Why Hillary Clinton Deserves The Black Vote

She humbled herself, giving up White Privilege-to not only win-but succeed once in office by continuing Obama’s policies.

by Theron K. Cal aka The Real Brother

Clinton & Obama


“Fifty percent of Whites will vote for the Republican and fifty percent for the Democrat… while Blacks decide who wins” ~Malcolm X

While the above quote is a paraphrase of the iconic Black activists plea to get Blacks to take our vote more seriously-its a refrain that can be echoed today as we seek to determine the course of a Nation dumbfounded by the success of its first African-American(yes he’s Black, sorry there’s no such thing as biracial), President.

Author Michelle Alexander published a piece in the Nation Magazine detailing why she feels Hillary Clinton should not get the Black vote. I beg to differ and write this article to address the points Alexander raised-in making my argument that Hillary has earned our vote and will be the 45th President of the United States baring an unspeakable tragedy.

Democratic politicians making black people feel liked and taken seriously. Doing something concrete to improve the conditions under which most black people live is generally not required. ” ~Michelle Alexander

While I can’t argue-prior to Obama’s election-the above was not true, I will argue that it worked because for as lame as Democratic outreach to Black voters was, it was ten times better than Republican outreach-which was a [big fat]middle finger. As Blacks we don’t want any group to take our votes for granted, but giving our vote to Republicans as reward for hating our guts is much worse.

“…Bill Clinton seemed to get us. When Toni Morrison dubbed him our first black president, we nodded our heads. We had our boy in the White House. Or at least we thought we did.” ~Michelle Alexander

I disagree both with Mrs Alexander & Morrison. The idea that Blacks can only accept Bill Clinton if we think he’s Black is insulting if not asinine. For as much as Black women would want and expect Black men to hate White people for four-hundred and fifty years of Slavery, Racism, Discrimination & Oppression based on our race, we don’t.

If we want to accept and embrace Whites who show a sincere interest in our race and culture it doesn’t mean we think Eminem is Black. Clinton acknowledged aspects of our Culture-including some that would lead to his impeachment-that the brothers admired and we need not apologize or be insulted for that.

Would now be a good time to bring up the fact that what Bill Clinton did had nothing to do with Hillary? Sure she was his wife and yes she was White and I’ll even grant she thinks-as all Whites do-that Blacks are degenerate, inferior and nobody Black will ever be President-if they do somehow luck up and get elected they won’t succeed.

Should Hillary lie to Blacks to get our vote?

Alexander goes on to mention Bill Clinton’s Three Strikes legislation and disproportionate sentencing for Black offenders as opposed to Whites committing the same offense. I concede that these policies were supported in speeches by Hillary, who I truly believe supported them wholeheartedly.

That said, Hillary would pay for her beliefs in 2008 when she put them to the test in her battle with then Senator Barack Obama. To argue that she’s the same person who thinks Whites superior and Black men “Super Predators” after being soundly defeated by Obama is to be dishonest.

Hillary was asked by Chris Hayes of MSNBC why she didn’t handle the email server thing better-she knew she was running for President? When she answered, “No, I hadn’t decided whether or not I was running for President”  You could see the smirk on Hayes’ face.

Hayes assumes Hillary knew she was running and is once again being less than honest. A charge, which is at the heart of the fake scandals the White-98% Conservative owned media-is saying is her number one flaw.

I look at it another way. If in fact Hillary believed in the myth of White supremacy and that nobody Black could beat her and become President.  Would she be able to maintain that belief if she wanted to run again-after the Black President who beat her, becomes the most successful in U.S. History?

So yes no question, Hillary contemplated running for President but she’d have to abandon the White supremacist beliefs that cost her in 08′, beliefs that her entire life to this point had been based on.  Giving up White Privilege is not a decision anyone White- especially democratic royalty gives up lightly.

“This time she’s facing a democratic socialist who promises a political revolution that will bring universal healthcare, a living wage, an end to rampant Wall Street greed, and the dismantling of the vast prison state—many of the same goals that Martin Luther King Jr. championed at the end of his life. Even so, black folks are sticking with the Clinton brand.”

This is a meme being played out in our media and it speaks to how insulting White people can be. Just as our embrace of Bill Clinton wasn’t because we thought he was Black, its because he reached out to Blacks when very few Whites and no White Republicans have or do.

That Bernie Sanders is playing on the same myth of White Supremacy that Hillary had to abandon to gain the support of President Obama, is not the same thing as President Obama beating Hillary because she thought she could win simply by being White.

“Yes, but James Earl Ray marched with Dr. King too it doesn’t mean you get to trick Blacks into making you President” ~RB

Just as Black voters found in 2008 that Hillary was lying so too will Black voters find out about Bernie. In his victory speech after his win in New Hampshire he said some amazing things like;

“We have to get big money out of elections…now if you’ll excuse me-I have to raise another $100 million dollars.” ~Bernie Sanders

Or this one: “I’m going to Tax the top 1%, but yes your taxes will go up too” ~Bernie Sanders

The CBO scored Single Payer health care when they scored the Affordable Care Act. Obama submitted Hillary’s, Hillarycare proposal for comparison. The plan-which is being championed by Sanders-has been scored to cost $2 Trillion Dollars in Tax Payer funds(CBO) Bernie’s response? “You’ll save thousands...”

