Real Brother here.

When I moved to Los Angeles away from my family in the Northwest there was nothing I missed more then my mothers Sweet Potato Pie. On holiday’s my moms[Real Sista] would make four or five pies and we’d chow down from sun up to sun down. My folks are from Baton Rough Louisiana and I never really thought about the origin of my mothers sweet potato pie let alone the recipe. Growing up it was a holiday tradition to pay a visit to everyone you knew in the neighborhood and while visiting sample their pie.

From day one  I noticed something; nobody can make a sweet potato pie like my mother. I used to secretly curse my mother for not going global with her pies and putting Marie Calenders out of business. We’ll I finally did it. After years of not being able to come close to the perfection and delight of those pies I went on ahead and requested the recipe and now I can share it with you. If you check my blog or my numerous posts you’ll know I have never lied and I’m not about to start now. This is the most incredible delicious pie you have EVER tasted if its not …then you are the no cookingest person around. Bump what you heard this recipe for Sweet Potato Pie is a game changer. And now without further a due[Mr. President you ready?] I present Mrs. Cal’s Sweet Potato Pie.

3 1/2 cups cooked mashed sweet potatoes  – 3 medium sized potatoes
1 cup white sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons flour
2 eggs well beaten
1/2 stick butter melted
1/4 cup evaporated milk – canned milk

Mashed sweet potatoes to a fine paste
Add sugars, spices and eggs
Mix milk and butter
Stir into potatoes mixture
Pour into a unbaked pie shell

Bake at 350 F 40-45 minutes until firm

Pie crust can be store purchased. Crisco has a good shell recipe on the can if you want to make one.

Please make one or three or four and post here what you think. And if you like the recipe please feel free to donate.





  1. Hi! Thanks for posting this recipe. I love sweet potatoes. I’ve never had sweet potato pie but have always wanted to try one. I have most of the ingredients in stock already. I only wish I would have found this in time for Thanksgiving. Oh well, better late than never. By the way, your very lucky to have a mother who loves to bake. My mother doesnt. My grandmother did, she is no longer with us but familiar tastes & smells of freshly baked goods always spark up memories. Thanks again. cant wait to try it.

    1. Hi. I am getting ready to bake two sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving. I have baked the potatoes and cooled them, peeled them and mashed them until they’re smooth as velvet. I measured out 3 1/2 cups into a couple of zip lock bags and now they’re in the fridge waiting for Thursday when I’ll do the pie baking. I am taking you at your word that this is the best sweet potato pie recipe in the world and I can’t wait to taste it and share it with my family. I will let you know how it goes! But in the meantime, thank you for sharing your mama’s recipe. It was very generous of you. 🙂

    1. hello real bro
      here is something for you when you boil the potatoes you take the sugar out of the potatoes but if you bake them with the skins on you get the real sugar and the potatoes are soft and easier to mash or blend and you can use less sugar in them . i have been doing this for years and its really ez also if you use the non stick foil no mess to clean up from the sugar out of the potatoes.

    1. You do not have to be a racist to enjoy the sweet taste of home made sweet potato pie!! A white person could make this sweet potato just as well as any other enthic group of people. The apple pie is an american pie and it is too traditional (boring)

  2. Real Brother here.

    I’m hooking up another pie for Christmas. My Baby gave me a tip: Boil the sweet potatoes with the skin on and when soft the skin falls right off it cuts down time.


    1. I’ve always boilded the sweet potatoes with the skin on them. it’s so much easier than peeling them, plus the skin holds the flavor of the potato without the potato getting water blogged from boiling the potato without the skin. Every little thing you learn makes a difference in what your pie tastes like. Frankly, the receipe is very good… and so is the pie.

  3. I’m from MS and this is my granny’s recipe. I make it all the time and it’s consistently called the BEST sweet potato pie that ANYONE and EVERYONE has had. I knew you were about to come with it when you mentioned the beaten eggs and FLOUR! 🙂 It’s the only way to get the peaks. So just treat this as SOUTHERN CONFIRMATION that your mom’s recipe is THE BUSINESS. 🙂 You MUST boil with skin ON…and if you’re feeling a lil daring tip a bit of Grand Marnier in your mix and dust your shells with a bit of cinnamon and pre bake the dusted shells just a little.

