Its OSAMA not OBAMA[Racists]

Real Brother here.

“Well even people who support President Obama are confusing him with Osama Bin Laden so it couldn’t be Racism” , is what they say.  And while I’m the first one who will make the distinction between racism which is defined as racial “Hatred” vs. simple white supremacy– in which there’s no hatred at all only the belief held by the majority of society[90% plus] that the white race is superior to the black race– there’s something to the fact that whites who refuse to call, address or even think of Barack Obama as “The President” are confusing him with the worlds most hated and revered Terrorist since Adolf Hitler.    

This is worse then the overt racism of the Tea Party and GOP because it goes beyond how racists think of America’s  first black President it speaks to how even whites who support the President are mentally picturing Barack Obama. The subconscious of whites who are not at all racist closely associate  the President of the United States with the most revered Muslim Terrorists if only in their subconscious and its troubling.

For years I used to cringe when the music critic or resident expert would  refer  to R & B singer Johnny Gill as a “Rapper” or Biggie and Tupac as “Singers”. The point wasn’t that it was a simple mistake, the point was the mistake didn’t matter because they were talking about someone black and who gives a damn about black people who 99.9% of whites believe are inferior? If you look at the AOL medley of white anchors confusing Osama with Obama and laughing it off  you see that its a joke and funny because the mistake is not a knock on the black President its a knock on the fact that 450 years of white supremacy and racism has made this kind of racist insult acceptable.

Theron K. Cal, is a writer living in Los Angeles
(c) Copyright 2011 Theron K. Cal Presents All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Its OSAMA not OBAMA[Racists]

  1. You don’t think it’s possible that instead of it being the white anchors’ racism that instead maybe because the names are one letter different could be causing the issue?

  2. Interesting list. Of course we all know that Obama and Osama sound nothing alike, so it would be virtually impossible for any of these racists to “accidentally” say the wrong one. I mean come on! It’s obvious that these “mistakes” are a plot by the Koch brothers and George Bush to try and make the military accidentally take out Obama instead of Al Qaeda just like they killed all the black people in the twin towers on 9/11. Where did you get that figure that over 90% of Americans believe that the white race is superior? I mean, it’s pretty obvious, but couldn’t it be more? I’d say it’s around 96-98% if you count people like Clarence Thomas who are former white people disguised as brothers to try and get them from the inside. If you could post a link to that study that would be sweet.

    1. Real Brother here.

      As usual the arrogant White Racist doesn’t get it. My point is that Racists and Supremacists keep doing it and don’t give a damn about correcting the mistake because the President is Black. If sound’s like shit, Buch sound’s like Fuck but see they don’t make those mistakes because they have consequences saying a Black President is a dead man doesn’t that was my point.


  3. What’s the differance between the Obama and Osama? One is a muslim, socialist, and threat to everything america stands for, and the other one is dead!

    You Crack me Cal!
    But seriosly Cal the extreme B.S. coming from you makes me feel sorry for “real” Black people. You know, the ones with real jobs, and pay taxes, and don’t like the goverment wasting their tax dollars.
    They must cringe when they here you talk!

    You say your a writer, but I can’t imagine any one would pay you to write this kind of crap when you haven’t reseached any of the statments you are making. ( If I am wrong please list the referances that you used for the statistic that you spew forth.)

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