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Finally, I watched the ESPN Documentary Fab Five and I loved every minute of it. If there was a point intended from the doc it wasn’t that Duke is a bunch of White Racists who only recruit Black Sellouts or “Uncle Toms” the point was that many of these athletes are poor and broke as a joke and need to be paid because they are making these Universities a mint. But since everyone is talking about the Uncle Tom comment and the “Bitch” comment then I’ll address those issues here.

I’ve said before that I think Jalen Rose was correct in pointing out that Duke looks for Blacks who fit the unfair suprepacist standard of what they consider a Sellout or an Uncle Tom. I’ll reiterate what Rose said in that Blacks who get good grades or study hard or come from a two parent middle class or a successful family are not automatically Sellouts or Uncle Toms but this is an assumption many Whites like those at Duke buy into. This notion by so many that the basketball Gods at Duke can do no wrong and have no Racism or White Supremacy because they’re White is silly. As for the “bitch” charge anyone Black who knows that these stereotypes come into play in recruiting who cover for their school is guilty as charged.

The most salient point that has been made is that while White athletes are judged on their ability regardless of their family status or upbringing allowing for the best White athletes to play for Duke only certain Black athletes are even considered.This while being a testament to the  abundance of Black athletes that have the talent and ability to play for Duke is unfair because it gives Whites an unfair advantage. Do Whites really need an unfair advantage? Come on now.

Finally, nobody has brought up the fact that President Barack Obama would not have been accepted into Duke because he grew up with a single mother who at times was on Welfare.  Obama was good enough for Harvard but would not have been recruited by Duke and that right there illustrates the problem with White Supremacy as applied to athletics. A much more fair way to decide Blacks who are eligible for Duke would be to select Blacks who embrace their Black Race and Culture and reject the myth of White superiority because we have example after example of Blacks who have done just that and have come out on top.


Theron K. Cal is a writer and author who’s new novel “Temperature Rising” is available on this site.

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One thought on “FAB FIVE DOC, LOVED IT!!

  1. They ain’t called the Blue Devils nothing. But keep in mind that white folks don’t get welfare that’s reserved for us minorities while they like to say subsides; it’s all about semantics. I’ve been too some of the poorest of white towns right here in the USA and there are a lot of them where the town is 96% white and over half of the pop is on welfare.

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