  4. I must admit this is one of the best sweet potato pie recipes I have ever tasted… I tweaked it only by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice.. But that is strictly personal preference.. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. And although I can never credit this as my own I do plan on passing this down! Thanks again, Much love!

  5. Oh and last but not least.. I use to always boil my sweet potatoes with the skin on.. Until one day I threw them in the oven with the skin on.. Now that flavor is so much richer! You lose a lot of the natural flavor in the water when you boil it.

  6. I love sweet potato pie also. I have one recipe, but I know there has got to be one better out there so I will try this one. Another tip, add a box of vanilla instant puddding in mixture.

  7. I love sweet potato pie also. I have one recipe, but I know there has to be one better out there so I will try this one. Another tip, add a box of vanilla instant pudding in the mixture.

  8. This is The best sweet potato pie, hands down. I added orange,lemon,pineapple juices and vanilla pudding mix too. OUTSTANDING! OMG

  9. This looks like a good, uncomplicated recipe. I just put a bunch of sweet potatoes in my crock pot and let them cook slowly all day. It was great to just walk away from them and not have to deal with the mess of boiling. Later I let them cool off and peeled them. I will use some now and freeze the rest. They are good for you just plain but now I can use the extra for a pie. Slow cooking should work just as well as the boiling and I believe they did retain their natural sugar.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Yes I nor moms never baked the sweet potatoes but I don’t find they lose any sweetness or just by doing that. One chef said that she drastically reduced the sugar in the recipe and that seemed to work for her. I used gradualar organic sugar as opposed to white sugar and that seemed to work just as well if not better.


  10. To real Brother,

    A good way to let that crust brown and not be all doughy on the bottom is to wrap the edges of the pie all the way around with foil–Perfect crust everytime!

    BTW!! Love the recipe! Trying it right now!

  11. I forgot to add that you let it bake for about 10 minutes and then add the filling! PERFECTION!!!

    The Best “unburnt” pie crust there is! LOL!!

    Would love to hear some other ideas on “Saving the edges of the Pie crust”

  12. I like trying new spp recipes every now and again so I tried this one tonight. AWESOME! I added a bit of allspice and baked the sweet potatoes this time…dare I say it again…AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I can’t wait to show this off to the fam!

  13. This was so good. I made it for Christmas and couldn’t wait. Luckily I made more than one. Thanks for sharing. I did use cake flour in place of regular flour.

  14. like it
    but hate to burst your bubble …it is just like so many other basic
    sweet potato pie recipes…i was expecting something unusual like planain or a drop of molasses or sumthin…like pumpkin pies- most families use a similar recipe but something about mom making it & the memories….they are just good pies.

  15. Made this the other day it was my first sweet potato pie ever. I ate the whole pie in two pie ever. Pumpkin pie use to be my favorite,not now. Thanks for the receipt .

  16. I got to say to you my brother I have tried several different recipes but this one is a very good pie and it is very rich and creamy with a spicy flare to it!! Bravo to you and keep up the good work you deserve it!!

  17. Great recipe! This was my first time to make sweet potato pie and it was a hit. I baked my potatoes to keep the natural flavors and used a pilsbury pie crust. Thanks!

  18. Thank you soooooooo much for sharing your moms recipe! I added a everything plus a teaspoon of rum flavoring. Now my family expects me to bake the pies for Christmas.

  19. This is a standard recipe for sweet potato pie. Most don’t have flour and maybe half as much spice.
    Baking in the oven is the way to go – like the lady said it adds a rich flavor – but don’t use if you burn them! That will also add a flavor that’s bad.

    I’ve been baking for 50 years and have also tried using half n half instead of canned milk, and separating the eggs and folding in the whites. Now that’s a gourmet pie!
    Happy baking.

