Obama’s African American Supporters

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Kathleen Parker

Opinion Writer

Obama’s African American supporters shouldn’t play the race card

It was a no brainer that I would respond to Kathleen Parker’s Washington Post article title above.  While as insulting and offensive as it is the piece speaks to how many of the 99.9% of whites who think of blacks as inferior who resent the President of the United States for defying the same racist stereotypes that cause whites to assume that the only reason someone black would support a brilliant black genius and arguably America’s most accomplished President would be because of his race.

Just as terrible as women supporting women only because of their sex, or any other group viewing the world solely through the narrow prism of their own experience”

The above again is not only insulting for the assumption that the only reason we would support President Obama would be his race its the notion that we wouldn’t be able to make a case for Obama’s support otherwise.  As if growing the economy more then any other U.S. President to a $14.7 trillion dollar GDP or increasing revenues into the Fed Bank 28.7% to its highest level ever to $4 trillion wouldn’t be enough. As if 4.8 million new private sector jobs[CBO est.] or cutting spending and taxes more then any other U.S. President and reducing the National Debt in half when the Trigger in the debt deal is activated next month wouldn’t be just cause for his re-election.

President Obama has been the only President in 60  years to actually succeed with universal health care for up to 50 million Americans. Do I really need to mention DADT the Lilly Leadbetter Act, the inspiration in liberating Egypt, Libya, and other Nations? Shall we talk about Somali Pirates, keeping our Country safe and capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden? And let’s be honest, for blacks President Obama’s success has ended the 450 years held myth that blacks are genetically, intellectually, culturally and politically inferior to whites. Oh, and did I mention he was black and embraces his black race, culture, community, wife and family?

If there was one thing President Obama has made sure of its that the close to 300 pieces of progressive legislation he’s signed into law would diffuse any claims that his only value to America is that he’s the first black President. From paving the way for stem cell research to his “Make It In America” Jobs Act implemented in 09′ to his South Korean, Brazilian and Mexican trade deals this President has proven himself to be above and beyond the call. Obama deserves to be re-elected and the suggestion that because he’s black he shouldn’t be is as racist as it gets.

As Obama’s approval has been slipping, some leaders in the African American media have begun calling on blacks to ignore their concerns and just vote black. Leading the pack is radio host Tom Joyner, who reaches an astonishing one in four black adults. ”

The above is curious because while Parker sites the falling poll numbers from racist and white supremacists who fear a successful black President threatens the myth of white genetic superiority, she doesn’t offer any thing other then their “concerns”  that a competent black President dispels the myth of white supremacy and while we understand their concerns that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re dumb. Is there a legitimate argument  as to why white racists and supremacists refuse to offer a reason why they oppose the most accomplished President in U.S.  history or are we supposed to guess? The notion that blacks should abandon President Obama because white racists don’t like him just doesn’t feel right to us.

Needless to say, such words from a white man would earn him only ruin. It would be considered racist and, of course, it is. It is also unhelpful to Obama, who leads a nation of many races and ethnicities.”

The above argument is silly. That a white person [Kathleen Parker] suggesting that whites should vote for a white Mitt Romney because whites must maintain their toe hold on the black race goes on all the damn time. It may not be quite so obvious but to suggest it doesn’t and isn’t happening is disingenuous. If supporting a perfectly good President because he’s black is a bad thing then what the heck is not supporting a perfectly good President because he’s black? What about supporting the candidate with the best argument the most pertinent experience who’s continued success would benefit the most diverse group of Americans is wrong for America, how does that work?

That there are still white racists who would vote against Obama because of his skin color rather than his policies is an ugly fact of life. But most people in this country are not racist. Polls showed a healthy majority of whites supporting Obama in the early months of his administration.

The above and what preceded it was so racist it was difficult to even read. Parker argues that President Obama never uses the “race card” and gave a speech in which he spoke about the diversity in his family and as a result blacks shouldn’t support him because racists and white supremacists don’t like him because he’s black. No, whites don’t get to determine whether or not we support a black President any more then we would get to determine whether or not you support a white racist one. If whites thought President Obama would be Herman Cain that’s your reason for opposing him we know the difference. Whites “supported” Obama when they thought he was Flava Flav and?

This country has transcended much that was hideous and painful in the course of our evolution. It would be a shame to turn back now.”

The above is how Parker ends her racist argument in what reads like a threat; Vote against the brilliant black genius and allow America to keep its black population as 2nd class citizens or else. I echo Tom Joyner and Reverend Al Sharpton in that blacks should vote for the candidate with the best argument the most pertinent experience the most stellar record of achievement who’s continued success will end the basis for racial inequality that has hamstrung this Nation for 250 years; that candidate would be Barack H. Obama. These white idiots have gotten so bold they don’t even need a reason any more  to oppose the black President. Come on you guys you can do better then that, you have to.



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