The Sellout Clarance Thomas’s Wife Whew!

Real Brother here.

I knew the Self-hating wish he were White Clarence Thomas was a fool but his White Supremacist T’Party wife is beyond dumb. She called Anita Hill who was testifying at Thomas’ confirmation hearings which was the first time America was privy to the confirmation process since Thomas was the first Black Self-hater who wished he were White to be nominated for the Supreme Court. Please view the article and maybe we can dicuss.



One thought on “The Sellout Clarance Thomas’s Wife Whew!

  1. All I have to say is HELL NO to receiving a phone call. I have dealt with sexual harassment in corporate America and I WISH (you know I live by the “Wish” factor like Cedric the Entertainer said) a wife would call me expecting an apology. I would not call the police…the police would be called on me b/c I might show up at her house.

    It is appalling that women have to endure harassment but worse is when other women won’t support them and detest this behavior. I was not there to know if Thomas did or not but if so, which it seems so to me, Anita Hill owes her nothing.

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