  20. I need to add that you beat the egg whites till fluffy and then fold into the batter with everything else already in it. Great!

  21. Real Brother
    I hope you receive this post. These pies are GREAT! I said “these pies” because after tasting the first one, it ended up being a big taste, I can’t make just a few. I ate 3 by myself, yes I’m a big man. I gave my neighbor 1 to help her celebrate Obama’s victory. We live in a Upper-Middle income area in Florida and just about all of my neighbors are Republicans and just about everywhere you looked were Romney/Ryan signs. I covered my neighbor’s pie and put a card on it the said “O-1”. We had a good time. Thanks for sharing, God bless and Merry Christmas

  22. IMO sweet potato pie is a game changer. I first had one made by a local caterer, Mrs. Tucker, and after that pie was never the same. I’ve tried several times to make one like her’s but failed. Your Mother’s recipe comes very close. I loved it! Thank you.

  23. Hi,
    Just wanted to say I made the pie today and it was fabulous. Tweeked alittle just not putting as much white sugar in and not a full teaspoon of nutmeg, but was much better than a pumkin pie. When make more soon!
    Thanks for the recipe!

  24. OMGGGG….! THIS IS the BEST Sweet Potato Pie everrrrrrrrr!!!!.. Ive been baking over 32 yrs. And this is the Best!! Yummmmmm!!

      1. My gosh Pie Lady, we get it!! You prefer your pies, and that’s okay! But for goodness’ sake, STALKING this post and plugging your restaurant, store, shop…whatever, makes you seem altogether crazy! Enough is enough! By the way, you seem to have an EXORBITANT amount of time to CONTINUALLY reply to this post about how friggin awesome your pies are!? Just an observation…but, you aren’t very busy, huh? Maybe, just maybe OccQpie’s aren’t as popular as you’ve led yourself to believe. LOL! Go dust the cobwebs off your pie plate and bake something. LOL! Geez

      2. I owned a company called Michele Foods, we make syrup. I made your sweet potato pie for the Holidays with my “Michele Butter Pecan Syrup” put butter pecans on top and glazed with The Butter Pecan syrup. It was to die for. So so good. Made one with the Michele Maple Creme Syrup, just as great . Thank you for your recipe it made dinner that more special.

  25. Hi Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving,
    I tried this recipe and it was off the charts delightful and yet so easy to make! I’m going to make more this Thanksgiving.

  26. This recipe is great. I added a splash of lemon juice and coconut milk too, it really helps in bringing out the flavor of the sweet potatoe. I’ll have to try the grand mariner and instant vanilla pudding mix.. What flavor does that give?

  27. 25 years ago, while in high school, I spent a lot of time studying in the “quad”. The groundskeeper was the loveliest black lady I’ve ever met, Mrs. Jenkins. We became good friends, talking about life, family and our futures. I remember the first year she brought me a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving. I was so touched. I felt special and carried that pie home like it was a bar of gold. My mother is a remarkable cook and pie baker. pumpkin was the standard….but that pie changed my life. For each year after that I anxiously awaited my pie day and the presentation of scumptious goodness from Mrs. J. When I was on my own after college, making my own traditions, I tried numerous sweet potato pie recipies trying to duplicate hers. Usually not even close. Good, but not special. Funny how people can call things standard, or basic. This recipe is a winner for me. I am grateful to have found it. The texture is silky, not too custardy and the spices are well balanced. I added a dash of cardamom (just to make it my own) and it definitely compliments the freshly grated nutmeg. Served with grand marnier whipped cream.

  28. Thank you for that wonderful sweet potato pie recipe. I had coworker’s asking me to make pies for them for thanksgiving I make cakes but they we’re asking for pies so I made 12 and other were wonderful. My mother in law just called me the tell me how good it was I made her 2 and she said she all most did not get any and she won’t me to make her four more for Christmas so thank you.

