Real Brother here.

Late as hell but I guess its better late then never but CNN in conjunction with the Black man hating rag Essence Magazine is making the bold connection between White Racist hate groups and the Tea Party. Tell me something I didn’t already know for like three damn years?

I will say now that like the NAACP before them nobody wants to accuse the Racists for BEING  the Tea Party and as such tell the lie that these are “fringe” groups who wish to “infiltrate” the Tea Party.  Not true. The Tea Party started out when White Racists and many lesbians formed the PUMA’s. This happened after Hillary conceded the Nomination to Barack Obama.

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The former Clinton Campaigner and  PUMA[Party Unity My Azz] founder Bill Bower was quoted telling the Huffington Post, “If Hillary has to be on a ticket as a Vice President I’d rather that ticket be McCain/Hillary “.  Days later little known Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was named as John McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee. After Obama’s election many Republicans who were Racist from day one disgruntled with the GOP and not comfortable calling themselves Independents joined the former PUMA’s making up the modern Tea Party.

That those groups weren’t Racist when forming the Tea Party is silly because those groups only complaint against the Democratic Nominee was his Race. I think groups like Essence Magazine and CNN are doing the voting public a disservice by misleading them as to the origins and make-up of the Tea Party. The organization has as it singular goal to unseat a Black President due to his Race and that’s not a fringe faction of the Tea Party that’s their entire reason for being.







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