White Supremacist, Bill Maher Exposed!

Real Brother here.

Me and Baby were looking for something to do on a Friday night and thought a taping of Real Time with Bill Maher might be the move. I’ve known for years that Maher was a White Supremacist who exploited Self-hating wish they were White Sellout Black women who worship Whites as Superior[ and suffer from “Dark Girl Complex”] and more recently Maher has been bashing President Obama like the rest of the resentful jealous White Supremacists who fear an intelligent Black man who has exposed the MYTH of White Supremacy.                                                                           

But if we were going to see a show why not be that one and who knows maybe a opportunity to check Maher on his White Supremacist nonsense would present itself. Of course the White boys and girls on his staff saw my name and that I was a Real Brother and made sure to ban me from even sitting in the audience of the show. When we got there the White boy David churped some White Supremacist Joan Walsh, Jane Hamsher, Rachel Maddow type White girl who knew exactly who I was as said I had called a couple of times and then told him some White Supremacist named Josh had shut me down. To show my disgust I emailed their punk asses the following letter:

That was beyond reproach how White boy Josh played me out in terms of viewing Bill Maher’s White Supremacist lies about President Obama. President Obama got 1.6 Trillion in Middle Class Stimulus while giving the White Racist GOP only 70 Billion in Bush Tax Cut Extensions.

Obama got 50 million people Universal Affordable Health Care w/o a public option because that would have taken away the profit incentive for companies to absorb the 50 million newly insured. In the Debt Ceiling Deal Obama got the Dumb White Racists to raise the Debt Ceiling 2.5 Trillion Dollars until 2013 plus he gets a guaranteed Trillion in Sept. plus another Trillion in Defense Cuts and Cuts to Insurance Companies, their Suppliers and Big Pharma. ALL entitlements are OFF THE TABLE and the President has the LAST SAY barring a veto override which can’t happen because 2/3rds of the Senate are Democrats. And of course a few months later the Bush Tax Cuts expire and that’s another Trillion.  So Obama wins again and that White Lying Supremacist PUNK Bill Maher who exploits Self-hating wish they were White Black women with low Self-esteem was WRONG AGAIN.

White Supremacist Progressives like Bill Maher made up only 13% of President Obama’s support in 08′ and certainly didn’t support him during the Nov. Mid Term Elections. We must expose and resist White Supremacists like Bill Maher who resent President Obama’s intelligence and power who will stop at nothing to destroy him. I’m short of calling for a boycott but we need to be aware of what these White Supremacist Fake ass Progressives are all about.


(c) 2011 Theron K. Cal ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


7 thoughts on “White Supremacist, Bill Maher Exposed!

  1. Real Brother is an obnoxious moron. He is a true bona fide racist who writes this crap and declares himself a genius. He might be insane.

  2. I may highly disagree with you on many things, but I will agree to quite an extent that Bill Maher is a half wit dumbass! Rachel Madcow is also as dumb as Maher, Mr. Tingleass Chrissy Mathews and the Ogermann on Current TV, owned by Global Idiot al-Gore.

    By the way, YOU need to change YOUR ways as well: you are a Black Klanther Racist! You play the poor black victim card, and you’re making your community look like a bunch of lazy cry babies. If you really want to go somewhere in life, and make things better for the African American Communities across the nation, stop listening to the snake oil charlatans like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, and other race baiters like them. When someone who’s not African American commits some act that pisses them off, they get into a hissy fit, yet when someone from an African American community does a stupid thing such as a racial attack on someone who isn’t black, they give him or her a pass. These ass clowns keep fueling animosity towards your community. If you really want some progress, look at some who have some smarts and success such as Magic Johnson, Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby and Tiger Woods, just to name a few. They worked to make their lives better without begging for some handouts.

    By the way, I’m neither Black or White. I’ve seen the race card being used way too often.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Its Racist NUTS like you that are so much of the problem. You are simply full of hate and a sense of entitlement that proves you’re a White Racist. You don’t even want to try to understand what I’m saying. Shame on you for not being better informed.


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