MSM & Fox News, Racism, Media Blackout

Real Brother here.

Now was I all over it or what? I was a bit early but one day after I first did this blog about how MSM has an agreement with Fox News to no longer report the truth that Racist opposition to President Obama is based on his Race.  Now we have the NPR incident where someone loses their job for breaking an agreement that all these Idiots would deny exists.  I argue that Fox News being the number one cable news network  has unduly influenced CNN and MSNBC  and even NPR  to cater to Fox’s mostly Racist audience that doesn’t want to hear  anything but negatives and criticizing of arguably the most productive and accomplished President in American history. But the question is raised is there a formal agreement between the MSM and Fox News that in return for some of those Racist viewers the MSM has agreed to squash any reporting on or discussion of Racism as a reason for why so many on the right oppose President  Barack Obama?

Let’s look at the facts; There is no question that ratings drive the cable news business. The fees that advertisers and sponsors pay are based on how many people that are coveted by the advertisers are watching a network at key times during the day or night as it may be. Fox News is the undisputed champion in the ratings battle over CNN and MSNBC and its not even close.  The following snapshot of this weeks ratings can be found here: So Fox is the ratings leader but that alone is not enough to assume that they would be willing to lend any of their Racist viewers to CNN & MSNBC but wait; What if doing so would allow for Fox to continue to bash the President because of his Race and never have to worry about the competition reporting on it? This would be ideal for Fox because while they may lose a few viewers those viewers will be assured that nobody would ever know the truth as to why Racists oppose a Black President which has far more upside then the loss of viewers. Of course the MSM gets more viewers so they’re happy and as I’ve often pointed out even non Racist Whites benefit from the myth of White superiority that Racists seek to uphold by destroying the Black President.

Further evidence of an agreement between Fox and MSM came after the tragedy in Tuscon. Days after the shooting– eight days to be exact– the President of Fox News Roger Aile’s issued a memo to his staff to “tone it down”.  Shortly after that the MSM went from correctly blaming the Racist anti-Obama rhetoric on Fox to calls for “both sides” to “tone it down”. MSM was apologizing left and right and while Fox hasn’t missed a beat with their calls to “Shoot the Obama Lovin’ Senators in the forehead” the MSM won’t say one word about or against it.

Finally, a causal search of CNN and MSNBC from the start of  2008 through 2010 to March of 2011 will reveal the number of stories about the Racist opposition to the Black President by MSM have gone down  from about 2 stories–and I’m not exaggerating CNN had ONE story with Rick Sanchez since fired from CNN in 09′ during the Health Care debate and a CNN interview with Real Times Bill Maher– to ZERO  with both Networks Blacking out all stories centering on Racism as opposition to the Black President. There is no other way to explain the MSM’s  Blackout of the sole reason why White Racists oppose a Black President and that’s because there is a standing agreement with the most blatantly Racist News Network in U.S. history and the two wannabe Networks that would KILL ” Obama Lovin Senators ” to have FOX’s Racist viewship. I invite your comments and criticisms and I dare you dispute one word of what I’ve said above. Racist opposition to the Black President is based on his Race and shame on our MSM for refusing to report on it.

Theron K. Cal is a Writer, Author and Political Commentator who’s recently released  novel “Temperature Rising” is currently available.

(c) Copyright 2011 Theron K. Cal Presents.


10 thoughts on “MSM & Fox News, Racism, Media Blackout

  1. Interesting post. Even just sitting back and thinking about why Fox has higher ratings reveals the truth. Their reporters, journalists and pundits are no more intelligent, well-spoken, well-researched or anything that actually makes them “better” than other MSM networks. It has little to do with their actual programming and more to do with an audience that wants their beliefs reinforced and a network willing to reinforce them and often clouded in racially biased beliefs.

