Real Brother here.

MSNBC’s  Hardball Host  Chris Matthews almost said it in a story about how the White Racists were reporting a story that the Presidents Asian trip would cost 200 million per day and then it was 3.6 Billion by time the Racist Rush Limbaugh had gotten a hold of  it they wouldn’t let me rip it but I have the link I want you to check it out.

Notice how close him comes to saying that the Racist opposition to the Black President is Racist? See he couldn’t say it and nobody else would because there is an unwritten agreement between the White Racists on the Right and the White Supremacists on the Left that there will be no mention or discussion about the Racist opposition to this Black President. Whites on the left have looked at the focus groups and the Poll Numbers and they all show that White Racists are turned off being exposed as White Racists. They prefer that what ever lie they wish to tell about the Black President be considered the reason they hate him as opposed to the truth and that’s because he’s Black. Its truly sick but that’s where we are.

What do you think about Whites on the Left giving a pass to Whites on the Right as to their Racism?




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