You heard that right, you pay; TWO TRILLION but you save “thousands” sounds like a great plan(not really).

Yes again that’s Bernie’s plan but the Republicans are even worse. Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus, in his victory speech said; “Obamacare actually hurts people on the bottom[by encouraging them to get into the middle class].” ~Ted Cruz

“The issue is; should we demand Hillary lie to us to prove to us that she deserves our vote? I say no. I say if she lies she’ll lose again.” ~RB

Alexander spends the rest of her article chronicling how Bill Clinton’s, Whites are Superior Blacks are degenerate & inferior policies hurt Black people-as an argument for why we should accept Bernie lying to us-because he thinks Blacks are inferior Whites are Superior.

I reject the notion that because Hillary is convinced her policies of the past were wrong that she’s less qualified than Bernie-who doesn’t realize his policies have been tried by the first failed 43 White presidents and certainly wouldn’t work in the age of Obama.

Hillary doesn’t have to tell us she knows her husbands policies were wrong, only that she will follow Obama’s policies which corrected those-not only of her husband-but of the Republican presidents trying to take their Country back[to 1850].

Finally, I said in 2008 that Obama would make it look so easy-every White son of a Bush would think they can be President. I also said they don’t realize Obama won because he had a; 1)Better Argument. Wasn’t a, 2) racist or supremacist and he wasn’t a 3)Liar.

We can have a debate as to why someone traumatized by Obama in defeat would be more apt to follow his lead than someone who thinks he’s “corrupt” because certainly he couldn’t have won if he wasn’t.

Sanders rails on the Donor Class and how these banks and Wall Street firms control our elections implying Obama’s on the take and so is Hillary. The facts tell a different story.

In 2008 Obama got twenty percent of his campaign contributions from Banks and Wall Street firms.  As President getting 5.7 Trillion Dollars in principle, interest, fines, fees & penalties. Including but not limited to: $16.65 Billion, Bank of America(bought Country Wide) $13 Billion, J.P. Morgan, $25 Billion, Wells Fargo($300 million to Black homeowners in a settlement with the bank and Obama basher Tavis Smiley). Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, USB, HSBC all were fined(Wall Street Journal).

The argument that taking money from banks and Wall Street resulting in sweet heart deals and no jail time-especially when only $7 Billion was recovered from Bernie Maddoff is a very weak argument.

Alexander concludes her argument suggesting she knows how it all turns out, the superior Whites win and Blacks lose. That we need a revolution such like the one Bernie Sanders offers. I totally disagree.

Shame on us to cynically look at Barack Obama’s rise to power as diminished because no blood was shed to enact the change of power(though the four-thousand Blacks Bush left to drown during Hurricane Katrina played a major part). Does a revolution not count if thousands of people don’t die for the cause?

If the losers of the debate concede they aren’t superior and accept following the policies of the victor is the only path to success does that mean we’ve failed?

The winner of the 2016 election will have the same qualities as Obama with the exception of his race and gender. By understanding the only path to victory-and success once in office-Hillary has proven she not only deserves our vote-she does our vote proud.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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Michael Eric Dyson Is Wrong

RB ON MIC VII snapshot

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-Opinion    Tue February 8, 2016

by Theron K. Cal  Managing Editor, RBR Network

I’m not so naive as to not realize Whites can’t stand President Obama because he’s successful, brash and Black. I also realize every White person on this planet and ninety percent of African-Americans believe Whites to be superior.

The notion that racists won’t eventually destroy Obama like they did Dr. King, Malcolm X, JFK and anyone else stood in the way of the lie-that the dumbest race on earth is somehow superior is too hard to resist.

So when I learned Georgetown Professor and MSNBC Commentator, Michael Eric Dyson had a new book out touting how Obama let everyone down by not letting racists destroy him, I not only rolled my eyes I also decided to take him on as I have so many times with Black Idiots who insist on pushing this narrative of White Supremacy.

The name of the book is: “The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America.”

The premise is simple, Black Idiots who only supported Obama because they were certain racists would destroy him leading to riots and protests, proving Whites are superior and Blacks can only pray, didn’t come to fruition and for that Obama let us all down.

In an interview for the book on the website Radio Times Dyson laid out his case;

Not to suggest there’s not a lot of love or to belittle the ridiculous obstructionism from the far right wing. His inability to move anything through Congress but yes, I’d say there was[on race issues] a racial procrastination that’s sad and disappointing”  ~M.E. Dyson

This is when Professor Dyson’s argument begins to teeter. How much more obstructionism did the inept racist Republican Congress offer that wasn’t deflected during the two years after then Senator Obama first announced he was running for President?

To argue the spit balls from the very Idiots he destroyed in the general election were any less debilitating once he became President, is presumptuous at best and absurd at the very least.

Not lost on me is that Dyson-or any other Obama hater-can’t cite one shred of legislation that the President couldn’t get through Congress unless it was a Bill to send everyone Black back to Africa which he didn’t want to get passed in the first place.


Dyson & Obama
Dyson: Obama could have done more to help racists destroy him.

The truth is; Blacks like Dyson who believe Whites are superior assume Obama would stomp his feet and pound his fist on the table furious, that superior Whites won’t let him have his way. The thought Obama would simply let racists think they were getting eighty-percent of what they wanted when Obama was getting everything he wanted is lost on these Black fools.

