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I must respond to Joy Reid’s article in The Reid Report where she blasts racist Glenn Greenwald  Re-rise of the Naderites: Glenn Greenwald’s third party dreamin’ **UPDATE: on Libertarianism you can read the entire article here;  

While I agree that Greenwald is scum and that his actions if carried to fruition would destroy President Obama and this Country I disagree with Joy Reid being the one to point this all out when her actions and that of black women who share Greenwald’s resentment and anger that the power in the office of the President resides in a black man would do no less damage to President Obama and this Country.

Take Occupy Wall Street; this is a movement of mostly white racist and supremacists like Greenwald, Micheal Moore, Dylan Ratigan and like minded whites, fifty-seven percent of whom couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a black man for President along with the balance of whites who did vote for Obama but are disappointed that he far exceeded their white supremacist belief that blacks are intellectually  inferior and as such would rely on whites to control his thought process.

Not surprisingly, the Occupy Movements most volatile demonstrations and confrontations have taken place in Atlanta, a city with a black Mayor and arguably the largest black lesbian and gay population in the Country in Kashim Reed who recently spoke out against Maxine Waters and other black females and their sissy soft male lap puppies in the Congressional Black Caucus who criticized President Obama for refusing to sabotage his Presidency by focusing on a “black” agenda.

The second most contentious city is Oakland, Californiasister city to San Francisco again a very large gay and lesbian population- the birth place of the Black Panthers and current home to many fake Black Nationalists and NEW Black Panthers who question the legitimacy of the Obama Presidency under the notion that blacks are inferior and that anyone black that would successfully defeat whites to become President must be in league with those whites. Its an insult to the entire black race.

That brings me back to black women like Joy Reid, who along with Karen Hunter, Karen Finny, Melissa Harris-Perry, Kelly Goeff, Nia Malika Henderson, Michelle Banard and many other faceless and nameless black man hating black lesbians and those sympathetic to their cause who like Harris-Perry who wrote in a recent Nation article; “Straight black men are over represented in society” , have no damn business talking about a racist like Glenn Greenwald and how his actions may undermine the re-election of President Obama. Its the most egregious case of the pot calling the kettle black that we’ve seen in years.

As a Real Brother and ardent Obama supporter I have the distinction of having the fewest black females following me on Twitter. I’ve not done a definitive count but I’d guess less then 10% of my followers are black women and the reason is clear; Ninety percent of black women hate black men. Ninety percent of black women according to the 2000-2010 Census are NOT with a black man. Seventy-eight percent of black children are being raised by single black women or their extended families. In deed in President Obama’s lowest moment in an effort to appeal to this ninety percent at a black church candidate Obama blasted young black men[a Cosby moment]  for not forcing themselves into the lives of black women who simply hate black men and want nothing to do with them.

Chris Matthews who recently remarked he wanted to see LESS INTELLIGENCE from this President and more angry black man stereotypes reported on a Poll that showed ninety-five percent of blacks still support President Obama. So what that means is black women who hate black men in general support a black male President which is a contradiction that I’m not willing to buy. Whites like Greenwald and Moore also claim to support President Obama but their actions just like those of many black women tell a different story.

Reid in her article compares the Libertarian philosophy of racists like Greenwald to what Americans want and suggests an incompatibility that is obvious but where she fails is in not acknowledging that whites who aren’t racist still are white first and American second and as such want their President to be white or if not to at least maintain white privilege and the myth of white supremacy not to dismantle it by being too competent. 

Greenwald in promoting his new book often argues that today’s is the first generation where the children and grand children of white racists won’t be able to enjoy the privileges of white racism that their racist ass parents and grand parents enjoyed. While I sympathize with these future white children who will have to struggle through life based on the content of their character and not based on the myth of white supremacy, I question whether or not America will be worse of as a result.

What bothers me about black man hating black women is they like the racists and white supremacists[black Self-hating wish they were white Sellouts like Poverty Pimps Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West]  resent President Obama’s ascension as if it wasn’t earned and or deserved. This notion that some other group is more deserving and therefore has a right to destroy Obama is most disturbing. If these other groups had a valid argument then their argument would have carried the day. The fact that these arguments have been rejected by society speaks to how damn dumb they really are.

In conclusion, America’s Democracy should not be based on what a majority of people want and or feel comfortable with.  A Democracy has to weigh what’s best for the majority. While ending the myth of white genetic superiority and setting the agenda of black man hating black lesbians back fifty years may not be the most popular advent of the Obama Presidency it is however without question the best course for America moving forward. And while many of these disgruntled groups who want to see their group in power may consciously or unconsciously seek to undermine this President those of us who love this Country must make our voices heard and that’s what I’m doing by publishing this article.



Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Commentator hosting a daily Podcast  The Real Brother Radio Show on U-Stream








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