Sorry Rick Banks Bruh, You’re WRONG!!!

 Real Brother here.

Stanford Professor and author Rick Banks has been making a splash with his new book and wildly ridiculous claims that the solution to the problem of black self-hatred and blacks buying into the myth of white genetic superiority is more black self-hatred and more buying into the myth of white genetic superiority. You can find a video of Professor Banks’ argument here;

I’d like to take Professor Banks to task for his ridiculously faulty argument as he lays it out in the video linked above. 1)Banks correctly states the problem that blacks are the least likely to marry and that seventy-eight percent of black children are born to and are living with single parents usually their single mother and or her extended family.

This is where Professor Banks’ argument begins to deteriorate into fallacy and nonsense. Banks makes the wild and ridiculous assumption that the ninety percent of black women who are not married to a black man are justified by the inherent and willing inferiority and deficiency of black men. This assumption is asinine because we need only look to the overwhelming marriages of black men to white and Asian women as evidence that dispels the lie that the deficiencies in black men are why black women are justified in not marrying them.

All available data on the two to one number of black men that date and marry outside of the black race shows that a higher level of education as well as a substantially higher income and social status is the chief factor making white and Asian women more likely to marry a black man than a black woman would. Banks’ argument while in part is correctly based on the seventy-percent of black women who reported on the 2000 and 2010 Census that they were single is faulty because he makes the silly assumption that the seventy percent of black women who are single are so because they simply refuse to date outside of the black race.

This reasoning is ridiculous because the seventy-eight percent  of children born to or living with single black women were fathered by in most cases a black man. If black men are so unsuitable for black women then why are these black women having their babies by these black men? The answer is simple and obvious; black women don’t have a problem with black men as much as they do with being married period. Again, seventy-percent of black women reported to the Census that they were single and prefer to stay that way. And let’s be honest, we must factor in the high number of black lesbian women who while still being women; want and do have children but have little more use for black or any man.

Another faulty argument Professor Banks makes is that because some or even disproportionately high numbers of black men were raised by single black man hating black women and as such are incarcerated and or under educated or otherwise deemed unmarriable by black women that this means President Obama and or Professor Banks are also unsuitable for marriage. One of the most tragic notions in the black community is that somebody over there isn’t right so that means all black men aren’t. If indeed black women are judging all black men based on these racist stereotypes advanced by black lesbians and or white racists then shame on us as a society.

Professor Banks concludes that black women can and should  blackmail black men into turning white or into women by forcing their hand by selling out with white and or Asian men. This is the most silly assumption he makes as the hatred of black men by ninety-percent of black women and this belief that whites are superior is a chief factor in why black men and women don’t marry one another. If anything a moratorium on sellout self-hating black behavior is in order as opposed to higher doses of the very hatred that is so much of the problem.

Indeed if the seventy-percent of black women who remain single and or dating or marrying lesbians wouldn’t shock black men into flocking to marry black women then why  would we assume that selling out with white or Asian men would? These games are again much more a part of the problem then they would be a solution to it. I question the very notion that men can simply hit a black woman over the head and drag her into a cave and make her be his wife. Women choose and no amount of trying to trick or force black men on black women who ninety percent of whom simply hate black men will succeed.

While the prescription of more black self-hatred and more blind worship of whites as superior will sell more books and get Professor Banks multiple television appearances at a time when white racists like Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh express their fear that a black family in the White House will erode the myth of white genetic superiority its still highly irresponsible and wrong as a fix for the problems in the black community. I would hope that the publicity that Professor Banks has received can lead to some honest discussion about the riff between black men and women and if that happens then I can’t be mad at the Proffesor. 


Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on U-Stream




2 thoughts on “Sorry Rick Banks Bruh, You’re WRONG!!!

  1. Enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of this guy before. He has some pretty wild ideas and I can’t beliieve he actually believes this. Maybe he is just trying to be controversial.

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