An example? Obama’s first budget in 2010(Bush signed the 2009 Budget in October of 2008). An early proposal had twenty-eight billion dollars in spending cuts over racist nut Bush’s 09′ budget(one-third deficit spending). Racists balked at the cuts-thinking this was too easy-asking the President to make it thirty Billion.

“How bout Thirty-Two Billion In Cuts Fella’s?” ~Barack Obama

Obama added not only will I offer you two billion dollars more in cuts than you asked for, if you pass this budget I’ll turn around and give you the first budget with the $28 Billion in cuts for you to vote down. You can go on Fox and brag about how you voted down my budget.

Oh, you’re still not convinced Professor Dyson? When Libyan leader  Muammar Qaddafi  said, he’d begin slaughtering his own citizens if they didn’t stop protesting that America had elected a Black Genius why couldn’t they?

It was to be an assassination, even though it was labeled a police action that wouldn’t’ need the approval of Congress.  This kind of posturing is acceptable when acts of war are being requested of Congress as to not tip off potential targets.

Complicating matters in Libya was the fact that Congress wasn’t in session-giving racist Republicans the excuse they needed to claim the President hadn’t mentioned a thing to them about taking out Qaddafi and was again acting alone, leading from behind and a Muslim sympathizer who was weak on National Security.

The real story is, Obama had made a deal with each and every member of Congress that if they signed the resolution to attack Libya he wouldn’t say a word when they went on Fox and blasted him for “Not contacting me, acting alone, and being no better than George W. Bush”.

This has been the case since 2009 when Obama wrote off Congress when Ted Kennedy died and racist nut Scott Brown won his seat.

“Obama spoke on race but only to chide Blacks in public never to attack racist Whites killing people because he was Black” ~M.E. Dyson

Understandable that the ninety-percent of Black Idiots who think Whites superior will think the President will get into pissing matches with dumb racists over them being racist. Yet I know that a real brother would never debate racists as to whether or not their hate is justified or waste time asking them to stop hating Blacks.

A racists argument is; “Its OK to hate you because you’re Black and Blacks are degenerate and inferior and nobody Black will ever be President and if someone lucks up and becomes President he’ll fail.” ~Racist Nut

Is that an argument the most successful President in U.S. history-who just happens to be Black-has to make verbally or by his actions? And yes, to the extent that Blacks are perceived by Whites as supporting Obama simply because he’s Black a lil’ bit a Black chiding helps to sell the notion of racial neutrality that’s needed to accomplish the goal.

“[Obama] shed tears for the victims of Newtown…but not one tear for Blacks in Chicago or the people of Flint who he could have visited but didn’t” ~M.E. Dyson

That’s silly, while the people in Newtown were murdered in protest of Obama’s election, the Black on Black uptick in crime in 2012 was directly tied to the fake Fox News Polls that had Romney ahead in the Polls over Obama.

Nobody reported it but Black on Black crime in Chicago was down 80% since Obama’s election. Murders going from 532 to 106 the year of Obama’s historic election. Its ironic since 2012 we haven’t gotten a yearly report from Chicago because Black on Black crime went back down 80% soon as we all found out Fox was lying and Obama was re-elected.

There will be no shedding of tears for Black on Black violent crime going down 80% that would be ridiculous.

“Obama pushed through a Gay & Lesbian agenda but didn’t push through $40 Billion Dollars in Pell Grants or $300 Billion in middle class Tax Cuts or $80 Billion in mortgage relief & $300 million from Wells Fargo for Black victims hurt during the mortgage scandal. Nor did Obama sign the ACA into Law giving Blacks a 50 to 70% discount on their Health Insurance and up to $2 million in catastrophic care coverage”  ~M.E. Dyson 

Actually, Obama did all those things and a whole lot more. The day I criticize this President for walking the walk but not talking it to Fox News is the day I support that Idiot Bernie Sanders. No, just do it(don’t trip Nike its not that serious) and let the history books talk about it.

A final word on the LGBT claim. Obama accepted $2 million dollars in donations from LGBT groups it was less than 2% of the over all monies he raised. Would he really alienate his base for such a small constituency?


FLINT: Don’t Drink The Water

Flint was/is tragic but the President knew, how did he know? Because he knew what he was really doing and how much he was really frustrating racists who couldn’t lay a glove on him. It was only a matter of time that Democratic States and cities run by Blacks would come under fire.

We saw that when racists prosecuted Mayor Ray Naggin of New Orleans when they targeted Kawme Kirkpatrick in Detroit. Not to suggest there was no wrong doing but yes, they couldn’t get Obama so they went after local & State Govts. run by Blacks.

If the choice is between poor Black cities, States and letting these Idiots take over our Federal Government that’s a no brainer. I’m sure Obama has a plan for helping these local municipalities but we have to take care or our Democracy first.

“No question,[Obama] sees himself as biracial, he’s proud of that but that brings about problems because he’s not subjected to the same racist brutality and Congressmen yelling out “You Lie!” and people putting ape heads on his body or making him out to be the anti-Christ or all other manner of people climbing over the gates of the White House or shooting into the Oval Office…” ~M.E. Dyson

Of course all those things have happened so what in the hell is Dyson talking about? First of all the 2001 Genome Project Study was clear that the RACE of a human child is that of its biological father.

