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Salon’s Editor At Large Joan Walsh has been emboldened and encouraged by the Occupy Wall Street movement and what they call the 99 Percenters who are nothing more then the 99 percent of White Progressives who supported Hillary Clinton because she was white and female. In Joan’s latest of two  Salon articles she attacks President Obama and his supporters who correctly point out that the OWS movement is the white supremacist lefts answer to the racists of the Tea Party. The two movements have the same complaint and that is; someone black is in the White House and his ascension has called into question the myth that whites are superior to blacks.

In the first article titled;  “The new pluribus unum : “We are the 99 percent“–don’t fret, I don’t’ know what the hell it means either– Walsh spends the first three paragraphs attacking Eric Cantor the Republican Majority Leader in the House over his harsh comments about the OWS movement calling them a “MOB” among other things. In the third paragraph Walsh contends that Canter rolled back his comments out of respect for the OWS movement and has begun to embrace it and validate it as the anti-Obama movement that could be beneficial to the racists seeking to destroy this Country and blame it all on the black guy in the White House.

This leads Walsh into the real purpose of her article which is embodied in this sentence; “…“The Ed Show” I had the honor to follow Van Jones, founder of the Rebuild the American Dream movement, who expressed progressives’ chagrin at being ignored by the Obama team, if not dismissed as “retarded” over the last three years. This is the same Van Jones married to a white woman that Racists destroyed when he called them assholes and launched a boycott of the racist Glenn Beck’s Fox Show which lead to its cancellation. The same Van Jones forced to resign from the Obama Team when it was revealed he was being used by a Communist truther group seeking an inquiry into Bush’s role in 911.

That disgruntled Hillary supporters, white supremacists, Ralph Nader radicals and black sellouts married to white women or living with them[Dr. Cornell West] oppose this President is certainly well within their rights, but to argue that the President is “ignoring” them and or accusing them of being retarded is disingenuous. The claim that 99 percent of Americans oppose the President because he’s black is simply false and any such claims should be dismissed not just by the Obama Team but by all of America.

Salon Writer Robert Reich  in a second article– or maybe it was the first– is titled;  The progressive debate we need, The President isn’t offering strong alternatives to the GOP’s regressive ideas, OWS could fill the void.  Take my word for it the article is replete with more Obama bashing white supremacist progressive nonsense. The issue is if all OWS protests represent is anger and frustration of a black President because whites are deemed superior and this is evidenced by not allowing blacks like Rep. John Lewis to speak or President Obama to align with OWS then what’s the real purpose of the movement?

Was the Democratic process that lead to the election of a black  centrist President not Democratic enough? Are white Progressives suggesting that a black President elected because of his centrist policies with up to 85% of his white voters being registered as Independents supposed to flip the script once elected and become Michael Moore? White supremacist talk show host Thom Hartman provided more insight into the thinking of OWS in one of his promos; “Obama promised to DESTROY and DISMANTLE the banks. He promised [if elected] he’d lead a REVOLUTION [against himself and put us white progressives in power], it hasn’t happened.” You kidding me?

The bottom line is whites are largely uncomfortable with a black man in power and OWS gives them a chance to align with the whites on the right who are uncomfortable with a black man in power. Look for OWS and the Tea Party to merge and form a new political Party that will replace the GOP. They will never gain significant political power in this Country because they aren’t the 99% they are the 10% of America that’s racist.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer, Commentator who Hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays from 3-6PM PST on U-Stream

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