(R)acists Get BIG Win!

Real Brother here.

UPDATE:   Now that the smoke has cleared and the final tally is in as initially reported this was a huge win for Racists in these Mid-terms but now more then ever we need to clarify and examine what happened November 2nd and determine what it means not only for our Country but of course for America’s first Black President.  

We still  have to dispel this myth that Jobs or the unemployment percentage or the economy is why so many White Racists who couldn’t give two flying flips about Jobs or the unemployment percentage or the ecnomy were swept into Congress and Governorships especially when two of the most prominent and successful business savvy Republicans in Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina lost handily.  The truth is this had nothing to do with the economy and had everything to do with Race.

I’ll hand it to Republicans for a brilliant strategy and I’ll scold Democrats for doing what Republicans did in the 08′ Election and that is underestimate their opponent. You won’t hear this anywhere else so pay very close attention: President Obama was elected in part because Racists were honest in arguing that a Black man was unqualified to be President of the United States and that America simply wasn’t ready for a Black President. This offended so many who were not Racists that they turned out in droves to prove Racists[the enemy] wrong.

Two years later the Republicans got wise.  The truth was too harsh, too Racist and it fired up Democrats and as well as Independents who weren’t willing to reject a good Candidate based on his Race.  What Republicans realized is that if they lied even if the lie was blatant and obvious Democrats would accept that lie as long as it was a credible lie.  So the Party that two years earlier lost an election by suggesting a Black man was unfit to head the Nation because of his Race, was now arguing that that same President was unfit to run the Nation because he focused on Health Care Reform first and put Jobs and the Economy and Tax Cuts later, too late.

It was a lie but it didn’t matter because it wasn’t the truth[they hated him because he was Black] and Democrats accepted the lie[because after all Whites were telling it to them and Democrats will believe anything anyone White tells them as long as its not overtly Racist]. The truth is the Tax Cuts for 95% of working families came first and the Stimulus Bill that created or saved 4 million Jobs which included the largest Tax Cut in U.S. History with 40% of the Stimulus in the form of individual and Business Tax Cuts came many months before the Health Care Bill. The bank and Wall Street and Auto Bailouts and Small Business employee Tax Credits all huge job and business stimulants came way before the Senate Health Care Reform Bill. But Racists lied and said it came first.

So while Racists were going to the Polls to rid America of its first  Black President and undue the 08′ Election, Democrats stayed home thinking the Mid-Terms were a Report Card on Congress on the Economy and that since that’s what they were told [by the Right] the Racists were voting on the economy as well.  Not true. Racists were voting based on their hatred of a Black President which is no different then their argument two years ago which had fallen  on deaf ears.

A Sista’ goes by the name Symmetry on Twitter said she volunteered and worked the Polls somewhere back East. She said : “Not everyone who opposes President Obama is a Racist” and her sentiments were echoed by a number of Democratic supporters who blamed President Obama even Micheal Moore blamed President Obama for not getting young Whites, Blacks and new and first time voters out to the Polls.

I pointed out how silly that was because what got young voters and Blacks and first time voters out was the fact that White Racists were opposed to a perfectly good Candidate because he was Black. So you blame the President two years later for not telling supporters that the same Racists who were STILL opposed the Black President because he was Black for not explaining his Health Care Reform well enough to the those Racists that would grant Health Care to Blacks? Do White Racists really want to hear how Health Care Reform is going to help Blacks and other minorities and poor White trash?

I also pointed out that even if I were lying about Racists opposing the President because he were Black isn’t that a better reason for getting out the base then the truth that this is a referendum on the Unemployment Percentage going from 9.5% to 9.6% ? Is that going to really energize the base and get young people to the Polls that the Unemployment Percentage moved .1 percent? While the other side is turning out in droves to stick it to a Black President who’s threatening to take all their money away and give it to Oprah? A Black President who’s raised your Taxes, a President who’s spending is outta control who’s giving free Health Care to Blacks and illegals who hates America and is spending 200 Billion Dollars a minute on his Asian trip?  Even if Democrats have to lie and say that Racists oppose the President because he’s Black that’s better then the lie that Racists give a damn about a 9.5 to 9.6%  jump in the unemployment percentage.



6 thoughts on “(R)acists Get BIG Win!

    1. Real Brother here.

      The fact that you don’t know the definition of the word makes you an Idiot Steve. The fact that you don’t know the definition of the word also means you can’t comment on whether or not the Racist opposition to the Black President is Racist or not.

  1. Now I get it I didn’t know you had renamed the Republicans–Racist.
    So what are Black Republicans?
    Too true but what do you call all of the Black voters who failed to vote last night?
    I believe Obama under appreciated the Black votes and paid a heavy price.
    Keep writing I’ll keep reading.

    1. Real Brother here.

      The Black Republicans are Sellouts, Self-haters, who wish they are White. And no you can’t fault President Obama if voters want to vote for him and not some corny azz White boy who can’t hold his jock.


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