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Nobody has gotten it right in regards to the Presidents Jobs Speech so let me set the record straight.  President Obama doesn’t need Congress to approve the so called 447 Billion Dollar Jobs plan and as a result has the GOP Racists right where he wants them.

Obama said during the speech, “I have a Trillion Dollars in the Debt Deal[Trigger] and I’m asking Congress to EXPAND that to cover all the costs associated with the Jobs Bill.” Now was I the only one that heard him say that? No, because MSNBC on their post speech coverage with Chris Matthews replayed that portion of the speech. But they have a graphic up that say’s the Bill was 447 Billion and NOT the over 1 TRILLION that the President was asking for in the speech.

This leads me to but one logical conclusion; if the Racists in Congress do what we all know they will do and reject the spending portion of the Jobs Bill then President Obama will move forward with the TRILLION DOLLARS that Congress has ALREADY APPROVED in the Debt Ceiling Trigger. That begs the question of why than go to Congress and ask for money that you don’t need? Answer; you want to make sure its widely known that Republicans are more concerned with reinstating the MYTH of White Supremacy then they are in saving this Country. The voters will be so disgusted that it’ll be 500 years before they vote another Republican Congress or President into office.

In conclusion the President has the Racists right where he wants them. This bogus gang of 12 will stalemate and the Racists in Congress will obstruct and the President will use the TRILLION in the Trigger and if necessary the TWO TRILLION at the FED BANK to fund the Jobs Bill and as such drive the final nail into the Republican coffin.



Theron K. Cal is a Commentator and Talk Show Host who’s Real Brother Radio Show is available on U-Stream Weekdays between the hours of 3-6pm pst.  http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos

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