While there is definitely mixed heritage and culture, a human child is but one RACE and one GENDER as determined by its biological father(2001 Genome Project Study). So Obama’s Black and embracing his Black is what he attributes his success too.

I swear I could go on & on all day every day but the flaw in Dyson’s argument is the belief held by ninety-percent of Black Idiots that Whites are superior and as such they are going to destroy Obama its only a matter of time-so let’s lie and say he’s done nothing for Blacks and is insensitive to racism so we can feel better about Selling Out & joining the KLAN.

I’d love to debate the Professor on my show or on one of his. We fool ourselves thinking these lies about how inept Obama was and how he couldn’t do anything because Whites are so superior could become his legacy. If you or I don’t call these Black Idiots out trying to sell these corny ass books who will?

And on that note what racist is gonna buy a negative book about Obama from a so called Black Liberal? What Black person-96% voted for Obama-would buy it? I understand you want to sell your book but making arguments that weak do nothing but sell yourself and America’s greatest President short.

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours.


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by Theron K. Cal

Los Angeles, CA–Roland Martin had a very interesting panel discussion regarding the Black President and the Black Idiots who work for and represent the ninety-eight percent White Conservative owned media.

The issue is why won’t President Obama let Black Journalists insult him, question his authority, leadership and legitimacy like the racist journalists get to do?

I mean certainly if the President can expose how dumb Bill O’Reilly the Hangover Dude and; Its not my job to tell the truth or know the facts, Chuck Todd are then certainly he can return the favor to the Black buffoons carrying Comcasts water?

No actually he can’t.

Exposing the stupidity and racism of the White Conservative media actually reassures the world that their choice in Obama was the right one.

But exposing the Black Idiots who will never accept his success resulting from embracing his Black Race  culture and rejecting the myth of White Supremacy will only bring calls of, See your own people think you’re wrong and hate you cause you’re Black too.

No, the President has to at least allow the air of a united front in the Black community.

96% of Blacks voted for Obama in 2008 and while 3% of those Blacks succumbed to the Fox News nonsense the need to appear as if at least Blacks are on the same page trumps any personal gain a Black Idiot would bring down America’s greatest President would receive.

So no, if you aren’t about helping this President end the MYTH of White Supremacy then he’s under no obligation to let you destroy him any more then he would be to let a racist.

If you have concerns about this President then ask me I’ll be more than happy to…what? I won’t work because I have nothing to lose so I can tell the truth? Oh, OK then stand you sorry butts down then.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. Let’s discuss it on The Real Brother Radio Show today at 6PM EST on the Real Brother Radio Network.


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BY Theron K. Cal

I write this column on the Sunday before the Tuesday when America will hopefully do the right thing and re-elect Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

All the polls show a razor close race. Networks who have accepted billions of dollars from Conservative groups and organizations as well as having been purchased and owned by those same groups buying all the advertising, implore us to tune in for the latest polls and did they mention it was close? All with the blessing of the Supreme Court courtesy of Citizens United. If you were black would you trust em’?

As a Real Brother the only Network that I can stand to watch is MSNBC which was purchased by Comcast– the deal going through in 2011 just in time to insure the election of a white Republican President–and the reason is the other two Networks Fox and CNN skew so far right I’ll break my neck tilting my head to watch.

On this Sunday MSNBC is trying something new in pre-empting their usual prison fair– black men are scary programing to earn some of that money Conservatives have paid them by helping Mitt Romney make his case that America would be better off if our President was white even if that President is an idiot and liar.

I’ll never trust the MSM again and I don’t think other blacks will either.

When President Obama was elected there was really only one Network black Americans watched and that was CNN. We never saw that Network as being BET or anything but we knew they wouldn’t bend the truth to push their agenda like Fox. And to be honest most of us believed that if you had one Network that was neutral then there was nothing wrong with racists having their own Network that wasn’t.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to objective journalism; a black man won.

When I was a Journalism student at the University of Washington we used to joke that the school had a back end deal with David Halberstam because it seemed that each and every one of our text books was written by him. One of his beliefs was if you control the media then you control the electorate. Halberstam believed that the media doesn’t simply report the news it can shape the thoughts, ideas and indeed dictate the actions of viewers.

I never believed it but apparently Conservatives bought into it hook line and sinker. When Obama was elected, racists not wanting to give him credit focused on the Media as to the reason why.

Fox has consistently led in the ratings for many years and the fact that they were number one was not lost on CNN and MSNBC, so when Conservatives reached out to CNN and MSNBC with not only offers of loads of cash but with the possibility to compete with Fox in the ratings they both jumped at the chance, but there was an unforeseen problem.

While blacks tolerate and have even gotten used to an opposing viewpoint being presented alongside ours, Conservatives will have nothing of the sort. What CNN and MSNBC quickly found is as soon as a Conservative saw a Liberal on the stage with their guy or gal they immediately switched the channel back to Fox.

This phenomenon even extended to any positive story or suspected positive story about or surrounding President Obama. If Obama rocked the crying baby into serenity the racists changed the channel back to Fox.

Indeed a perusal of the ratings post the Conservative influx of Comcast cash has shown that the twenty-one percent new viewers that tuned into MSNBC came not from Fox but from CNN trying to be Fox Lite. In short MSNBC gained more viewers trying to get away from the Conservative point of view of CNN then were attracted to MSNBC skewing more Conservative.