  29. I Made This Recipe For Thanksgiving And the Pie Was Off The Chain! I took Your Advice And Boiled The Sweet Potatoes With The Skin. Now My Family Wants Me To Make Them Every Year! Definitely The BEST! Thanks For Sharing!!!

  30. I was going to make your pie and gathered all of the ingredients and started boiling the potatoes, and mixing and everything, and noticed I didn’t have nutmeg. So I went to the store to get some. Oh my GOODNESS! FOUR DOLLARS ($4.59) and FIFTY NINE CENTS????

    I mean, like, the bottle was about the size of my thumb-nail. Ain’ gon pay nearly 5 bucks for somthin’ that small. Plus, all I had was 3 bucks. So, I went back home and made the pie minus the nutmeg. It tasted ok to me.

    1. Some Family Dollar stores carry nutmeg. I try to buy 2 or 3 and they have a long shelf life too. You can also keep nutmeg in fridge if you want to keep a couple of years but I use nutmeg in almost everything, vegetables, coffee and gravys from scratch.

  31. This was a hit! Thank you sooo much! My pie is pretty amazing, but I have to admit, this was delish! I am going to tweak and marry the two recipes and see if they don’t make the best sweet potato pie in the entire universe! 🙂

  32. I know this pie well, it is exactly how my mother made her sweet potato pies. I am sixty years old and if anybody knew my mother, in her lifetime, who was a nurse by profession, they would always speak of her expertise in the cooking category. She was one of world’s best unknown cooks ever. She shared some of her recipe secrets and others she did not. She loved cooking, and she loved watching people enjoy her meals. She taught me one thing well in food preparation; “Your food should look as good as it taste”. So hats off to your mother, and all other Southern Belles who know, and knew the dynamics of pleasing the most discriminate and sophisticated palates, and every palate from any and every walk of life. Bon appétit!

  33. Thank you for posting this recipe. I absolutely love this recipe and have made it for Thanksgiving and Christmas since 2012. My family loves it and they pies never last an hour past dinner. Your family probably hates that you let this out, but my family thanks you. I have two baking as I type.

  34. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! bfdeedkkdeae

  35. Thank you for this amazing recipe!! I made two pies for Thanksgiving today, and my family LOVED LOVED LOVED them. Thank you and your amazing Mother, too. 🙂 Hats waaaay off, Mrs. Cal!

  36. I made this pie for the first time a couple of years was great going to use in a couple of days the only Recipe I use THANKS.

  37. I just made the best sweet potatoes pie by my taste budds. I will see what happens on the fourth of JULY.. thank a million

  38. Real Brother..first apologizes to my female family members, this is the best Sweet Potato PIE I have ever had. I bake the store-bought pie shells a little first, then your recipe exactly. Kudos.

  39. I have an old family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation as many of us do. Though am always looking to try something new or a bit different. My grandma raised me and taught me how to cook and our sweet potato pie recipe is very good. But I lost my mama a few years ago and some of the recipes we use to make together is hard for me to pull out of the recipe box (memory box) and do it on my own. Though I Iove the memories that come back with the familiar aromas that fill the air, it seems to be a bit more difficult when the holidays are near. So this year I am going to try to collaborate a bit of new with a bit of old in hopes to keep the memories alive but the tears aside. This recipe sounds like will go, or so I hope. Our recipes are similar but u have flour and brown sugar which I am dying to try. We use a teaspoon of lemon juice and evaporated milk and condensed milk, not exactly sure the best method of making this work just yet! But hey trial and error are the best way to learn. I also separate my eggs and beat the whites to soft peaks form folding them in at the end. I’m thinking this could be executed well one of two ways (feedback from anyone that knows their way around the kitchen is much appreciated) 1: decrease both dry sugars allowing for some sweetened condensed milk adjusting amounts accordingly to the sweetness of the potato or 2: omit the sweet milk and just go with Both the dry sugars and incorporate the flour from your recipe with the lemon juice and the egg method from mine. Your mama’s recipe sounds really yummy I know she must have been a fantastic cook. Thank you for sharing your family recipe I am so excited to try it out.

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