Real Brother here.

In light of the mid-term debacle fueled by White Democrats who refused to tell the truth as to the real reason White Racists on the right opposed a Black President, his policies and Party, I had a thought: What if President Obama divorced the Democratic Party went Notre Dame on that ass and declared himself as an Independent? Think about it, what better way to meld the two Parties and slow down the lie that Party is more important then Country that both sides are using because of White angst over the fact that Barack Obama has defied every dumb White Racist stereotype that was responsible for him being elected in the first place? 

Now its not my job to present the downside I’ll leave that up to you but the upside is plentiful. I mentioned the bringing together of both the Racists on the right and the Supremacists on the left. Another upside is President Obama’s bipartisan stance on issues is seen as a weakness. Whites still uncomfortable with Black anger and resentment from Slavery look suspiciously on  a Black President  who’s not slamming his fist on the table and calling them Honky’s and not screaming “God Damn America!” Of course we all know what Whites would do if he did.  Still another upside would be a viable third Party which many have been calling for but nobody knows how to bring about.  What better way to jump start a third Party then to have a sitting President start one?

You don’t think those White folks who aren’t Racist enough to join the Tea or Republican Party but are truly concerned about out of control Democratic spending and an expansion of social programs and excessive regulation and government oversight wouldn’t welcome a figure head with the political muscle of a sitting President and not just any President but the most productive legislative President in U.S. History? Of course they would. Another upside is the on group in America that has stood with President Obama and would ride or die with him til’ the end and that’s  Black people. The President still has a 98% approval rating among Blacks who aren’t burdened by the fear of the fall of White Supremacy like Keith Olberman, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow,Chris Matthews  and them are. Blacks–including members of the Black Caucus– would switch Parties in a heart beat and wouldn’t think twice about. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Scott Brown or an Olympia Snow came over as well.

President Obama gave the Commencement Speech at Notre Dame in 09′ and during that speech joked about the football team which hasn’t won a National Championship since 1988. The President remarked, “That’s an issue we may not resolve within my four years.” To which someone in the audience remarked; “Eight!”, shouted someone from the audience. “All right  in eight we might be able to get it done.”

What do you think, should President Obama do a Notre Dame and go Independent on that ass? Or should he stay in a Party that doesn’t appreciate his brilliance because they were under the mistaken belief that they would get to serve as President due to their Racist belief that a Black President would be incompetent?  Let’s discuss.


2 thoughts on “OBAMA AS AN INDPT 2012′?

  1. Whatever happens to Barack Obama in 2012 will be based on his performance as the President, and nothing else. That moron Vice President Joey the gaffe chicken Biden is a big liability to Obama. If he stays the course he’s on now, Obama will lose in 2012 for sure. Whether Obama wins or loses, it will have nothing to do with race. The way it looks now, Obama will likely lose in 2012 due to failed leadership. Obama reminds me of the incompetent peanuthead Jimmy Carter, as far as leadership is concerned.

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