This created a dilemma for MSNBC because remember they were owned now by a Conservative company that has faced more discrimination lawsuits then the ACLU allows.

Instead of drop the fake opposing racist point of view the Network decided that it would drop the Liberal point of view and simply bash Obama 24/7. What are blacks gonna do, change the channel to Fox or CNN?

My disgust with the MSM came to a head during the first Presidential Debate. Romney told one lie after another; Twenty-three million infants and shut ins are unemployed, the President doubled the ten trillion dollar debt by adding six million to it. Forty seven million people on food stamps in 2007 even though Obama was seated in 2009. Obama said Unemployment would be below 5.2%(only after it dipped below 8%)  and it went on and on.

Blacks including the President left that debate confident that the fact checkers would destroy Romney, but of course they offered that Romney was far more passionate telling his lies then the President was in telling the truth so they were giving the victory to Romney. It was tragic.

Now we get this silly argument made by the same MSM that Sold Out to Conservative interests that President Obama– the first African-American President hasn’t done anything or enough for blacks. They cite the fourteen percent black unemployment due to racists being mad that the Presidents black not wanting to hire blacks or the fact that Uncle Pookie remains in prison for slangin’ that crack.

The notion that a black Presidents legacy is in what he’s given to or done for us as measured by racists who are afraid his success would empower blacks is silly. Blacks blame the media for this dishonest portrayal of what Obama has done for us as his success has shaken the very foundation of racism & white genetic superiority that blacks are inferior and nobody black has or ever could become President. Its so much larger than free phones and getting Pokie a pardon on his sentence.

Finally, I’m watching Chris Matthews on his special weekend contribution to the Romney Campaign, he more than anyone else with his “thrill up my leg“, “I forgot he was black” comments are responsible for Conservatives buying up every media outlet in this Country. Matthews offers; “If President Obama is re-elected then he can thank Bill Clinton“.  Our media refuses to give President Obama credit and it turns our collective stomachs.

If Obama wins on Tuesday blacks will never forget how the MSM simply threw us and our President under the bus, if Romney wins blacks will never forget how the MSM simply threw us and our President under the bus.

Theron K. Cal is a writer and host of the Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Ustream 

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Real Brother here, I caught the tail end of the debate on Twitter when it was revealed that Actress Stacey Dash a life long black man hater was supporting Mitt Romney over President Obama in next months election. Dash didn’t give any reason why, just that Romney was white and therefore superior to Obama who of course is Black.

I’ve thought long and hard about why 4% of blacks– according to the top five major Polls–would support a Republican Candidate that has made it clear that his goal is to take America “back” to a time when blacks were 2nd class citizens who were used as a cheap labor force for the pleasure and advancement of white people.

I’ve concluded that two misconceptions are at work among blacks who support the GOP; 1) Black Self-hatred/White Supremacy. Ninety percent of black Americans(99.9% in the UK, Canada and Nazi Germany) believe on some level that whites are simply superior to Blacks and that in intellectual and political contests, whites will always come out on top. 2)Over Estimation of the Number of Whites who are Racist.

Blacks who support the GOP make the wrong assumption that all whites are secretly racist and as such will never support a black man for President. These two wrong assumptions are why a small number of blacks support the GOP. That brings us back to why everybody black should vote for and support President Obama.

The notion that any group would support a candidate based on his chances of winning as opposed to an agreement with his policies is silly but when the added dimension in supporting a candidate is based on the myth of white genetic superiority and black genetic inferiority and an over estimation on how many  whites are racist then the reasoning becomes sublime.

President Obama has made a better argument, he’s proven himself over four years to be competent, capable and honest. Obama took a -15% GDP and grew it to today’s $15T GDP the highest ever representing 40% Growth  http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=d5bncppjof8f9_&met_y=ny_gdp_mktp_cd&idim=country:USA&dl=en&hl=en&q=current+gdp+us .

The President cut spending from Bush’s $12.3T to $2.5T and CBO says as of Jan 1, 2013 Obama will have cut the National Deficit in half. Exports have increased 50% in Obama’s first term due to an increase in domestic oil production and a focus on Green Energy that has pushed America to number one in Natural Gas, Solar and battery operated vehicles. 

For Stacy Dash, Nicky Manaj or any other clueless black Sellout to argue that we can’t support President Obama because ten percent of whites are racist and can’t stand him is not only stupid its dumb. Blacks have always supported the candidate that would have not just our best interests at heart but the Nations, it would be a tragedy if we abandoned Dr. King’s dream now. 

Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays 6-9pm EST on U-Stream http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos @Realbrother0003/Twitter


RB vs. The Right Sphere’s LIES On Obama

RB vs. The Right Sphere’s LIES On Obama

Real Brother here. Play resumes. I wanted to debunk the lies of the Right Sphere Racists in regards to promises they claim President Obama made and later broke. If you are inclined to see the lies for yourself you can view them here: http://www.therightsphere.com/2012/04/president-flip-flop-barack-obamas-broken-promises-policy-reversals-and-continuous-flip-flops
President Obama’s Flip Flops, Broken Promises

There were sixty-four items listed by the article that were billed as “flip flops” and or “failed promises” that Candidate or President Obama has made and each and every one of them are false. I will address each in the order the Sphere presents them; 1) Obama said, he “Wasn’t ready to run for President”  but six years later ran for President. This one is easy and silly as yes in 2002 Senate Candidate Obama did offer that he was not qualified to run for President but six years later why not?  Saying he wasn’t ready six years before being ready is hardly a flip flop or broken promise.