    I do notice that almost NOTHING regarding the racial climate that clouds Obama’s Presidency is ever reported by left Media. It seems to be blatantly ignored and tip toed around. Thus, Fox is never challenged on anything that they say. I rarely can deal with any of the networks on I’d say on a daily/weekly basis, my consumption of even left Media is nil. I read a lot of off the cuff blogs and international news sources that report on domestic news because sadly, some of them seem to be less biased and more focused on facts than our own networks.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Thank you so much for that response Trudy you are right. The MSM should be ashamed of themselves. Now they want to fire the NPR man and have the President step down all because they told the truth. Since when is telling the truth out of line at a News organization?


  2. I agree fully that Fox News needs to be challenged as they think that they can lambast anyone that they wish to. I had my life threatened by my brother-in-law (unfortunately) on 29 March, 2011. His name is Vipinder Jaswal and he is a Vice President for International Distrubution at Fos. On 23 March, I had told his mother (who lives in Watford, UK) to shut-up twice outside her 3.5 bedroom detatched house. My mother was present and when we returned home, Vipinder Jaswal called my mother and wanted to speak to me. I was not in and he told my mother that I was a ‘son-of-a-bitch’ and a ‘homosexual shit’. I reported this to the secretary to Brian Lewis (head of Corporate Communication at Fox News). I did not leave my name. I said I felt threatened and only left my mobile number. I specified to the secretary that I was leaving my mobile number only for Brian Lewis to call me back about the language that Vipinder Jaswal was using. The secretary acknowledged this. About half an hour later, Vipinder Jaswal called my mother again and said that he would ‘break my head, hang me by my balls, cut my tongue out’, and that he ‘knew where I live’ and ‘when I was out in the woods with my dogs’, he would send to negroid people round and that I ‘would not come home alive’. He has made discriminatory comments towards negroid people before. What gives a Punjabi working at Fox News and only an American Passaport holder for only about 5-7years the right to speak like that about homosexuality or the race issue in the US.
    ps after making the death threat, he called again and made out that I was threatening him! It sounds like he is the oppositions’ view of the stupidest Fox viewer who does not realize that anything is wrong with discrimination or death threats.

  3. Good gawd man… Are you trying to set a Guinness Book record… for how many times the word ‘rascist’ can appear on a single page? That kind of excess undermines and detracts from your message… even obscures it.

    1. Real Brother here.

      I’m well aware of the fact that Racists and White Supremacists never want to see the word Racist in a discussion but I’m sorry; there is no other reason why Racists and Supremacists oppose the Black President.


      1. Who, in your racist opinion, voted Obama into office?
        Just black and brown voters? Those minority voters don’t account for his
        Presidential victory – white voters do. If you’re unable to get over your racist self,
        you’ll persuade us so-called white supremacist voters that we made a
        a terrible mistake in voting for him. And, you’ll suffer a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  4. Real Brother here.

    @Catidaki Adam

    Only 2% of White Racist registered Republicans voted for President Obama. Its a MYTH that White Racists voted for and thus elected Obama its simply a LIE. 41% of White Supremacists voted for Obama.


    1. Re: ‘Only 2% of White Racist registered Republicans voted for President Obama.’

      Firstly, the term ‘White Racist registered Republicans’ is bogus. Where in the world could a person get him/herself registered as a ”White Racist Republican’? Secondly, ‘2%’ is a sham statistic you’ve pulled out of your Black Racist hat. Such a sham racist statistic reminds me of Disraeli’s attribution, “There are three kinds of lies… lies, damned lies, and statistics”.

      Re: ‘Its a MYTH that White Racists voted for and thus elected Obama…’

      That implies that whites who voted for Obama in great numbers (and thus elected him) weren’t racists. That’s the first acknowledgement you’ve made in this conversation that I can agree with… But, given your black-racist obsession with the idea of white-racism, I’m doubtful that you really meant it in such a positive way.

      Catidaki Adam

      1. Real Brother here.

        As a Racist you insult me by suggesting that I simply “made up” that 2% of White Registered Republicans voted for Obama when no less then the top 5 exit Polls show that 2% of White Registered Republicans voted for Obama. Therefore 2% of White Racists voted for Obama.


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