TSA 2 HARSH? Please

Real Brother here.

As I watch the MSNBC report on how Al Qaeda threatens a new round of attacks on the U.S. Airline Industry after watching the debate about TSA scanners and the uproar of pat down searches. The first thought that comes to mind is how dumb these White progressives are that they are willing to fall for it. How many Blacks and Muslims have complained about these pat downs? Answer none. Juan Williams was fired from NPR for what? For saying that when he gets on a plane he’s afraid if he sees a Muslim next to him.

White people both Racist and NOT Racist believe that they are Superior and that they don’t fit the profile of Richard Reid–who was just as White looking as Alan Alda–or any number of Whites born here in America who have joined the Taliban etc. Everyone ignores the few but deadly Muslim women and children who have attempted and or succeeded in carrying out suicide attacks. Is it really that much of a stretch for Al Qaeda  to recruit a lily White Racist Conservative who is Pro-Life but has no problem killing thousands to destroy the Black President?  Whites who don’t view all humans as human like those who elected a Black President?

Should these people be allowed to freely pass unchecked [Go right through Mr. Abortion Doctor killer]. Is it really that much of a stretch that White Racists who are willing to state publicly that their number one goal is to make the Black man a one term President, the same White Racists who swore up and down that America would face an attack if a Black man was elected, the same White Racists who lied and said we weren’t attacked on Bush’s watch[911 was on Bush’s watch] that these liars and Racists and Conservatives who would destroy America’s Democracy the very same Racists who blocked the confirmation of a Black man who had served as Los Angeles  Airports Head of Security with and exemplary record of not having one attack on his watch as the Head of the TSA; Retired Army Maj.Gen. Robert Harding,   all because he was Black and appointed by a Black President wouldn’t allow an attack in order to hurt this Black President who these White Racists oppose for no other reason then his Race?                                                                                                                                     

The knock against Senator Obama was he’s too soft on the Terrorists that he’s too Muslim and too weak and will be taken advantage of due to his lack of experience and because he was Black. Two years later he’s too tough on the Terrorists and the fact that we haven’t had a successful attack is because he’s been lucky for two years. Its been two weeks since Al Qaeda put a number of explosives on cargo planes in seven Nations in planes that aren’t supposed to have their baggage area’s or packages screened for explosives. The Racist Brian Williams, the same Brian Williams that lied telling the President that Glenn Beck’s Racist Rally– that had all of 80 thousand Racists in attendance–had over 500 thousand attendees said that many believe the cargo plane scare was a hoax and that the Obama Administration had made it all up. The next day we saw pictures of the bombs one of which blew up 17 minutes after the package was discovered and taken away by the Bomb Squad.

Finally I know Racists don’t want to believe that they are wrong about this Black President and Whites who are NOT Racist don’t want to believe that Racists could be wrong about this President but if you fall for this nonsense that the TSA Security is too tight and too intrusive and is ineffective and that the Terrorists should be given a pass like the White Racists on the Right then you are as Stupid as you are Dumb.



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