2) Obama Voted Not To raise Debt Ceiling as Senator but lamented Racists trying to default on America’s obligations in order to shame and embarrass him because he’s Black.  Sen. Obama first counted votes to make sure there were enough yes votes before making his symbolic no vote. Also, Bush eventually spent twelve point three TRILLION DOLLARS in borrowed money which remains as the highest deficit spending in the history of the Nation. Protesting this reckless spending was the right thing for Senator Obama to do. That President Obama would cut Bush’s Deficit in half is hardly a flip flop or a broken promise.

3) Obama Promised to End Bush Tax Cuts and then extended them for two years after Racists balked at offering more Stimulus because of the success the first Stimulus had in growing the GDP twenty-five percent and creating eight million jobs. Using the Bush Tax Cuts in order to get an additional eight hundred billion for the middle class was prudent and the Bush Tax Cuts will expire in 2013.  

4) Obama Promised to Not Raise Taxes on Poor or Middle Class and then raised taxes on Millionaires and Billionaires. No Obama promised not to raise “Payroll Taxes” and he didn’t.

5) Obama Promised to Raise Taxes on Millionaires & Billionaires but didn’t offer the “Buffet Rule.”  He did, he did offer the Buffet Rule and its being voted on this week by the Racists.

6) Obama Promised to Eliminate All Taxes for Seniors. That’s a damn lie; a President can’t eliminate State & Local Taxes for Seniors and only Congress can end the minimum seven percent tax rate. 

7) Obama Promised Paygo and Then Offered to Extend the Bush Tax Cuts without paying for them. First of all Obama NEVER promised Paygo it was a demand that Racists made of him that he was willing to adhere to to please them. The fact that Racists never demanded the Bush Tax Cuts be payed for proves they’re full of crap. 

8) Obama Blasts Racists For Talking About Spending Freezes While Spending Twelve Point Three Trillion Dollars and then proposed a spending freeze of his own in 2013 after reducing spending by Seventy Five Percent. Silly.  Since when have Racists been for more Government 

9) Obama Promised to Reduce Earmarks and then Reduced Earmarks. How is that a promise broken or a flip flop? Reducing Earmarks is not the same as NO EARMARKS ever.

10) Obama Promised All Contracts over Twenty Five Thousand Dollars Would Be Competitively Bid and then found out that some of those contracts were competitively bid on. What’s the problem? Please define what a Racist thinks a competitive bid is?

11) Obama Promised to Give Working Families a Child Care Tax Break and then gave ALL working class families a Tax Break regardless of whether or not they had children of child care age. How is that a broken promise or flip flop?

12) Obama Promised Two Billion in Additional Funding for NASA and then added Ten Billion Dollars of PRIVATE funding for NASA while cutting Government funding for the agency. Racists against the private sector? Since when? Promise kept.

13) Obama Was Against the Iraq War and then ended the Iraq War thirty days earlier than promised. How the hell is that a flip flop or broken promise? 

14) Obama Opposed the Iraq War and as Such the Surge. And? Had we never entered that War the Surge would have not been necessary.

15) Obama Got Unanimous Congressional Approval for the UN Resolution to go into  Libya as per the Constitution  but Racists in Congress simply lied about it and said he didn’t. Silly and stupid 

16) Hot Mic Moment RE: Russia; How is having more flexibility after he’s re-elected a flip flop or a broken promise? No it was the truth.

17) Obama Isn’t Willing to Protect Israel because he’s a secret Muslim. Please, that’s nonsense.

18) Obama Hates the Sudan and Egypt because they are in Africa. Please, that’s more nonsense and is not a flip flop or broken promise its just plain dumb.

19) Obama Promised to Ease the Embargo on Cuba and Obama has indeed eased the embargo in Cuba. What? Easing is easing not a total resending of all sanctions. 

20) Obama is soft on Iran, because he’s a secret Muslim. Again that’s just plain stupid.

21) Obama criticized NAFTA and as President hasn’t supported NAFTA and? 

22) Obama Said He’d Reach Out to Hugo Chavez and as far as we know hasn’t reached out to him. If true then I’m sure the President has a good reason nothing worth destroying America over.

23) Obama Promised to Give a State of the Union Address and not a State of the World Address. Where do these Racists come up with these lies? Prove to me Obama said anything about a State of the World Address?

24) Obama Has Ended America’s Image as a Racist Hypocrite of a Country by electing a Black President and this has hurt the image of America among Racist Nations. Good, America is not served by being seen by the rest of the world as Racist.

25) ENERGY POLICY;  Obama criticized Bush invading Iraq to steal their oil thus making the gas prices go up while imposing sanctions on Iran for their Nuclear program causing gas prices to go up. Can you say FALSE EQUIVALENCY?

26) CAP & TRADE; Obama promised Cap & Trade and then imposed emission standards that reduced our dependency on foreign oil by two million barrels per year by improving the fuel efficiency of American autos. Where is the broken promise or flip flop?

27) Obama Promised to Use the Strategic Oil Reserves Only in an Emergency. Who’s to say Racists destroying the Country to punish it for electing a Black President and using high gas prices as their excuse is NOT an Emergency?

