The Mystery Behind The Hit Show

Real Brother here.

With the President in Nevada and I’m watching a friend get his act on.  I was reminded of a story that was told to me by a guy that I just happened to sit down next to at a Sports Bar in Sherman Oaks. He was a Sonics fan and so was I. He said he was born and raised in Seattle but he moved to Las Vegas to work in the sheet rock business building walls in homes. He told me his co-worker and he used to talk about moving to Los Angeles because he was an Actor and his co-worker a writer.

One day the guy who was telling me the story said his co-worker said he had decided he was going to do it, he was quitting the sheet rock business and he and his wife were moving to LA to try to break into show business. The guy at the bar wished him well and made him promise to give him a call if and when he made it big.  Of course the co-worker and his wife were in LA starvin’ like Marvin living in a  single apartment no money no income very little savings eating ketchup sandwiches.

The couple with few contacts went out as much as possible and on one of these outings they met an Actress who was also trying to get started in the business who had an audition with the William Morris Agency to possibly represent her. So she asked the co-worker to write a little scene that she could use at her live audition. She shows up at the audition and all the big wigs at the Agency are there. The Actress does her thing and she gives it her all. She’s reading the executives faces  looking for any feedback they can give. They are silent for the most part until someone asks a question.

That was nice, did you write it” ?  One of the executives said. “No, a friend of mine wrote it.” The Actress said. A beat or two went by. “Does your friend have anything else he’s written?” the man pressed. “I’m not sure maybe?” said the Actress. “Do you mind if I call him?” the Exec said. So they contacted the former sheet rock worker who was eating catchup sandwiches in a single apartment in Los Angeles wondering if they had made the right decision moving to LA.

The wife of the sheet rock worker while is Las Vegas was fascinated with the forensic science that the police were using to solve crimes. She had written a script incorporating that new science and crime solving. The executive asked to check out the script and the couple went back to their impoverished life and didn’t think too much of it until one day that same executive from William Morris called:  ” We represent Jerry Bruckhiemer and he’s very interested in this CSI Las Vegas and would like to make you an offer for a pilot episode.” the executive said. CSI Las Vegas was a huge hit and spawned CSI Miami and CSI New York. Needless to say the days of ketchup sandwiches are  long gone.                                                                                                                                                                     

The Sonics fan was appearing in the season finally of CSI NY which was special because Quintin Tarintino was Directing.  Its a true story. One of the earlier films I Produced starred a young Actor who I’m forever grateful to because he was truly professional and accommodating on what was a very difficult shoot working with a first time Director. Hill Harper was the Actor and today stars on CSI NY and can be found on Twitter.



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