Real Brother here.

You know I love Melissa Harris-Perry because she brings these issues up. My issue with her is she has a problem with straight black male authority figures and she’s stubborn and won’t listen. It reminds me of the old lady that was driving the wrong way on the freeway a while back who kept shewing away people trying to signal her she’s;  Going the wrong way!!!

In Harris Perry’s latest entitled Three Things I love About Herman Cain’s Campaign she offers her take on the Sellout  Self-hater post traumatic slave syndrome sufferer who’s being used by these racists of the Republican Party to fool us into thinking they aren’t racist. Perry doesn’t acknowledge that Cain is so stupid he doesn’t realize how he’s being used. The premise of Harris-Perry’s piece is that she will offer deeper understanding of Black Conservatives, she then fails to do so.

See all those credentials and stature can be a good thing but it can also be a curse in that if you say something these racists and or white supremacists don’t want to hear they got you right where they want. I’ll chalk up the lameness of Harris-Perry’s post on Herman Cain to pressure stemming from her last article where she called out white progressives for racial bias in abandoning President Obama.

1) Cain’s campaign is a reminder that black political ideas are complex and multi-layered.

In the above Harris-Perry reminds us that not all blacks think alike and that many of our views mirror traditional views of the racist ingrates who are trying to kick us all back into slavery. Harris-Perry as a contributor to MSNBC somehow missed Ron Paul’s line that;  “If we get rid of the laws against Slavery… nobody’s going to take on any Slaves.”  OK.  Its  silly, because while we don’t all have to think alike none of us should be thinking that our existence on this planet is unnecessary or that our fate should be decided by white racists who don’t even consider us human.

The truth is blacks who hate their own race and culture and worship whites as superior become Conservatives because they think they are somehow joining the winning side. These idiots are cowards who stand for nothing and let their fear and doubt about the value and worth of their race supersede their innate sense of self preservation. Black Conservatives are Sellouts who aren’t thinking independently at all in fact they aren’t thinking period.

2) Cain’s campaign is “keeping it real.”

I have no idea where Miss Harris-Perry is coming from with the above. Nothing bothers me more[OK, but still] then old black people insulting young black people by lying on us under the guise of keeping it real. Nothing about Herman Cain’s farce of a campaign is real. I’m reminded of Chris Rock’s routine, Real Dumb. The argument that because Cain is darker then Obama and because Cain’s descendents were American Slaves and Obama’s descendents were snatched out of Africa and became Cain’s Ancestors doesn’t make Cain more black. The argument that blackness is skin deep is silly and Mellisa ought a be ashamed to even make such an implication.

3) Cain’s campaign reminds us of the danger of simplistic racial arguments.

By the time we get to this point in Harris-Perry’s article we are happy that its almost over. In the above Perry attempts to caution us against judging candidates based on “simplistic” racial arguments which makes the awfully silly assumption that someone judged President Obama based on his race when if anything we are far more critical of him because of his race then we otherwise would be. Herman Cain and his racist handlers think we voted for President Obama because of his race thus the dumb argument that Cain’s “blacker”.  No, we didn’t vote for Obama because he was black we voted for him because he embraced his black race and culture and rejected the myth the whites are superior something that we can’t say about Herman Cain.

In conclusion my response blogs can only be as good as the articles I’m responding too. I’ll give Melissa a pass on this one because I know she’s trying to get back in the white supremacist progressive Rachel Maddow’s good graces but come on Sista’ you’ll have to do better then to embrace a black buffoon like Herman Cain if you want to maintain any credibility with us.


Theron K. Cal is a Real Brother who hosts the Real Brother Radio Show on U-Stream



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