Juan Williams & Sellout Rights!

Real Brother here.

The firing of the Sellout Self-hater wish he were White think Whites are Superior Juan Williams has rekindled the debate about whether or not Blacks who hate the Black Race and Culture and feel it ought not exist who identify with Racists and White Supremacists– who also hate the Black Race and Culture and feel its inferior and therefore has no right to exist– are somehow having their rights infringed by a politically correct media.  While I agree that Blacks just as Whites have every right to express their hatred of their own Race and Culture whether or not their media employers are obligated to provide a soap box for their hatred is the issue.

Its irresponsible and  wouldn’t be accepted if it were done across Races or religions so why should it be allowed within’ ?

Nothing is more simple and obvious than Racists such as those at Fox News will simply hire Sellouts like Williams and place them strategically on shows like Bill O’Reilly’s where they can echo the Racist ideology of their bosses who will argue that these are the opinions of someone Black and therefore can’t be Racist which is true, Blacks can’t be Racist against Blacks but the assumption that Blacks can’t be damaging to the Black Race is ridiculous. While media outlets like NPR and Fox are certainly free to damage any group they wish they are not obligated to do so.

If NPR chooses not to play Blacks out by having a Black Idiot on there basing other minorities they are well within’ their rights not to do so.                                                                                                                                                        

At issue when it comes to Blacks is that Self-hating Blacks– who wish they were White– argue that they hate being Black so much that they’d side with the KKK just to be on the opposite side of those they hate. The notion that as Blacks there aren’t common issues that all Blacks can agree on, is in a word stupid.  Should there even be a Black Race and Culture do we deserve to exist? Should Blacks be covered under the Constitution of the United States should Blacks have the same rights as Whites? We can’t agree on that? Its silly, there are common issues that all Black people I don’t care what Party or ideological side of the table you sit can agree. Our right as citizens to participate in the debate?, anyone who doesn’t agree with that is an Idiot and deserves to be fired.

The Self-hater wish he were White Sellout Ron Christie has a book out called Acting White and its a tired lie that Self-hating wish they were White Black Sellouts who have convinced themselves that any, all things good and successful and Holy are White and if they aspire to be loved and accepted by Whites then Blacks who don’t hate their Race and culture and worship Whites as superior will accuse the Sellouts of “Acting White” its nonsense as illustrated by President Obama– who Sellouts immediately tried to claim– but when you look at his background and his life, as well as read his books Audacity of Hope and Dreams from My Father where the future President asserts that he made a conscious decision after years of aimless and reckless denial of his “Blackness” if you will; preferring to be addressed by the name Barry and dating a series of White women, experimenting with drugs, taking his studies for granted, surfing and listening to Led Zeppelin, all things he perceived as White.

It was when he decided to embrace his Black Race and culture and reject the myth that White was superior that he found his niche in society and set a course that would lead to his success. President Obama actually credits his decision to move to the South side of Chicago and join Reverend Wrights Trinity Baptist Church and his courtship of a Black Michelle Robinson and re-branding of himself as Barack Obama  that led to his success,  he never considered success as “Acting White” and no other well adjusted Black people do either.

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Eduction issued a report this year in which it asserts 44 percent of Blacks who enroll as Freshmen in American Universities actually graduate with degrees. The number is of course markedly higher for Black students transferring from community colleges.  The point is to enter a University as a freshman one would have had to of been at the top of their High School class  meaning these were the Christi’s and Williams’ who would have been accused of “Acting White”. The irony is after the report came out on Blackvoices and other message boards the very same Blacks who claim they were accused of “Acting White” suggested that the Blacks who were flunking out of Universities were Blacks who were listening to rap music and partying and chasing booty and sippin’ on a forty. Hardly behavior that Blacks who would be accused of “Acting White” would engage in. 

The argument that Self-hating Blacks make that their failures are the fault of Blacks who don’t hate their Black Race and culture and worship Whites as superior or their successes  in spite of them is faulty. The reality is Blacks who’ve decided to hitch their wagon to their traditional oppressors do so as a calculated bet that this would be the most efficient  path to success. That President Obama proved the Sellouts wrong is what we are seeing in their stepped up presence on our airwaves.  I’ll never forget the Sellout Larry Elder proclaiming emphatically that  the first Black President of the United States will be a Conservative.

I asked him about that on his radio show which is once again on KABC here in Los Angeles and all he could say was, “ I was wrong.” which was a major admission for him and possibly the first. I can only imagine that Sellouts who have lived their entire lives thinking that the more they rejected who they are and embraced this idea of what it is to be White and then have that entire life’s philosophy blow up in their faces is traumatizing.  Most Sellouts and most Whites who aren’t Racists were thrown by the realization that President Obama’s success is the result not of running from his Race and Culture and sucking up to Whites but by embracing his Black Race and Culture and rejecting the myth that Whites are superior.

How ironic that many of these same people who chided Blacks and Whites for voting for President Obama because he was Black  are now resentful and taken aback by the revelation that yes, he’s not only Black but his success is do to his acceptance of who he was and his embracing of it.

So if Juan Williams who is now far more famous then he was when he appeared  sobbing  like Jesse Jackson on Fox News the night of President Obama’s election when he proclaimed ” I never thought I’d see the day when a African American would be elected President…” wants to claim that he’s “thinking for himself” by undermining that same  President then he has every right to claim that but we have every right and a duty to call it for the nonsense that it is. Williams bet against the Black Race and Culture and he simply lost.


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