Real Brother here.

We have all become accustomed to the spin that both the MSM and the Racists at Fox will put on any appearance by President Obama especially on a venue that’s considered non-traditional for a sitting US President. The President’s twenty-two minute foray into the  politically satirical Daily Show with John Stewart  . The video isn’t available yet — I’ll put it up as soon as it is– but my take on what I’ve seen of the show–and no I didn’t see all of it only clips–is that the President did what he always does and that is defend his policies and accomplishments against mis-information and out right lies from skeptics on the left and Racists on the right.

This constant defending against nonsense and silliness that works only because of America’s Racial bias against a Black President, while robbing the President of his rightful place in history for the moment as the most successful US President in the last hundred years the constant questions about the Presidents competency and policy agenda and experience coming into office does allow President Obama to once again prove his competency and remind the electorate why we elected him by an overwhelming majority and that’s because he’s brilliant and he understands what needs to be done to move this Country forward.

The knock on the President’s appearance was, “not funny, boring,” that there was nothing that those who oppose the President because he’s Black could point to and flip twenty-five ways proving that Obama’s a Socialist or Marxist or Communist or that he had a Freudian slip revealing that our President is a closeted Muslim.  On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Conservative Commentator Joe Scarborough– who has been wrong from day one on this President–offered that the President, seemed “Unhappy“, that all the Racism and White Supremacy was wearing the President down. Then Scarborough makes the ridiculous claim that the President doesn’t have any plan to create jobs and refuses to be bullied by Racist Republicans who don’t respect him because his Black.  As usual there was nobody on MSNBC who was Black to defend the President against Joe’s silliness.

What this does is set up the President moving forward where he will have to again defend everything he said on John Stewart’s show more then anything because those that were lying on him feel slighted for being exposed. Its silly and nobody in the media will say anything about it because its in their best interests to maintain political power in this Country as well.  That’s right the “Fourth Estate” being the media is vying for power just as the Racists in the GOP are fighting for it.  Its a fight that both entities are losing and when the media loses and they control the microphones they are going to shout the loudest in order to drown out those who don’t have the microphone.  I say don’t listen to them, they’re mad because they lost.



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