Real Brother here.

Its important that we counter any Racist attacks in the media and that’s why I do this. The noted Asian Racist Michelle Malkin is back again this time she attacks Planned Parenthood in the hopes that she can get their funding pulled. First of all there is no evidence that the Federal Government is funding abortions at Planned Parenthood or anywhere else and Malkin’s blog doesn’t show any proof simply making the claim. Second she claims to have Braitbart type ACORN type doctored videos that show PP giving advice to underage girls in regards to abortions and not reporting statutory rape to the police. You and I both know that these Racists have spent all their credibility with videos.  After the Shirley Sherrod thing we will NEVER believe a video from them. I joked on Twitter that if they had Bigfoot on video we wouldn’t believe it.

Next the Racist Malkin sites the Black doctor in Philadelphia who was arrested for illegal activities in regards to abortions. While I won’t defend Doctor Kermit Gosnell, he has only been accused at this point and his actions in no way are indicative of Planned Parenthood and his pending prosecution and arrest show the zero tolerance that the Govt. has with reproductive abuses. That said I acknowledge that there are many Blacks who hate the Black Race and subscribe to PP Founder Margaret Sanger and her White Supremacist belief that Blacks are inferior and as such ought not exist.

Finally Malkin again harps back to teenagers having abortions which is not the focus of Planned Parenthood at all and again she offers no proof other then a fake video where I’m sure a 40 year old woman is posing as a 13 year old. Malkin concludes that PP encourages rape and sexual predators which has to be the dumbest claim she makes as the law doesn’t need a child as evidence or proof to prosecute rape.  Abortions are tragic and nobody wants to encourage them but the solution is to end the hatred of men and the push to redefine the gender roles that have women thinking they ARE  men. Malkin like most Racists is only talking out the side of her neck. TKCAL

(C)Copyright 2011 Theron K. Cal  All Rights Reserved.



  1. You’re and idiot. One minute your defending an abortion doctor in the next you’re demonizing people that show proof of illegal actions taking place in a goverment ran clinic. Never once do you address the fact that the goverment has placed these “clinics” in poor black neighborhoods. On twitter you call anyone Asian “Chink”, anyone white racist and anyone of color (black) who doesn’t fit your little mold a “sellout” anything you say is a joke and isn’t even fit to be printed on cheap toliet paper.

    1. Real Brother here.

      If your big Dumb Racist ass would have been that serious on Twitter I wouldn’t have blocked you. I call out those who need to be called out. I have no problem with Planned Parenthood because Abortions in the Black community are based on Black Self-hatred the hatred of Black men by Black women and White Racists and Supremacists such as yourself. So you Racists are entitled to your own opinion but no you MUST respect the facts and the facts are PP serves a vital service to families.


  2. Planned Parenthood’s annual reports show clearly they are getting over $1 million dollars PER DAY from the federal government. Please check out the documentary on our people’s racism called- Maafa21, I think you will find it of great interest regarding those who inflicted their empirical slavery on blacks then switched gears to enslave us again with eugenics and racist tactics- see clips here http://www.maafa21.com

    1. Real Brother here.

      No that’s nonsense. Its against the law to use Federal Funding for Abortions. We don’t need to throw away the baby with the bath water [pun intended]. The hatred of Black men by 90% of Black women and the fact that 70% of Black women are gay is why there are so many Black abortions. Making them illegal will NOT solve the problem when the problem is Black women hate Black men.


  3. Perhaps you should look up planned parenthood’s founder before you go off like some babbling lunatic. There’s some real racism for you to feed on. Go on, look it up. It’s all fact. That is, unless you’re scared to.

    Go on, defend them now.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Yes I can’t give Blacks a pass for hating the Black Race and Culture any more then I would White Racists. I admire President Obama and anyone Black who embraces their Black Race and Culture who rejects the myth of White Supremacy. I admire Whites who embrace the Black Race and Culture and reject the myth of White Superiority as well. Just too few of them.


  4. Real Brother here.

    Racist NUT you hate the President because he’s Black and you’re killing way more people then Planned Parenthood does with your Racist hate.

    Stop it.


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