Joining Us Now, A Blk Idiot!

Real Brother here.

I’m so sick of these Black Idiots these yellow part-time Sista’s and Gay Brothers these Professors and Idiots from these women’s groups or some Black nut who has a new book out or something and then they get on the panel supposedly to give the Democratic side of the argument but inevitably they cave to the pressure and take the Racists position that its all President Obama’s fault that he hasn’t communicated properly that White Racists hate him because he’s Black. The latest is this Brother Micheal Eric Dyson who I thought was cool but he’s somehow seen the success Tavis Smiley and Cornell West have had bashing the Black President and Steven A. Smith and them so he’s jumped on the blame Obama that White Racists hate him bandwagon and its just lame.

In the above Dyson claims that President Obama is afraid to put his foot down in the Racists azz when of course Dyson and the rest of his elk are afraid to even look a Racist in the eye out of fear for their very lives. I know what the pressure from Whites can be on a weak Black Idiot who’s convinced that Whites are superior Gods but still if you don’t have the guts to call the Racists out and stand up to them then don’t you dare talk about someone else who won’t do it. These Black Idiots have to know they are blessed to be able to go on these shows and sell or market anything and its not like I can’t appreciate they have to toe the line say what the White Gods on the show tell em’ to say but still they can’t slip in the truth that Racists don’t give a damn about the Unemployment Percentage or the Deficit or Taxes or Government Spending all things President Obama scores A+ on, but no, Racists care about one thing and that’s his Race.

Ronland Martin, Marc Lemont McLemore, Mellissa Maxwell Perry all have access to the airways and all get on there and bash the President and never once mention his Racist opposition.  And then want to go on You Tube and blame the President for not addressing the Racism. Its to the point now to where they don’t even have anyone who supports Obama on. As long as they have someone Black on then they feel they covered all the bases. they had a panel on Larry King and all four Idiots were against Obama. See the focus group showed that Racists don’t like it when someone’s on who supports President Obama because he’s done so much the Racists or Black Sellouts who oppose him look stupid when someone who supports the President is on.

If you’re one of these Black Pundits and you go on one of these shows and you don’t mention the real reason White Racists hate a Black President then you need your butt kicked. And if you do go on the show and you blame President Obama for not explaining his Health Care Reform Bill to Racists who don’t want Blacks, Mexicans or other minorities to have Health Care to begin with then you need you butt kicked twice. If you don’t want to tell the truth don’t go on.



9 thoughts on “Joining Us Now, A Blk Idiot!

  1. keep it righteous real brother!Theseblack uncle toms and sellouts need a good ass kicking for dissing their own people while being puppets for the white people.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Thank you for the spelling correction dumb White Racist. My inability to spell is why I’m a
      borderline genius and not a full fledged one like our President.


    1. Real Brother here.

      These Dumb White Racists are scared to death. See they’re stupid and White Privilege and Supremacy is all they have.
      They’d starve to death if it wasn’t for the myth that they are superior. So they think they can intimidate and bully us
      and threaten us with being put back in the fields. They’re on their last legs.


  2. Real Brother you are one funny dude. You say you aren’t racist but isn’t it racist for you to believe that everything Obama does is right, just because he is black? I love reading your blog to get your perspective on things. It seems that you get offended when people don’t see it you way. So, in turn, you resort to calling them racist and what not. Wouldn’t you be the one that is racist because you are labeling people as a certain race therefore they must be racist. For example, above you say “White Racist” referring to the poster Tyrone. It is interesting that you give him a race to associate with because he sees otherwise. This is, in fact, racist of you. If Tyrone had said something that you found enlightening to your standards then you probably would have written him off as black, right?

    1. Real Brother here.

      Its silly that Racists would suggest that I criticize President Obama as doing something wrong before he’s done something wrong just to criticize him because he’s Black. No when he does something worth criticizing him for then I will until them I won’t. And no people who are criticizing Obama because they hate him because he’s Black are either White Racists or Black Sellouts period.

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