28) Obama Didn’t Approve of Keystone; Obama didn’t approve of Keystone because an environmental study wasn’t done. Obama approved of the Southern portion of the Pipeline. Weak Racists weak. Keystone was a Texas Oil Refinery earmark that would have NOT increased America’s gas supply or created significant jobs.

29) Obama was Open to Nuclear Power Until the Japanese Nuclear Plant melted down during the Earthquake. Being “Open” to Nuclear Power is not a promise to advance it.

30) Obama Never Passed the Dream Act; The Dream Act came up for at least two votes but Racists voted it down. The President did sign an “Executive Order” adopting the Dream Act provisions as policy. Racists will NEVER get the Hispanic vote so please stop trying.

31) Obama was Against the Mandate in HCR until Racists offered that if he included one in his Bill they’d vote for it. Obama remains against the Mandate but not to the point to where he wants Racists to outlaw the entire Law.

32) Obama NEVER promised Single Payer, he said he was for it but NEVER promised it. Again no flip flop or broken promise.

33) Obama Promised that Racists Could Keep their High Priced Private Insurance unless it becomes more profitable for Private Ins. Companies to sign onto Obamacare but that doesn’t mean Racists can’t still find High Priced Private Insurance if they’re that stupid.

34) Obama Agreed to a Health Care Law That was Deficit Neutral and Saved 100 Billion over ten years and was paid for. The CBO says the ACA is Deficit Neutral and Saves 100 Billion over ten years but Racists LIE about it and claim their analysts say the Law violates the Law which is silly because its LAW. 

35) Obama Promised the ACA Will Cover Up to 30  Million people who are uninsured later amended to be 50 million people. Racists tell the lie that 25 million people won’t be covered and that’s just a bold faced lie unless those 25 million are illegal aliens because illegals aren’t covered.

36) ACA was Passed using Reconciliation: This LIE is dumb because the President had used Reconciliation on something else and didn’t have it available. No, Obama got a 51% majority in the House and a 60 vote majority in the Senate no Racists voted for it. 

38) Obama Promised that ALL Debates and Votes on the House & Senate floor are to be televised on C-SPAN. They were, to suggest they weren’t is a LIE. They never said they’d take the camera’s home with them.

39) Obama Promised to Punish Employers who Hire Illegals by Deporting Their Illegal Workforce. More illegals have been deported by Obama than any other President. Taking away their cheap labor force is punishment enough.

40) Obama Denounced Torture so of course Racists will lie and say its still going on. Also Obama did denounce Military Tribunals and tried to bring all the detainees to trial in the U.S. but Racists wouldn’t allow it. Some were tried here but no its not a broken promise or flip flop its a fact of Racist political reality.

41) Torture and Abuse Photos of Gitmo Detainees Were Released and then the Obama Administration stopped releasing these type of  humiliating photos; No, the photos were leaked by the Racists at Wikileaks and Freedom of Information Acts and news organizations, You Tube hacks etc. The policy of the Government is to not release these type of photos but if they are its not a broken promise or flip flop its a breach by Racists with little respect for the President because of his race.

42) Senator Obama Criticized President Bush’s Abusive Use of the Patriot Act; and then used the same Patriot Act to get Osama Bin Laden; That’s OK because abusing a Law is different than using the Law correctly. 

43) Obama supported PIPA and FISA and Restricting Internet Freedom; This is stupid because none of those Bills EVER made it out of Congress and who’s to say the President would have signed the Bills if they did? The internet is one of the few places where Real Brothers can actually support the Black President so why would he want to censor one of the few places of his support? 

44) Obama Promised he’d go into Pakistan and Capture and Kill Osama Bin Laden and then did it.  Racists have no argument of flip flop or broken promise there and need to quit.

45) Obama Said He’d Accept Public Funding for His 08′ Presidential Campaign because he was Black and felt that he’d never raise more than the Two Million Dollars that a Publicly Financed Campaign would afford him. David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Oprah said don’t do it they’ll give him three million so he decided against Public Financing. Again, since when are Racists against the free market and private sector? When it benefits someone Black. It was NOT a promise or flip flop it was a sound business decision.

46) Obama Agreed To Seven Debates With the Racist NUT John McCain. McCain not realizing who he was dealing with asked for a series of Town Halls with small Racist audiences hoping to be able to bully and intimidate Obama with Racist Tea Party Nuts in the audience with automatic assault riffles. Obama wasn’t trying to let these Racist Idiots assassinate him and sought to limit his public appearances to safe secure public places. No flip flop or broken promise just commonsense. 

47) Obama Promised to Raise the Minimum Wage To $9.75 per hour.  That’s a damn LIE. Obama promised no such thing and again Racists need to quit.

48) Obama Called for Civility after Tea Party Racist Jerrod Loughner MURDERED Six and Wounded Thirteen Presumed Obama Supporters in Tucson AZ.  Racists continued to MURDER and Terrorize the Obama Supporters in defiance of Obama’s call for Civility. That Racists refuse to be Civil is NOT a broken promise or flip flop on President Obama’s part. Its a testament to how violent and stupid Racists are.

49)  Obama has Opined that Racists who MURDER and Mame their way into power are UN-Patriotic. I agree. This is not a broken promise or flip flop its a FACT. Murder of your political opponents is extremely UN-Patriotic.

