Real Brother here.

Many of you have by now seen the MSNBC, Black Agenda special which was being billed as hosted by the former Republican Racist turned Democratic White Supremacist Ed Schultz. I can’t be sure but I suspect pressure from  myself and others caused them to add Reverend Al Sharpton to the show as Co-Host. I believe that the purpose of the show while being billed as a discussion on a Black Agenda was really a justification for continued Racism and White Supremacy and to insure that White Supremacists  get to set the Black Agenda moving foreword.



How they set up the show  is typical they portray how terrible and miserable and hopeless the Black Race is and then praise the Black idiots who ignore all that and still manage to worship White people as God. The two most glaring lies are that 50% of Blacks drop out of High School and this new lie– they just came up with this one last week– that there are more Black men in prison then were Slaves. The first lie comes from a Harvard Study where they looked at High School Freshman all across the Nation and then counted how many graduated with their Freshman class four years later.  Its the dumbest statistical model in the world. People move, people graduate early, people drop out for nine months to have a baby some have to go to Summer School to make up credits and others go directly into the NBA.

UCLA did a better study and others have as well where Blacks under the age of 72 years old were tested for literacy and for a High School Diploma or the GED equivalency.  It was found that 75% of Blacks had one or the other. The drop out rate is no where near 50% with Blacks over the age of 70 most likely to not have a High School Diploma. Yet MSNBC was happy to tell that lie that 50% of Blacks drop out.

The second lie the new one is about a thousand times dumber then the first one. Most estimates are anywhere from 200 to 600 million Black Slaves were taken to North America during the 310 years of official legalized Slavery and 50 years of unofficial Slavery. Most of the Slaves were men, Of course the sons of Slaves are Slaves too and their sons and on and on for 360 years. Let’s take half that number let’s say that 300 million Black men were Slaves. Considering that in all of America’s prisons, jails and juvenile detention centers there are all of 2 million total men and 40% of those are Black the numbers don’t match. There are barely 300 million people in America let alone 300 million Black men in a prison system that only holds 2 million.

Next,  after lying on how messed up Black people are they had the discussion panels. As could be expected they had a panel full of Black man hating Black Idiots like the Black lesbian Karen Hunter. A couple of male homosexuals a Sellout plant from Comcast which owns MSNBC and of course the ultra idiot Dr. Cornell West. Its important to note the kinda fool they put on the panel because again the point is to justify why MSNBC has no Black Talk Show Hosts with editorial control. They can’t uphold the myth of White Supremacy without making Blacks look weird, dysfunctional and stupid.

Finally, after the build up to how F’d-up the Black Race is then they had the ultimate Obama bashing hour planned. The NUT West started his bash fest but Reverend Al wasn’t havin’ it. See Black Sellouts like Dr. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley are upset with President Obama because he doesn’t buy into the myth that Whites are superior and has been rewarded with success as a result. Black Sellouts refuse to believe that a Black man can become President and not kiss any White butt so instead of sit back and watch President Obama make history they figure they’ll help the Racists destroy him rationalizing their life long belief that Blacks are inferior. Thank Al Sharpton for putting West and hopefully other Sellouts in their place this time.


Theron K. Cal is a Writer living in Los Angeles.


(c)Copyright 2011 Theron K. Cal ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


2 thoughts on “MSNBC, BLACK AGENDA

  1. Hi realbrother…I’ve been reading your blog for the past half-hour or so, just the posts on the first page. Just so you know, I am a white woman from Canada.

    I am confused about your criticisms of other blacks. You accuse many blacks of being sell-outs and Uncle Toms. If I may ask, are there men or women who are black that you admire and specifically, what do they do that you admire? Are there white people that you think are worthy of praise and why? And, what would you recommend to improve the culture of both blacks and whites?

    Don’t answer if you don’t want to. It’s your blog after all and I am a stranger, but I’ll check back anyway.

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