Rachel Maddow Breaks GOP Code!

Real Brother here.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was on Meet The Press this Sunday and almost in passing she mentioned Tea Party Candidate Sharon Angle’s Ad in which a group of menacing looking Latino teenagers mad dog a group of blond haired blue eyed real Americans.  Maddow  called the ad Racist but the story wasn’t the reaction of those with her on the panel but the fact that a White woman calling another White woman Racist went viral.

There are I’m sure a number of reason’s why there is an unwritten Media law that  Whites will not point out what’s so obvious to Blacks and others with a grasp of reality at all  and that is that Racist opposition to a Black President is based on his Race. I suspect that the mainstream media fears that if the truth about the Tea Party and the extreme fringe of the GOP that has taken over the Republican Party is exposed, then the enthusiasm for the Tea Party and the GOP will wane and the TV ratings will wane along with them. I’m not being cynical when I report that without Racism and the hatred of minorities and Blacks and abortion doctors taking over the Country the GOP would fall off the face of the political map.

Rachel will now need all of our support because just as former President Carter did and as Talk Show Host Bill Maher is doing exposing the real reason White Racists oppose President Obama will bring vicious attacks.   We are going to have to stand behind our commentators in a similar fashion as Racists and Bigots on the right are standing behind their plant Juan Williams when NPR finally got fed up with his nonsense.  We haven’t heard the last of this issue but kudos to our girl Rachel Maddow for bringing this issue to light.



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