50)  Obama Formed the Simpson Bowles Commission and Then When Racists Rejected Their Proposals Blamed Obama for not accepting their proposals. Congress should have passed Simpson Bowles and then we would have found out whether or not the President supported their recommendations.

51) Obama Promised to Post Bills Online Before They are Voted On, So when Racists Filibustered or Delayed a vote until the last minute leaving NO TIME to Post the final Bill online before the vote Racists complained that it was a broken promise. Had incomplete or inaccurate Bills been posted the same Racists would complain about that. 

52) The President Promised to Convert the 600,000 Vehicle White House Fleet to Clean Energy by the Year 2015. By April 1, 2011 50% more vehicles have been converted to clean energy. See update here:      Its not 2015 yet but the Government is well on its way to reaching its goal. The LIE that NONE of the fleet has been converted is silly.

53) Obama Accepted NO CONTRIBUTIONS from Super Packs or Corporations during the 08′ Campaign but after Citizens United relented and encouraged donors to support his Super Pack for 2012. This is NOT a broken promise or flip flop due to the Supreme Court actually Changing the Law.  Obama cannot bring a butter knife to a gun fight. Racists still have a financial advantage due to 450 years of Racist fiscal policy. 

54) Obama Supported the DC Hand Gun Ban. This is a LIE because the President was No Longer a Senator and as such didn’t have a vote in the matter as a Candidate running for President. Second the President said he Supported the Courts Decision to strike down the Ban. Third the President knows Racists would go nuts if he attempted to restrict gun laws. The President signed a Bill to allow weapons to be carried into and used in Federal Parks.

55) The President Promised to Support Public Education yet Nixed the DC Voucher Program where 20 Million Students sought Vouchers to a private school that holds 500 students. No, the answer is to simply fire the Racist, White Supremacist, Black man hating wish they were White Sellouts who refuse to teach Black & Latino children that have corrupted our Public Schools.

56) Obama in 2002 Said That We Should Discuss The Failed War on Drugs but he didn’t think legalization was the answer. Today Obama says we should Discuss the Failed War on Drugs but he doesn’t think legalization is the answer. Racists say that’s a flip flop and broken promise and that’s just silly.

57) Obama Criticized Unions That Supported Hillary & John Edwards because they were White and later accepted their support. How is that a broken promise or flip flop? What, the President is supposed to criticize the Unions for supporting him? Unions have traditionally supported Democrats just not a Black one.

58) Senator Obama Voted Twice to Uphold the Late Term Abortion Law in Illinois. Racists claim that Obama is Pro-Abortion because he supported the Illinois Law. Had Obama voted against the Law they would have said he was Pro-Abortion. 

59) Obama Said He Wouldn’t Wear The Flag Pin that Racists Who Don’t Believe in Freedom for All Americans were Wearing. Now The President wears the Flag Pin. This is NOT a flip flop as America has proven that they reject the Racist exclusion of Blacks as Americans.

60) Obama Criticized President Clinton for Breaking Up Black Families and Forcing Black Men Out of the Home with Devastating Welfare Reform. Yet Obama has used Clinton to ease the fears of Racist Democrats uncomfortable with a Black President. This is not a broken promise or flip flop as Obama continues to criticize Clinton for Welfare Reform and NAFTA. 

61) Obama Spent Twenty Years Learning & Honing His Skills Under Christian Reverend Jeremiah Wright. How this is a flip flop or broken promise is beyond me. If anything it proves that Obama’s not a Muslim.

62) Obama Promised to LIMIT the Number of Lobbyists in his Administration. He NEVER promised NOT to accept money from Lobbyists or to not want their votes. That “some” lobbyists like Joe Biden’s son were allowed into Obama’s Administration is not a broken promise to REDUCE or LIMIT the number of lobbyists. Obama NEVER said No Lobbyists At All.

63) Racists link to Politifact looking for money from Racist organizations who have made up more lies about Obama simply to fund raise. I will NOT address their nonsense because most of their lies mirror the Sphere piece. If there are specific points Racists would like for me to address I will. 

Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Blog Talk Radio and U-Stream http://tobtr.com/s/2625061  http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos















Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Blog Talk Radio and U-Stream  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/real-brother-radio-show/  http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos



Real Brother here. Play resumes with me getting wit these Racist NUTS over at Breitbart TV who thought they had something on President Obama but all they did was prove how learned and valuable he is to this Country. We must continue to stand up against these Racists who hate this man for no other reason but Race.  Oh and that Austrian Economics Ron Paul NUT is crazy so don’t listen to a word he says.

Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Blog Talk Radio and U-Stream  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/real-brother-radio-show/  http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos





Real Brother here. Play resumes. In this one I get at this Racist Nut Mitt Romney again for his lying on President Obama. He thinks if he lies on the President he can win the Primary and then claim he never said it. We can’t allow these Racsits to get away with it. MSNBC is being paid by the same Racists who are backing Romney so they won’t be of any help if we want it done we have to do it ourselves. I invite your comments as long as you’re not that Ron Paul Austrian Economics NUT that shit has NEVER been tried and wouldn’t work in a million years in a modern non-Racist society.




Theron K. Cal is a Writer and Political Commentator who hosts The Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Blog Talk Radio and U-Stream  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/real-brother-radio-show/  http://www.ustream.tv/user/Realbrother0003/videos