Real Brother here.

In regards to President  Obama finally putting to rest the Racist claims that Blacks are inferior and stupid and unworthy to serve as President of the United States by releasing his long form Birth Certificate.  You by now know the story, a lot of Blacks –90% of  whom still believe that Whites are Superior to Blacks and that Blacks are helpless in the face of all mighty Whitey– objected to the Racists forcing a Black President to show his papers like he was a free Slave. I disagree.

First of all if you or me lived in 1899 as Goldie Taylor’s grand mother’s great grand father did you would have believed as they did that Whites were superior and that nobody Black could ever defeat someone White to become President. But if you still believe that in 2011 then I’m sorry you’re not thinking clearly. I acknowledge that Blacks in 1899 and on  up to today in some places in the South would have to show their papers or face death at the hands of White Racists and in many cases even if you did have your papers wouldn’t spare you if you were Black. What we witnessed yesterday was not that.

Sure that was the racist Donald Trump’s motivation, his hatred and disdain for a Black President.  Trumps quick rise in popularity among Racists and Whites who aren’t Racist –but simply believe a Black President is too much of a threat to the myth of White supremacy– proves that many Whites still believe in the myth. But no, President Obama’s success was the direct result of his embracing his Black race and culture and his rejection of the myth that Whites are superior. This is the first important difference.

That the President decided when and where to release his paper work is the second major difference. The third major difference was that the President released his birth certificate to expose the myth that Whites are superior and embarrass and one up the racists of the GOP. Finally the impact of Trumps embarrassment and humiliation of Donald Trump will have positive lasting effects.  Nobody will soon forget that the President called the racists bluff and the racists blinked which prevents them from having any credibility for such future requests.  The President won big by his actions a fact lost on racists who will never be convinced of his legitimacy but one that in this reporters opinion did Goldie Taylor’s Major Blackard proud.


Theron K. Cal is a  Writer living in Los Angeles
(c) Copyright 2011 Theron K. Cal  All Rights Reserved


  1. BLACK, black, black, black, BLACK! Good Grief! You’ll NEVER realize ANY of Obama’s shortcomings ’cause you just can’t get around the BLACK THING!

    1. Real Brother here.

      No, the fact that Racists and others can’t get pass the “Black thing” is the problem. If you can’t come up with a better reason to hate the President other then the fact that he’s Black that’s the problem not that I’m pointing out how damn DUMB that is.


  2. President Barack Obama – Promised to do a lot of good things. When he was elected president I let out a sigh of relief because I was actually fearful of a McCain presidency. (I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and plan to do so again in 2012.) I felt that this man could do the things that would help our country, even if I hadn’t supported him with my vote. He was an “outsider” that could play ball inside the beltway. Repeal unconstitutional laws, help Americans get on their feet again by leveling the playing field, root out corruption, free our “free” market from the restraints of govt intervention, stop unjust detentions on all people, and most of all, to stop war from expanding. But he has failed us. Whether he had red, orange, blue, or green skin I could see that this administration was a complete failure. I hoped that he would be the change he said he would be, but he wasn’t. When you refuse to see the reality of our President’s term in office as a failure for what he advocated when he ran, you lose credibility. I don’t hate our President because he is black, but I can disagree with his policies that were not the change that we all had hoped for. You can support President Obama all day long, but if you’re only reason for standing beside him is BECAUSE he’s black, that is about the weakest argument I’ve ever heard.

    1. Real Brother here.

      I reject your argument because you don’t vote for someone Black and then become disappointed because he’s smarter then you thought a Black man could be. You voted for him for the wrong reasons.


  3. You can thank GOP OBSTRUCTIONISM for anything on President Obama’s list that hasn’t been accomplished ‘AS YET’. Racists and white supremecists have been slinging grease and ball bearings under his feet from day1. They’re a pack of relentless jackals!

    1. Real Brother here.

      Exactly. The GOP Racists have blocked closing of Gitmo and are working to keep the economy from growing any more then the 10% that it has. Obama is ahead of them though.


  4. You should replace democrat for black. He is not liked not because he is black but because democrat
    He was elected by independent whites. IND are the most indecisive voting block. #selfloathingwhities guilty consciences for what their grandfathers did to blackie

    1. Real Brother here.

      The Racist and White Supremacist LIE that Obama is hated because he’s a Democrat doesn’t mesh because there have been Democrats who weren’t attacked because they were Black. Try again.


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