Real Brother Fires Back @ Fake Bruh!



Real Brother here.

I just had to respond to this fake Black Nationalist Sellout Crab in the Barrel ass Negro. These Cowards feel comfortable attacking Black people especially the President but won’t say a word to these Racists who they think are Superior. Check me out as I let him have it.



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7 thoughts on “Real Brother Fires Back @ Fake Bruh!

  1. Hello Realbrother,

    It may interest you to know that Lincoln was actually a White supremacist. It shocked the hell out of me, when I found out, as I’m sure it will, you.

    Check out this revealing article.

    Another Big Lincoln Lie Exposed

    And then check out Lincoln’s OWN WORDS in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, below.

    Lincoln Home National Historic Site – Fourth Debate Charleston, Illinois (U_S_ National Park Service)

  2. You actually tweeted that Michael Moore is a white supremacist for occasionally criticizing President Obama for being too conciliatory to Republicans? Is Cornel West a white supremacist, too?

    You’re a fucking moron.

    And I’m someone who likes President Obama and fully intends to vote for him next year, and I’m probably just as annoyed and disgusted by douchebags like Ralph Nader and Jane Hamsher’s Firebagger brigade as you are. I know that President Obama faces tremendous racism, and I’m disgusted that the media doesn’t have the courage to call Birthers what they actually are – racist scumbags who can’t handle the fact that a black guy won the election by an overwhelming majority.

    But you’re not helping anything here. You’re certainly not helping President Obama, and I have a strong feeling he would reject your endorsement if you were someone who actually mattered enough to even be noticed.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Yes Michael Moore is a White Supremacist who thinks President Obama is inferior because he’s Black. Moore couldn’t touch Obama in knowledge and intellect but he’s fooled into thinking he’s smarter then the President because of Race. Cornel West is getting paid by Racists to bash and hate President Obama he is what we call a SELLOUT. I disagree that by opposing both White Racism and White Supremacy and Black Sellouts that I’m “not helping” President Obama. These Idiots seek nothing but the Presidents destruction. Shame on you for not realizing that.


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