Racist: Machelle Malkin’s Beyond Race

Real Brother here.

The Asian Racist Michelle Malkin  created a blog on Race entitled: ” Beyond race: The real “No Labels” movement”. The premise of the article is that President Obama was supposed to be a “Post Racial” President that would make White and Asian Racists and Black Sellouts feel better about 450 years of hating and trying to breed the Black Race off the face of the Earth. The evidence Malkin sites as proof that President Obama has failed comes from the sons and daughters of Whites who due to the myth of White Supremacy and the hatred of all things Black have been successful in taking advantage of a person of color. These children are White but because their mothers and in some cases their fathers are ethnic minorities they have decided that they are “mixed” or “biracial” .

Science and anthropology doesn’t recognize “mixed” and or “biracial” people because there is biologically no such thing. Humans are of ONE gender and or ONE Race and that gender and Race is determined by our biological fathers[2000 Genome Project Study]. Of course its politically incorrect to tell this truth and certainly both Whites 99.9% of whom think of the Black Race and Culture  as inferior and 90% of Blacks who do as well are offended if someone Black who has a White mother is not called “mixed” or “biracial” so most of society simply allows the lie to persist. Again the belief that Black is inferior allows the Black Genocide to continue and most of society agrees that the best way to end Racial divisions and reach a “Post Racial” Society is to simply kill all the Blacks or to simply breed the Black Race off the face of the Earth.

Malkin’s article offers a letter to the New York Times where Whites of “mixed ethnic”  heritage–not to be confused with mixed Racial heritage of which there is no such thing–berate President Obama for not lying and saying he’s “biracial”.  It reminds me of Barbara Walters on “The View” : “Why do you identify as Black [we White Supremacists and Racists and Black Sellouts would like you better if you believed Blacks were inferior like we do]?” President Obama is on record in his Dreams From My Father book that he owes his success to embracing his Black Race and Culture and rejecting the LIE that he is “biracial”.

Blacks who embrace their Black Race and Culture are not expressing hatred for Whites or for Black Sellouts. If you are ashamed of who you are and or you can’t be honest about who you are then your chances to succeed in life are limited. We don’t expect Gays to say that they are “mixed” or “bi-gender” no we call them gay. Its someone of ONE sex who is sexually attracted to the same sex.  A Black man who has a White mother is NO more White or “mixed” then is a MAN half female because his mother was female.  We have to stop this nonsense. If you are White and you hate Blacks or you are Black and you hate Blacks then fine deal with it but don’t chide someone Black for not lying about being White simply because you hate Blacks or believe Black to be inferior.

Michelle Malkin is an Asian Racist and it seems to work for her but what she’s arguing that the President is too smart and too successful to be Black is simply absurd. The President is honest about attributing his success to embracing his Black Race and Culture and rejecting the myth of White Supremacy and this is an example that all of us should be celebrating and not feeling insecure or threatened that the Black Genocide has been thrown off track. The people in Egypt have been inspired by President Obama and they have no problem accepting him for who he is and that is a successful Black man.

Theron K. Cal is  a Writer living in Los Angeles.

(c) Copyright 2011 Theron K. Cal Presents. All Rights Reserved.


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