Real Brother here.

I know its been awhile but wasn’t nothin’ goin’ on so I chilled. What brought me back started when Rachel Maddow on her show had a tape of a shop owner in Nevada who said at first he was going to vote for Sharon Angle when he thought that she was only Racist against Blacks but when he saw that commercial where she had the Mexicans sneaking across the border mad dogging  other White people he no longer could support her.  So when he thought Angle was Racist against Blacks he was going to support her[100%] but when he found out she was Racist against Latinos he couldn’t in good conscious vote for her. Of course nobody on Rachel’s show caught it.

Then about a week before Halloween I had been going back and for with the White Racist goes by the name Keder who joked that he was going as that Black Idiot “Hide ya’ wife hide ya’ kids ”  for Halloween and posted a  disgusting and Racist picture. The one Racist Tea Party Idiot was exposed for dressing up as a Nazi on weekends. So I joked to Keder: “What your Nazi uniform in the cleaners?”  Keder unfollowed me and a couple of other Racists informed me that Keder was Jewish and as such was offended that I used a Nazi reference.  Now this is a White Racist a staunch Conservative– hates the fact that Obama’s puppy Bo is Black–  posting all kinda’ Racist pictures but yet is offended that I would make a reference to Nazi’s because Nazi’s were Racist NOT just against Blacks but to Jews as well.

Today the Sista’ Symmetry who made it in a previous Blog for naively thinking that Racists oppose President Obama because of the economy and not because he’s Black posted a story about a school in New Jersey[Racist Idiot Gov. Christy botched over 400 million dollars for the school district] that after 200 years of Racism has a new rule against “bullying” of White kids.  Again, as long as it was Racism against Blacks there was no need for any new rules but as soon as White kids were targeted then it was on.                                                                                         

So you get by now what I’m getting at and that’s this ridiculous double standard where Racism against a Black President is fine but Racism or discrimination against anyone else brings a huge outcry from the same Whites who don’t even bat an eye at Racism against Blacks. Two words: STOP IT.

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  1. What is your definition of racist?

    What, specifically, has Keder or these other people that you’ve deemed racist say or do that was racist?

    Why do you think that anyone that has a problem with President Obama’s policies is racist?

    Are liberals that don’t like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams or the man that played Martin on The Cosby Show racist?

    What exactly is it that you want from white people? I think you’ve wrapped your entire identity around race-baiting, and you really don’t want racial harmony.

    I think you’re a racist.

    1. Real Brother here.

      RA’CIST(n) 1)Someone of one Race who HATES members of other Races for no good reason but their Race.2)Someone of one Race who THINKS their Race is Superior to all others.

      Keder and other White Racists by HATING a Black President for no other reason then his Race by posting Racist pictures of Antoine whats’s his name saying they were going as him this past Halloween have shown a HATRED of Blacks and a belief in the MYTH that Whites are Superior making them fit the very definition of Racists. I think that anyone who has a problem with Obama’s policies and lies about those policies or doesn’t know what those policies are is simply using that as a cover for their Racist opposition to him. And no, Liberals who “don’t like” Blacks who hate their own Black Race as much as White Racists do are not Racist see definition of Racist above. I want White people to STOP being Racists and White Supremacists and give this Black man who was honestly elected a chance to save this Nation. If Blacks have to be Slaves for Racial Harmony then I’ll pass. And no I’m not a Racist again see the definition of Racist above.


    2. @Kill Truck

      Real Brother here.

      The only proof necessary that Keder is a Racist is his hatred of Blacks as exhibited by his hatred of Obama based solely on his Race. Being a little bit Racist is like being a little bit pregnant. And Racists who hate Blacks I’m sure hate Blacks who also hate Blacks like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams etc. A Racist suggesting they like Blacks who hate Blacks more then they do is like a Anti-Semitic saying they aren’t Racist because they supported Adolf Hitler.

      Finally the notion that I’m “Race-baiting” by opposing and exposing the Racist opposition to a perfectly good President is absolute nonsense.Stop that.


  2. Lol well i’ll give u credit, im here! Ur a frickin treat! Love ur BS gotta tell @17bbomb @BullyJoe for starters…Hey ur getting ur wish ….. followers for a BS!

    1. U wont approve my post, it will make u look worse than u already do once my nonRacist friends check out more of ur BS…waits that’s what u wanting free publicity ..cool!

      1. Real Brother here.

        I welcome your post Flip. People need to see how the Racist opposition to the Black President is based on his Race. I don’t censor here as long as your posts are civil and don’t reveal personal information or bullying and intimidation and the usual stuff you Racists do.


    2. Real Brother here.

      Hate to break it to ya’ but the Racists “Bully Joe” and “17Bomb” I already chopped em’ up and they blocked me.


  3. I agree with this post… keep doing your thing brother. Alot of white people are so racist they dont realize it because this is the way they were brought up… they have been conditioned to believe its okay to hate other black people… Word

  4. As I tweeted, this type of racism is so deep-seated that it is invisible to most and becomes a reverse weapon to use against blacks. Years ago, the real estate company I worked for decided it was time to employ a black person. This company had started the community in California and was considered the basis for many of the opportunities that existed there, but had indicated in their initial rules in the 1940’s for each designated area, that blacks were not to be sold property.

    I hired “Gloria” for a position on the switchboard, so she worked directly for me. I treated her the same as everyone else, but there was a person (evangelical Christian) who worked next to our area and felt it was her duty to report anything that took place, no doubt thinking she was protecting the “new black person”. An issue came up, I reprimanded Gloria as I would have anyone else, then was taken aside and told that I had to be very careful about what was said and who I said it to. Gloria was also my friend, as well another human being, and both of us thought that what happened was an unnecessary incident. She quit soon after that and took a much better position in a neighboring town.

    This occurred in the 1980’s…it just indicated that we are not equal in any way based on such stupid criteria such as the color of our skin or what sex we are or our beliefs. All of the work done by King and others simply changed our laws…it did not and could not change what is in people’s minds and hearts. And until we move beyond this generation and their use of “disliking” (or hating) what has taken place, this country becomes nothing more than a third-world bully!

    Barack Obama was the best candidate for president, he indicated that it would take time before issues could be resolved, he is extremely intelligent and compassionate and those that resent him because they feel he was elected because of his race are using the reverse discrimination I mentioned. These are people that say “it’s not his race, it’s his policies” simply because they don’t want to admit they are racist. I do not understand this way of thinking…if you have an issue with another person, give them 3 chances and then make an intelligent decision, but if you don’t like a person because of their race, at least explain it, say why and possibly you may realize how backward you are! We’re all just human beings!

  5. just curious, you’ve given your definition of racist. so, isnt it by your own definition just as possible for black people to be racist of white and/or latino, and latino against white/black people as it is for white people to be racist of black/latino people?

    1. Real Brother here.

      You White Racists looking for an excuse for destroy the Black President please stop. There’s not White President in the WH who Blacks oppose or Latino’s oppose so stop. Nobody’s Racism excuses the other Racists. Just stop that shit.


    2. Real Brother here.

      Yes Blacks can be Racist but why Whites think that would excuse their Racist opposition to a Black President is beyond me. One person or Races Racism doesn’t excuse another. Stop suggesting it does. Black Racism has NOTHING to do with the Racist hatred of the Black President.


    3. Real Brother here.

      John while its very possible for minorities to hate Racists and White Supremacists this doesn’t equate to Racism because the “hatred” is based on 450 years of Racism and Discrimination on the part of Whites and NOT on their Race. Racism is the HATRED of other Races based on THEIR RACE not on other reasons like 450 years of Slavery, Racism, Discrimination and Oppression.


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