Real Brother here.

After one of the worst starts in team history the Dallas Cowboys fired Wade Phillips as Head Coach one year after he signs a two year extension on his contract. Phillips who’s father was Bum Phillips who once remarked of Houston running back Earl Campbell: ” Campbell may not be in a class all by himself, but it sure don’t take long to call roll…”  Well his son Wade wasn’t in a class all by himself he was another in a long line of White Head Coaches that the Dallas Cowboys have had. I say its time for a Black Coach for America’s Team. We have a Black President so why not?

The issue is to do it right and that means Cowboy’s Owner Jerry Jones needs to get on the phone immediately[ if not sooner] and call up Tony Dungy no, not to come out of retirement   but to evaluate Black Coaches who the other twenty-two teams for one reason or another[all to do with the fact that they are Black] passed on. Many would say but that’s Racist you can’t pro-actively seek out a Black Coach in order to get a great Coach that all the other Racist Owners passed on? My answer to that is why not? If the object is to win and the object is to get the best Coach  then who better then someone who was passed over because he was Black?

I’m reminded of how former President  George W. Bush won the 2001 election with 4%  more votes then former Vice President  Al Gore.  Astute White Democrats knew that Blacks comprise 4% of the American electorate. They also knew that 14% of African Americans voted for Bush. The general idea was to find someone Black who they could run in the Primaries against Hillary Clinton  who they knew wouldn’t have a chance in hell of winning but Blacks would see that Democrats had ran a competent and credible Black Candidate and that 4% of the Black vote would be in the pockets of the Democrats in 2008. People got to know Barack Obama and decided to elect him as the 44th President of the United States. He got 95% of the Black vote.

Brought in because he was Black, sought out because he was Black and because Racists and White Supremacists had slept on Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice exceptional talent had been wasted. There is no question in my mind if the Democrats had set out for the best candidate regardless of Race that they would have overlooked the lanky Jr. Senator from Chicago  but when Black became the starting point then the choice was easy and obvious.

The reason I’d have Tony Dungy find the Cowboys a Black Head Coach is because he’s Black for one so he won’t have that Racial bias that Whites would have that would lead them to seek out White stereotypes of Blacks that would make evaluating a Black Coach difficult. Dungy would be able to objectively evaluate a good fit.  Also Dungy did an excellent job in finding his own replacement in Jim Caldwell.  The Colts under Caldwell haven’t missed a beat they rest atop the AFC South and as such look poised to return to the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl for the second year in a row under Caldwell.  Can you really argue against success? 

The Rooney Rule named after former Pittsburgh Steeler  Owner Art Rooney was instituted in 2003 as a mechanism to increase minority representation among Coaches in the NFL. Its a program that Racists hate but its been effective because many of these Owners have never set across from anyone Black in their entire lives and have no idea how far Blacks have advanced since the 1800’s.  I’m serious for many of these Owners meeting these Brothers is an eye opener. And there simply is no other way to dispel the stereotypes  then by forcing these meetings.

Imagine the precedent? Say Tony Dungy were to recommend a Black Coach and he’s hired and does as well as Caldwell did or Lovie Smith has done in Chicago or Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh then teams that have a real desire to win who know that there are all kinda’ Black Coach’s out there  being over looked for no good reason but their Race will be clamoring to acquire a Dungy protege’ like they rush to the Big Ten to find a quarterback.

Finally, remember the reason the Dallas Cowboys became America’s Team in the first place. Dallas was the team that would take a young Bullet Bob Hayes who may not have had the most traditional background, may of had a little trouble with the law maybe not the best education etc. and put the number 22 on em’ and let em fly.

I went to college with Vince Albritton at the University of Washington and we used to cut our hair in the Hub which is the little hang out we used to call it Conversation 101. Vince was devastated after his senior year because not one of the 28 teams drafted him after having a decent career at the UW as a linebacker on a Rose Bowl winning team and share of the National Championship. Vince tells me, “You know the Cowboys invited me to their try out camp and it was weird because I was bigger then everyone else there” . Vince Albritton was the starting linebacker for the Cowboys for seven years and is regarded as one of the more solid linebackers of his era.  Its time for that spirit of giving the Brothers a chance to be applied to their vacant Head Coaching position.

Theron K. Cal is a Writer and a Commentator living in Los Angeles


17 thoughts on “COWBOYS NEED A BLK COACH!


    1. Lack of black coaches in the NFL is a problem that a lot of good people are working on. There are a LOT of black coaches in the NBA. The NBA does much better than any other sport when it comes to these types of things.

      But seriously, take off the caps, you sound like a moron.

      1. Real Brother here.

        You’re attacking me and its obvious you’re taken aback by someone Black who doesn’t fit your dumb Racist stereotypes. You’re entitled to your dumb Racist opinions but I reject that silliness.

