012 election then former Los Angeles Dodger Chairman Frank McCord has become a serious owner in the Major Leagues. Cain has about as much chance to become President of the United States as the Obama family pup Bo does.

As absurd as it may seem, and even with a sexual-harassment controversy swirling around him, Herman Cain is the real deal. And the Left should be very afraid.Why? Because black people will actually vote for him. ”

Yes, I’m shaking in my big black boots, where do I “vote” for this insult to the black community,what ballot will his stupid ass be on? I understand Hill’s need to suck up to the racists who he worships as God who pay his salary and who wind him up and aim him in the direction directly towards the edge of the cliff but he’s doing his Masters a disservice if he thinks even they are dumb enough to believe that blacks in any significant numbers would vote for Flava Flav… I mean OJ…I mean Clarence Thomas…I mean Herman Cain.

Given President Obama’s low approval ratings and the uncertain state of the economy, the president’s road to re-election is already going to be difficult. States like Ohio and Pennsylvania, which Obama won in 2008, are in serious peril. Also, in a reversal of 2008’s enthusiasm gap, Republican voters are energized, optimistic and ready to go to the polls, while Democrats appear perfectly willing to stay at home. This problem is only compounded if there’s another black guy on the other side of the ticket.”

The above is false. Conservatives like to float the notion that no matter what the economy is or does that its “bad” because the President is black. While those on the right continue to push the meme that Presidential elections are decided on race and on the economy the empirical data proves that notion is false.  While I don’t doubt that every election in  U.S. history had race as a factor in its outcome only in the 2008′ election were voters faced with a choice between a competent, credible black Candidate and safe white incompetent ones.

As Conservatives remind us of how bad the fifteen percent GDP growth and the five million new private sector jobs and the record Fed Bank deposits and the most robust economy in the history of this Country is. As Conservatives wail against the lowest tax rates and highest spending cuts made by any other President in U.S. history and  falsely characterize it as out of control spending and as raising taxes on the job creators. As the corporate profits rise and the stock market enjoys a thirty-one percent increase in its bottom line all while cutting the National Debt in half, Conservatives speak about the lack of confidence in this President because he’s black.

While I accept that in a failed economy and given the hatred that white racists have for blacks that a black President would have a difficult time being re-elected. What I don’t buy is that lying about the economy and putting up a black buffoon like Herman Cain out there to fool black people into confusing him with the most accomplished President in U.S. history is something that will work. One might as well take a cardboard box and put cheese on it and call it Godfathers Pizza…no wait.

If we’ve learned nothing else from the 2008 elections, the black community is perfectly willing to vote along color lines when the stakes are sufficiently high. The moment it became apparent that Obama was a viable candidate – in other words, after the Iowa Caucus proved that white people would actually vote for him – black people abandoned Team Clinton in order to fulfill their fantasy of a chocolate First Family.”

There is no better example of pandering to Hill’s racist bosses at Fox then the above passage. The notion that whites would vote for President Obama so blacks would abandon Hillary assumes that blacks couldn’t and or wouldn’t vote for President Obama if he were the incumbent President and the no less then eighty-seven percent of Hillary supporters were still unwilling to vote for a black President. Indeed while only two percent of white registered Republicans voted for President Obama, that didn’t prevent ninety-six percent of blacks including black Republicans from supporting the better candidate.

The notion that blacks will vote for Flava Flav if white people will is beyond stupid. For as dumb as we as blacks may be we aren’t that damn dumb that we can’t grasp the concept of white racists and supremacists supporting blacks who only represent their best interests, blacks like Herman Cain. 

Also, although many of us hard-core leftists find Cain’s political ideology to be repugnant, his beliefs are not as outrageous among African-Americans. In many ways, Cain believes the same stuff as most everyday, churchgoing black people. By playing to the black community’s socially conservative politics, particularly around gay marriage and abortion, Cain could easily strip away a crucial 10 percent of Obama’s black voting base.”

The above sums up the balance of Hill’s argument which is whites are superior to blacks and they don’t like Obama because he’s too smart and doesn’t worship whites as superior so blacks better vote for Herman Cain because that’s who whites do like because he’s a black buffoon who will do what the racists want him to do[help the racists destroy the black race and kick us all back into slavery]. Its a faulty and dumb argument because blacks don’t base our voting choices on what white racists want, blacks base our voting choices like everyone else and that’s for what’s in our best interests as blacks. The Sellout Black buffoon with the fetish for white women is not our choice. Sorry.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on U-Stream



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