Cornell West, Joan Walsh etc.

Real Brother here.

I feel compelled to comment on Joan Walsh’s latest article in Solon entitled “Cornell West’s tragic meltdown”.  Its unfortunate that because Walsh is White her words carry more weight then mine or anyone else Black. On most subjects the myth of White Supremacy wouldn’t be a problem but when the discussion is about Blacks who embrace their Black Race and Culture and reject the myth of White Supremacy and Blacks like West and others who have based their entire lives on the myth then you can see how being a White Supremacist would be problematic in a discussion centered on White Supremacy and Black Self-hatred.

I’m not attacking Joan Walsh or any of the 99.9% of White people who aren’t racists who don’t hate Blacks but who simply would not be able to remain sane if they didn’t justify 450 years of Slavery, Oppression, Discrimination and Racism by believing that Blacks as a condition of our existence are simply socially, culturally, politically and intellectually and yes morally inferior. If not then why the hell else would God let Whites inflict 450 years of tyranny against us? Why would God make us Black if he didn’t’ want Whites to destroy us and be our Masters?

So with that as background what happens when someone does as Barack Obama did and declares his ode to being Black who embraces his Black name his Black wife and family his Black community his Black Pastor and rejects and defies the very myth that is keeping over 90% of America alive and that’s the myth that Whites are the superior race and that Blacks are 2nd class citizens who should be grateful that Whites allow us to serve them?

Whites like Joan Walsh, Micheal Moore, Rachel Maddow  etc. are going to feel angry, slighted, cheated and disrespected. Who is Barack Obama to question the myth that Whites are superior? How dare a Black man look someone White in the eye and have the audacity to suggest that there is any other agenda any other goal or objective that doesn’t have to do with asserting and continuing the myth that Whites are Superior, who does this uppity Negro think he is? Joan Walsh, Micheal Moore, Glen Greenwald, Rachel Maddow? Illinois State Senator, U.S. Senator, President of the Harvard Law Review? I don’t think so.  But yes being White gives you the right to second guess, criticize, bash, berate, doubt and ultimately destroy the President of the United States because he’s Black and 99.9% of all Whites believe the Black Race and Culture to be inferior to the White Race and Culture.  Don’t believe me ask Joan or any White Supremacist what makes them think they are more qualified the the Black President is not his Race? You’ll never get a decent answer, in fact they’ll say, “I have a right to criticize the President[because I’m White and he’s Black]”.

How many times have we heard Joan Walsh or any other White Supremacist argue that its OK to criticize President Obama[because he’s Black]? Who criticizes a President because he’s Black? Where is that written? Is there a Monica Lewinsky? Was there a Watergate break in? Did he lie about WMD’s? No but he’s Black and therefore he MUST be criticized because by doing so we assert the myth that Blacks are inferior and that’s the most important thing. The ability to destroy a Black President supersedes all else. Walsh in her article admits that the President has done everything he said he’d do[everything] but he didn’t go “far enough” he wasn’t “progressive enough” he simply wasn’t White enough in getting it done so they criticize him and help aide racists and threaten to destroy him because as a Negro he needs to be taught who’s really in charge[Whites].

Finally, we have Black idiots like Cornell West and Tavis Smiley who just like Whites but to a lessor extent have based their entire lives on the myth that Whites are superior and Blacks had better bow down to them or else. These Black Poverty Pimps object to a Black President who doesn’t believe that Blacks are poor and helpless in the face of the superior White Gods and as such would all die out without a steady diet of Government cheese because that’s all we poor helpless Black ingrates are good for.

How dare a Black President think that poor helpless inferior Black people can simply move up into the middle class by no longer hating themselves their race  and worshiping Whites as superior. Blacks who believe in the inferiority of the Black race and superiority of the White race refuse to believe it can be that easy.  And before other Blacks look at President Obama and his Black family as an EXAMPLE they must be destroyed. The last thing Black people need to do is to actually stop hating and trying to kill each other and advancing the 450 year myth of our inferiority.


Theron K. Cal is a writer and film maker living in Los Angeles.

(c) 2011 Theron K. Cal ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


2 thoughts on “Cornell West, Joan Walsh etc.

  1. What is your take on Obama basically ignoring the working poor and unions in the US and pretty much supporting the bail out of big banks yet ignoring the plight of those on the margins? Obama is he really helping change society for the better or is it simply business as usual in America? Enjoy to hear your thoughts on this.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Obama hasn’t ignored the working poor and other stupid Black NUTS who worship White people as Superior. Obama would think you DUMB MF’s would see his success and realize that Whites aren’t Superior to your DUMB asses and that you don’t have to be poor.

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