The Backwords World of Datetechguy

Real Brother here.

I was unaware of the Huffington Post piece by Cynthia Kounaris where she argues that the first Black President had to be fail proof, intelligent, well spoken etc. so that racists wouldn’t be able destroy him ending any and all hope of another African-American President. Her premise is spot on and while over 99.9% of Whites who supported Barack Obama had no idea he’d be as good as he turned out to be that basic premise that the first had to be exceptional which played a large part in the selection of Obama was accurate.

The blogger Datetechguy took exception to Kournaris’ article not only in the premise that President Obama is unshakable because he was in part chosen to be but also in the real aim of the article which is that the first female President has to be equally fortified and infallible which according to the Huff Post piece excludes Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. Datatech who’s as racist as the rest of the Tea Party and GOP Conservatives sighted the 80+ point approval rating that the racist Palin had in racist ass Alaska before McCain insulted women by tapping her unqualified behind to cost the GOP the 08′ Election.

Datetechguy then touted Bachman’s winning every unopposed election in her racist ass  District in the State of Minnesota. Where DateTech fails is in touting the popularity of racists among racists, he doesn’t address the issue of competency and in fact is implying that racism is indeed the only measure of competency that should be considered. DateTech even suggested that Bachman won the debate in a room full of idiots where the bar was so low a two year old baby midget could have skipped over it.

Datetech guy offered this bit of nonsense: “And tell me Cynthia how is it that in Wisconsin that went the route Palin fought in person, is generating surpluses while California going the Obama way is losing Amazon?” Stupid because Wisconsin was a joke and the recall elections will prove that the racist Governor lied his way into office and  his actions were an assault on the middle class. California had a Republican Governor who applied Palin’s policies and damn near bankrupted the State and Amazon is based in Seattle and that’s Washington State not California.

Datetechguy ends his blog article with the claim that Blacks don’t support President Obama because Velma Hart said she was “tired” of defending a Black President against White racists who hate him because he’s Black. Datetech even argued that when racists at Fox post pictures of Obama as a monkey and his parents as Apes and Glenn Beck or Palin encourage racists like Jerrod Loughner to “Shoot them in the forehead” that the Obama Administration calls up the racists at fox to complain. This of course proves that Obama is not worthy of being the first Black President that maybe someone who hates the Black Race and worships Whites as much as the racists in the Tea Party do say Herman Cain or OJ Simpson[Flava Flav] would be a better choice. Yea right.


Theron K. Cal is a writer and filmmaker and can be followed on Twitter @Realbrother0003

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11 thoughts on “The Backwords World of Datetechguy

  1. How could she be homophobic if she’s married to a gay guy? More to the point, why would a gay guy marry a smokin’ hot woman like Michelle. You know what that proves, don’t you? That proves the lady has got an awesome power. She can even dance better than Obama. Damn I thought you black people all had some kind of rhythm working for you. I guess O got his dancing genes from his racist white half. You know what happens why Barak is confused whenever he sees a clean white bed sheet don’t you? He doesn’t know whether to fuck his bitch on it or put it on and wear it.

  2. Although I like your choice of wordpress themes frankly this post is nonsense.

    Not only do you blindly accuse racism, but you fail to link to my piece on the subject,, which is understandable as it would prevent your readers from actually seeing what I said. I include said link here:

    As for Wisconsin can you explain how district after district suddenly has money to hire teachers under the current plan? Details here:

    Your constant cry of Racist this Racist that convinces me that if you didn’t have the race card to play you would have an empty hand. I see no difference between your generalizations about me or the tea party than Janice Hahn’s lilly white campaign implying the Rappers CueDog and Uncle Head from Splack Pack (who were on my radio show yesterday) were racist over a rap video

    (details on that here

    Considering our exchanges on Twitter I didn’t expect much better from you and frankly was unaware of your blog until a commentator pointed me to this post, but fair enough, its your platform, make your case and if your readers wish I happily invite them to check out my blog and radio show and what I’ve said.

    I trust them to decide for themselves who is obsessed about race and who is not, who is racist and who is not and who has an actual case to make and who does not.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Nothing is more disingenuous then Racists accusing Blacks who oppose their threats to destroy the Country and shooting 20 people in the head in Tucson who’s inflicted 450 years of Slavery, Racism, Oppression and Discrimination on Blacks of being “obsessed” with Racism. No, you Racists are far more obsessed with Race then we who are oppressed and targeted by our Race could ever be.


    1. Real Brother here.

      Thank you for the link Datetechguy to your silly and ridiculous argument. You are delusional if you think the Racist Michelle Bachman has a chance. And don’t you day suggest that kicking Blacks back to Slavery isn’t Racist. Denying Black farmers their settlement for 450 years of Racial Discrimination is not Racist. That 1)HATING the President because he’s Black and 2)THINKING the White Race is Superior is not Racist. Please.


  3. ROFL! Nicely done! You’ve really got the “Race-obsessed liberal rant” nailed! I quite enjoyed it.
    If you do a new draft, I notice that you’ve only used the word “racist” 13 times. You might crank that up a bit.
    Also, consider working in something about the “Patriarchal hegemony of the dominant culture.” Nah, I don’t know what it means, either, but it’s the kind of thing they say when they’re not accusing everyone they disagree with of racism.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. RealBrother, you are the man! Could you please check out my blog! I expose the racist activities of conservative websites and I want you to check it out, via my name!

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