        A dead give away of a Racist or Black Self-hating wish they were White control freak is in not even trying to understand the point or getting mad at a point that’s made that you never thought of before.
        Where’s your Blog post about the Cowboys hiring a Black Coach? Yea I thought so.

        Have a nice day.


  2. Your grammar is terrible and your points are absurd. Why is racism okay as long as you’re discriminating against whites? (and by the way, no need to capitalize the words black, white, or racist!)

    1. Real Brother here.

      The reason the Race problems persist and the reason dumb White Racists such as yourself John are so frustrated is because White Racists simply
      refuse to share power and insist on holding onto the myth that Whites are superior. And no Dallas would not be discriminating against incompetent and mediocre White coaches by hiring a great coach who’s being over looked because he’s Black. And don’t tell me what I can Capitalize or not you dumb White Racist creep.


      1. I came over because I saw your link on Fanhouse. No intelligent person, white, black, or otherwise will take you seriously. Do you run these articles by anybody else? I mean, your points don’t even make sense. Not only do you sound dumb when talking about sports, but you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to politics. Al Gore had MORE popular votes than GWB in the 2000(not 2001) election. And who are these people that decided to ‘have’ BHO run against Hillary in the primary. You think the Clintons were happy when Obama decided to run? They were talking about Obama as having a great future after his speech in 2004. I mean, you just sound ridiculous.You have no idea how the political process works. People decide to run, and then people vote in primaries. And for the record, I’m not white or black. I am an anti-racist, so I thought you might have something interesting to say. This doesn’t help. Again, you would be laughed at by anybody with a brain.

      2. Real Brother here.

        You taking me seriously is proof positive that a lot of people take me seriously and if they don’t its because they’re stupid. Don’t insult me by suggesting I “sound” like a moron and then you fail to debunk my argument. Your taking a picky and inaccurate point of the 2000 election where Bush was sworn in in 2001 as your example .You’re an Idiot in not realizing that the Democratic Party leadership[Tom Daschel, Harry Reid, David Axolrod et. all] actually recruited a Black Barack Obama to solidify the 4% Black vote. Never expecting the brilliant Black genius to spank Hillary. Finally if you are Asian then good for you but don’t be jealous of me because I’m Black.


    2. Real Brother here.

      Not knowing the definition of the word Racism. And characterizing Blacks opposing Racism and White Supremacy as discrimination against Whites is just plain DUMB.


      1. Wow, I honestly cannot believe you told Dr. Beef not to be jealous of you because you are black? Really? Can you explain that?

      2. Real Brother here.

        Yes many a White Racist is taken aback by Blacks who have the ability to express a thought. It makes the Racists upset. Others are just plain jealous.

      3. Real Brother here.

        Yes many Racists and White Supremacists resent and are even “jealous” of Blacks because the President is Black its crazy but true.


  3. “COWBOYS NEED A BLK COACH!” gee, that sounds kinda racist.

    p.s. Regarding your blind worship of Obama because someone disagrees with the man, the man who happens to be Black, you endlessly equate same with racism. Color doesn’t enter into it. I would dislike and distrust the man if he were green. Equating criticism of the president, ipso facto, with racism is racism.

    p.p.s Please learn how to write before publishing articles. Regardless of your subject and regardless of your race, please, if you want to be taken even remotely seriously, learn how to write well.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Go to hell Racist. You “disagree” with the President because he’s Black and that’s Racism. You fool nobody and you need to wake up and be honest for a change. You have NOTHING against that man but his Race. Its childish.


  4. hey there real brother, real nigga here!

    nice article, but honeslty your just embarrasing us ( the black race ) stop saying dumb shit before you give us a worse name then we already have, were trying to build or repesentation not tear it down. It doesnt matter whos white black asian or indian or anything, the only thing that matters if A. ther person can make out positives for the country, or football team. Just cause someone is black or white doesnt make him more qualified than the next person. so just shut your shit and sit back and watch everything that happens. and stop complaining about racist shit that aint even racist, your probably some broke as nigga that doesnt have anything else to do. how about you go to work, and see what kinda of diffrence you can make through a real job.

    peace nigga

    1. Real Brother here.

      I know you’re stupid and you’ve bought into the myth that White people are Superior and you’re afraid that I’m mopping up the floor with them.But if you can’t grow up and handle the fact that White people aren’t better then you then that’s something you need to learn to deal with. I will speak out against Racism, White Supremacy and Black Self-hating wish they were White Idiots like you until the end. You’re thank me for it one day. Now stop being afraid you’re part of history. Barack Obama ended the 450 years held MYTH that Whites are Superior.


  5. The Cowboys, like every other team, want a good coach that can lead them to the Superbowl. Who cares what race they are from? Most intelligent people are capable of judging people on things that really matter…..not skin color. Grow up and stop obsesssing on the color of everyones skin.

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